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The Good and the Bad

This was about three weeks ago.

This was about three weeks ago. I was at my house with two of my good girlfriends, and we decided that we wanted to trip. I had been growing the mushrooms for what seems like an eternity, and it was finally time to take them. For the record, the mushrooms were the Thailand Koh-Samuis.

I'll call my friends Carol and Juicy. There were also two other friends there, both guys, and we'll call them Tony and Fuckhead. Tony and Fuckhead were not planning on tripping, and I explained to them that if they were not going to take the mushrooms then I'd prefer they not stay around. I've taken mushrooms before and I knew it wasn't cool to hang out with people that weren't tripping. However they opted to stay, and since I'm a nice guy... I let them. I gave both Carol and Juicy about three grams of the Koh-Samuis, and I took about six. I know that the last time I tripped I had the Koh-Samuis, and I didn't trip as hard as I wanted to. That was off of four grams, so I thought I'd take a couple more.

About twenty minutes after Carol, Juicy, and I took the mushrooms, we convinced Fuckhead to take us to a local grocery store (Meijers). He seemed totally cool with it, and so we went. Carol and Juicy seperated from myself and Fuckhead, so it was just Fuckhead and I walking around by ourselves. Within about ten minutes of being there, I began to feel it. It comes on smoothly, and I got really happy and excited, just as I usually do. I was totally ignoring Fuckhead, mainly because all he ever talks about is his rich uncle and how he never gets and "play", and how I get more "play" than anybody he knows. Totally useless, I know. When we met back up with Carol and Juicy, they were both feeling the vibe as well, and were talking about how cool it was. Keep in mind that these are girls, and they've never tripped before. So naturally they were freaking out about it. But in a good way, they were totally loving it.

After about a half an hour at the store we headed back towards my house. When we got there Carol and Juicy opted to stay in my garage and smoke, while Fuckhead went downstairs with Tony who stayed at my house to try and fix my computer (instead he just fucked it up even more, and now the colors are all messed up). I decided to stay upstairs and put in the new Pink Floyd album I bought (it's their new greatest hits album, "Echoes"). Then I went into my bathroom to take a piss. I left the lights off because at this point I was seeing tons of colors. Every object in the room was lit up by rainbow patterns. I had never seen anything like it. I walked out into my living room where Pink Floyd was playing loudly, and I have to say that I have never experienced anything cooler than this. The music seemed to totally surround me, and I was totally into it. I could not stop smiling, no matter how hard I tried. I remember feeling like this was the greatest night of my life. I headed through the kitchen into the garage, where Carol and Juicy were sitting next to the car in the garage smoking with the lights off. We all began a conversation about how Tony and Fuckhead were "outsiders" because they were not tripping. And how we were "insiders" because we were. We decided we should try not to talk to the "outsiders" because they were just going to act weird around us. I agreed.

But at the same time I noticed that Carol and Juicy were beginning to seperate from me and ignore me. They sat there and giggled together, and whenever I talked they ignored me or bitched at me.

Fine I figured. I'd go talk with Tony and Fuckhead. I like Tony, he's funny. Fuckhead sucks, but Tony was cool. So I went downstairs to see them. The first thing that was said to me when I got downstairs was by Fuckhead, who for some reason accused me of using him for rides. I explained to him that I would never do that since I have my own car, and then I called him a fucker and told him he had my permission to leave. Tony however was explaining to me how he fucked up my computer even more than it originally was, and I would need to buy a new video card. Fine I figured, but I told Tony to come upstairs and talk to me. He always tells jokes and they're usually really funny. So he came upstairs with me and kept joking around and making me laugh my ass off. Then Fuckhead came up and started wrestling me and pushing me... and generally freaking me out. Then he accused me of using him for rides again, then I again told him that I wasn't, then he wrestled me some more even though I told him not to. I told Fuckhead to leave, because he was freaking me out, as well as pissing me off. So he left, and then it was just Tony, Carol, Juicy, and myself. I brought Tony outside in the garage with me where Carol and Juicy were, and they totally flipped out saying stupid things like, "What are you doing bringing an outsider out here?"

I explained to them: "I know he's an outsider, but he's cool, so I invited him to hang out with the insiders."

"No," they said, "We all agreed to no outsiders."

"True," I responded, "But I am not really being talked to by you guys, so I need to hang out with somebody, and he's being cool, so I told him that even though he was an outsider, that he could hang out with the insiders."

They continued to say no, then Tony got pissed off and went inside, and I followed him. I guessed at that point that I would rather hang out with an outsider than the two insiders, since they so obviously sucked.

Tony and I were back inside, and it didn't take long before Carol and Juicy came into the house, laughing their asses off. Tony tried to talk to Juicy because he has a big crush on her, but she kept blowing him off. They've always had that sort of relationship, and Tony would always come to me and ask me why Juicy didn't like him. He began doing that on this night, and I told him I didn't want to deal with the drama. Especially now, because everybody was starting to freak me out and annoy me. Tony said he was fine with that, and then started joking around again.

Carol and Juicy went into my bathroom. I could hear them laughing in there, so I headed into the bathroom. Carol said that she was ugly, and that she needed to put on makeup. I told her she didn't, then Juicy yelled at me and told me that if Carol wants to put on makeup that it has nothing to do with me. Fine. I guess I'll go hang out with Tony again, even though he's not tripping. I pretty much gave up on the girls.

But before I could leave the bathroom Carol freaked out on Juicy and I for bitching about her makeup, and she left the bathroom first.

I left the bathroom after her, only to find that when I got out into the living room, Tony tells me that Carol went into my other bathroom and puked all over the place. Even though I had once thought earlier that this was the greatest night of my life, it was also turning out to be the worst. After Carol threw up I became very worried and on edge, and I also began to feel sick myself. I totally ignored Tony as he told me that it was all over the bathroom, all over the mirror, on the floor.... blah blah blah. I didn't care about that. Was Carol dying? Did I feed her poison? Did we all eat poison? Maybe the mushrooms were infected with deadly mold or something. Obviously this wasn't the case, but how was I to know at the time?

So I layed down for a moment trying to regain my composure. I took deep breaths and told myself everything would be okay. Then Juicy came into the living room after she had gone to see Carol and told me that Carol had thrown up everywhere, but she is cleaning it up.

It was also at this time when Tony told me he was leaving, which would leave me with the two no-fun trippers by myself. I didn't want him to go, but he insisted since him and Juicy could not stop fighting. I went outside on my front doorstep and watched him go, and then within minutes I found myself throwing up all over my doorstep. It felt like I just threw up all my worry and anxiety I had gotten from that night. I immediately felt better.

When I got back inside I saw Juicy sitting on my couch. She asked me where I had gone, and I told her what happened. She said that she was also starting to feel sick. Carol came out of the bathroom and she said she felt great now. Since I had gone through the same thing she had, I knew she was telling the truth.

From here the night just seemed to drag on forever. Juicy was freaking out that she felt sick, but she could not throw up. We sat with her in the bathroom for the longest time, but she never did it. Later that night Carol went home, and I laid with Juicy and reassured her everything would be all right. She just kept repeating that she would never eat mushrooms again, and how miserable she was feeling at this point. Eventually she fell asleep, and when we woke up the next morning we felt completely fine.

Even with all the bullshit that happened later in the trip, I would not have changed my course if I would have known that would happen earlier in the night. Before all of the shit happened, I had never been so happy, and it totally changed my life. I still take mushrooms, just not with the two girls, and everything always goes well. You just have to make sure you're taking the mushrooms with people you know well and trust.

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