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My first!

i eat my

I had always been wanting to try shrooms every since i started smoking weed. for some reason whenever i smoke weed i go crazy. so i thought how crazy would i go with shrooms.
I searched and searched for them but could never find them (always planning to do with friends) Finally my friend had an 8th but i did not have money =[ i was sad
There is this kid at my school that im cool with and he always gives me money to buy weed and smoke with him. However i was kind of mean this time i told him and 8th was 40 dollars so he gave me 20 dollars and i payed the other 10. I took 2.2 g all the caps and then gave him 1.3. I know this is kind of mean but i wanted to trip so bad.

I bought the shrooms on a friday and intended on going to a football game and tripping. I wasnt knowledged about shrooms and did not know you should take them in a perfectly comfortable environment (but i did get a good trip) I have vitamin  C pills 500 mg i took 4 at 4 pm took 4 more at 5 pm and at 6 pm i took 2 more and ate my shrooms. I told my friend id pick him up with his friends cause there were going to smoke me out. So i picked him up and we got his friends and the shrooms were starting to kick in i was laughing at pointless things and read all the lincenses plates i saw. we finally pick up our last friend and go to smoke. The two kids we originally picked up were ghetto and lived in the south side (slums of my city) i had really really strong opinions about them and when i got the chance i told my friend that they were hoodlums and he was like what are you talking about.

My school is filled with hoodlums but i guess since i am not shrooming my emotions are not that bad. I also go to the school in the northside (north and south definitely dont get along) they kept making rude comments toward me for living in the north i dont really go by that stuff but they were dissing my friends. I finally got over it and kept driving. On our way to the game the roads turned to a grayish purpled and everything felt like i was the center of the universe. I looked at the speedometer and it changed shapes and i thought this was awesome. So i stopped and had my friend drive. We smoked our blunts on the game and i stopped to get cigarettes. When i walked in the gas station i had an amazing experience that felt like 30 minutes which had to have been less than a minute. everyone was smiling looking at me. Everyone only knew i was 17 but i still was buying cigarettes anyway. They were all clapping and cheering and were yelling at me to get cigarettes. When i got to the cashier i looked her in the eyes and all my emotions stopped in my head it was like waking from a good dream. i told her what i wanted and she got my cigs and i left.

We drove to the game and went inside it was 7:24 the game started at 7 pm. My friends play for both teams so i was seeing my friends parents and hoping they didnt know. I was waiting for my friend to get out of the bathroom and there was a black woman and a white little girl standing together and as i looked at them. The face of the little girl was on the woman and the womans face was on the little girl. As i realized what happened i looked again and they were normally but switched again. I was freaked out so i walked away and got some food. When the lady asked me what i wanted to eat i freaked out once again because she had a 3rd eye on her forhead i just went to the stands to sit.

This felt like it had been 3 hours but i was sitting watching the game and people were talking to me knowing i was shrooming asking what everything felt like. I felt like i was in a football video game and i was in the crowd and everyone was fake. I felt like when  the game ended that meant the player had finished the game and the game user thought all the humans in the crowd went back into the system and were pointless things but we actually had our own secret society of fake people and made a civilization ourseleves. the game stopped and i was happy cause i wanted to leave but i found out it was only half time i had been there for 12 minutes and it seriously felt like 6 hours. I didnt know if i was trapped in a trip or what. I walked around with a friend and just made fun of ugly people or funny looking things. I saw a guy with 3 arms and a woman with no face just a skull. As i walked out of the stadium i told most the people i saw that i eat my own poop. They gave me a face filled with discust.

The game finally ended we smoked some more, took the hoodlums home. Then went to A CARNIVAL. It was amazing i rode a ride and the pirates who always run the rides saw me and you could tell by my eyes i was gone and let me have multiple free rides and laughed as i was screaming and having a blast on this ride. I got off the ride and sat with friends and they asked me questions and teased me cause they knew what was going on. I was constantly avoiding friends parents and people that i could NOT see.

I finally went home still tripping not as hard though. my mother was in my sisters room but i had to see her so she didnt think something was up. However i proceeded to tell her that my friends brother was a living even if he didnt have a birth certificate and i was confusing myself. She knew something was going on. she probably thought i had been smoking but shes cool about somee things. I went to my room and listened to music and played gta san andreas till about 3 am and thought about all the adventures that i had that night.

 I am shrooming again hopefully tripping harder in a better environment with friends. I live nears woods and a cemetary so thats where ill be.

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