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I have always been here.

life as everything.

I woke up last saturday feeling good and without any work to do, so I called one of my friends. He wasn't busy so we decided to get together and try some of the Shrooms my brother gave me from his first harvest (Golden Teacher I think, but he got the spore print from a friend and wasn't 100% sure).

After a light lunch we had around 1.5 g each (very dry).  Within 15-20 minutes I noticed that one of his houseplants was incredibly green, and I was very aware of the veins running through the leaves, and how this plant seemed to be pulsating with life.

We decided to go hiking.

We biked to the lake near my friend's house, about a 10 minute ride.  The air was cool but had a very soft, gentle texture.  We locked up our bikes and went into the forest. After exploring the trails for a bit we found a huge tree with huge, smooth roots reaching out to form a sort of reclining bench, and so we sat.

The roof of leaves waved back and forth, taking in the energy from the sun, and as we lay in the roots of the tree the wildlife started to return. Birds started to fill the empty branches; woodpeckers, robins, hawks, and probably more but I'm not any good at identifying species. There was a rabbit that came by and a beaver who came to work on a half-gnawed tree a few feet from where we were sitting.

I watched all of this, not as an observer, but from a perspective of self-awareness, as in, the body under the tree ceased to define the boundaries of "myself". I felt like I WAS the tree and the birds and the beaver and the algae on the rocks in the lake, and the Life that fills my human body is the same life that flows through every living thing, a single entity.

I was not a human lying in the forest, but ALL life, spreading out through every living cell not only now, but since the beginning of time, pulsating and flowing in and out through various forms as bodies live and die.

The most incredible part was that none of it seemed incredible at all. It just felt like this was the way I had always been, and it was calm.

After a few hours we were starting to come down, so we went for a swim and then explored the trails around the lake a bit more before heading back to the bikes and riding home.

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