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Realization that my eternal mind is everything alive, then I got arrested!

3 grams dried shrooms of potent power. A doorway to expansion, bliss and realization.
Here is what happened on July 19, 2009, in Benicia, CA.
by:  Jason G, ('JGally')

It all started when the shrooms kicked in.
I say shrooms kicking in, but that wasn't how I experienced it.
I was meditating on the grass.
I saw from within myself, a woman made of pure red/orange/purple light.
She came up to me. Closer than close. Basically through me.
She approached, presenting her beauty. She looked like a beautiful mix of a praying mantis and a queen human being.
She came to me. Closer than as if she were touching my face... and then she kissed me.
This exact instant... I felt ecstasy, and the creation of my experience began...

This is a story,
Bout a lad named Gally.
He started to feel funny, and love everybody.
His eyes opened like a cartoon kitty.
He starred in awe at the creation.
Haha, wow what a dream.
He started to see the beauty. Yes the perfection.
The life in infinite-expression in all-directions.
The one happy-thing, happily-expressing its-being, in everything.

Haha, yea Gally was feeling happy.
He realized what is means to be happy.
To be seeing things differently.
To be perceiving things less cautiously.
To begin to sing the vibration of your being, playfully.

Gally jumped into the yard, then the street, then the center of it all.
He starred, hands up at the sun, and yelled at everyone:  ARE YOU HAPPY!???
ARE YOU HAPPPPYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

This is all he could think of to say.
He smiled as his voice ten-folded its volume and brought-boom to the neighborhood
as he stood alone, announcing his discovery.


The neighbors come outside:
"Jason, what ever is wrong?"

-Who is this Jason, and what is this wrong?-
Gally is here to tell you that I love you.
"Hello, who are you? Oh, nice to meet you, I fucking LOVE YOU."


Gally ran to his new neighbor, and placed his hands upon her face.

-Let me look into your eyes.
Yes, deep into your pupils.
I am smiling-big, eyes like a pretty-kitty, laughing.
I am growing in how-good-Im-feeling,
only triumphed by the perception of how awesome I'm being.

"I love you", Gally says to his neighbor, and her husband for that matter.
"I love the world, the sun, the fun, the babies dogs and fun ass parties.

Gally runs into his yard.
What treasure, a hose for my pleasure, I think I should get naked.
No, it's not sexual kids, just a liberating freedom, best-feeling kinda thing.

Gally turns to his friends and neighbors.
"We should get naked."

The neighbors reply:
-No, Jason, don't do that.
He's crazy.
He must be on something.
He's out of his mind.
That guy is out of control!
Someone needs to stop him.

"HAHA what? I'm the crazy one?? It's 80 degrees and you're wearing clothes. I just don't understand. let's get naked, fuck these clothes I wanna be naturally me!"

He rips off his pants in his neighbors full-glance.


"Wooo-hooo! I'm being me, who's free, now join me!"

Gally makes a dance into the shrubbery of his front yard.
He stretches wide his fingers, allowing the tips to tell of the texture of the ten different, totally awesome plants surrounding his naked-self.

What joy, simply found, for-free, right in front of me, in the yard, with water, and don't bother with the shorts.
Nature's got my suit covered already.
-My suit is white, and made of skin cells.
Cities. Cell-cities. Basically, my body is like Atlantis, Milky-ways, entire universes, and Grand Canyons.

-Body is skin cell parties, raging to produce physical feeling.
Masterpiece in action with complete satisfaction, just being aware of what is naturally found in my own domain, completely free of artificial addition.

God, seriously, damn you're good! Holy shit creation's the shit!

Whow, look, police!

Gally exclaims his discovery to the row of cops and neighbors starring at him like he is the crazy one.
"Hey guys, we are awake! We have everything, cause we share everything, so we own nothing, and always can have everything!
We have Ferrari's, Planes, whatever, or none of it at all, it's all yours if you want it, or it's not if you don't!!!
GET IT!!!?"

-Gally is tackled and tazered for 7-seconds, bent-in-half nude, in full grasp of the gazes of the neighbors.

-An ambulance ride to the hospital is like a free-for-all, beat box freestyle rap session.
Gally sings and raps and tells jokes.
He does this in a full body-harness that he'd been chained in.
Literally like 3 straight-jackets-combined, to achieve one entire humiliating and overly-effective immobility-suit.

Gally finds himself coming down, to realize he is in jail, what surprise.

This dream wasn't so easily woken up from, and broken to create another one.
The continuity was here, because the jail experience is here.
Few moments ago all was created in imagination.
Now the creation of experience relies on the physical presence actually around me.
The jail cell. The bars. The two friends besides me. (who were also shroomin and got arrested... sorry guys!!)

What a ride.
What a damn ride.
Sorry to anyone I disturbed, I hope you know I came from the heart to love and serve.
I love you all, like I said while trippin balls.
Know in the end this is eternally an experience that is your friend.

You will laugh at the naked-Gally rompin' around the neighborhood silly,
tellin' everyone of their beauty, and loving everybody.

He was telling of the illusion of seriousness.
He was coming from such bliss to bring you into this.
He was seeing that life is not such an un-lovable thing.

Persons everywhere expressed-differently, like a mirror in front of me,allowing me to interact with different unique versions of me, giving me the sensation that I am living in a world with other separate beings.
It's actually just me.
This whole creation, this whole game, it's actually just an expression of my whole entire eternal-mind.

I am viewing it all from this particular Gally perspective of me.
Interacting with other ones of me.
There are infinite versions of me.
I love them all equally.

-A thank ya. -

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