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First Time; Bad Trip or Good Trip?

This is an amazing experience

    Last night was my first time doing shrooms in my life. my buddy and I each ate about an eighth of these very unpleasant tasting drugs.  we were on our way to the high school football game to hang out with our friends. I felt completely normal until about 45 minutes after i took the shrooms. I was at the football game and everywhere I would walk, it would seem like the people were staring at me with huge buggy eyes. I kinda freaked out at this point, and felt very uncomfortable. my friend told me to calm down because everything was gonna be fine. so i sat there and listened to my friends talk. while i really focused on their conversation, My body would then feel as if It was jumping into the lives of other strangers at the game. I would feel as if I was walking around on the opposite side of the football feild by myself, and then i would jump back to where i really was. I pretty much felt like i was jumping into different peoples souls, and then back into mine. at this point i started to get scared. i was seeing about 30 seconds into the future, and my brain was making me feel like I was spazzing out and screaming, when really i was just sitting there confused. I told my friend to come sit by me somewhere because all this people were making me feel uncomfortable. we sat somewhere and everyone that would pass, would stop and tell me that i looked very pale and sick. i closed my eyes because i just wanted everything to stop. while i closed my eyes, i saw what looked like a pattern of black and red checkered paper, with little skulls on it. closing my eyes made me feel a little more comfortable, but all the comotion of people running around  by me made me feel horrible. i then walked away from the football game by myself, without telling my friends. i walked about a half mile away from all the comotion, and sat on a bench at my high school. as i was sitting there, i would hear what sounded like a chinese lady singing. it would get faster and louder, and then the sound would get lower and lower and fade away. i heard children laughing and people talking, but i was alone in my school. everything was shifting and moving. at one point, this random girl came over by me and sat by me. i wasnt hallucinating, i actually knew this gir and she was really there. she would talk to me, and i started to feel very comfortable. but i wasnt listening to a word she was saying, and i was just staring into space and acting as if she wasnt even there. she then left to go home or something like that. i walked outside to sit on the ground in front of my school. there were these two kids sitting a couple feet away from me. they were talking to me, but i wasnt listening to a word they were saying, and i was just staring at the sky. oh by the way, while all of this was going on, my body felt very weird, like water. this continued for a while. i wasnt hungy nor thirsty, and i couldnt tell if i was hot or cold. i would feel scorching hot for about 5 seconds, and then feel as if i was freezing. so i was sitting there outside, and decided to take my phone out of my pocket. as i reached into my pocket, i felt like my hand was dissolving and burning. this would happen whenever i would physically touch myself. I finally got my phone out, and i was listening to my ringtones. i felt a burst of happiness and was singing alone to my ringtones. i then got a text message from my friend asking where i was. i told him where i was by replying to his messge, the phone was melting away as i was texting him. he and a group of my other friends came over to me and we all sat down in the school for a while. i felt very comfortable being with just them. they made me laugh and feel happy. we all decided to walk to taco bell and at this point, it was just me and my friend(who was also tripping) walking through this dark bike path on our way to the park. The trees would whisper things to me, and i would try to talk back. we then reached a park and just sat there by the jungle gym talking about life. how it felt like this was all a dream, and how time didnt feel like it existed. we also talked about how we didnt remember what it felt like to be sober. we left the park, and went to taco bell, where we met up with our friends. sitting with them in taco bell made my trip, a very happy one.  we were all sucking in heleium and talking to each other. after this happened, everything that everyone said, sounded as if They were sucking in heleium. we went to a bowling ally across the street. just the smell and sound of the bowling ally made me feel incredibly happy. we soon got kicked out though, and got a ride back to my friends house where  i was staying over at. My trip ended. it lasted for about 4 1/2 hours. i want to trip again, but Part of me is kinda scared. Im sure Ill do it again someday.

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