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Introducting my girl to LSD

Laughter into Oblivion

Just a little background first to put things in context. I've taken LSD one other time than this time and I've eaten quite a bit of mushrooms. LSD is very hard for me to find, my Friend however had a firiend who had a vial. Secured myself 8 hits that were layed out on construction paper. Unfortunately they were layed poorly and my girl and I This was her first time tripping, she handled it awesomely.

We had both planned to take our hits at 2:00, my cousin came and picked us up and was going to drive us to the park near his house. Eisenhower Park for any of you who live on Long Island. It was a beautiful day out and I was so pumped for the experience I knew I was going to have. We got food and everything we thought was necessary and drove to the park. We took the hits in the car and started our drive over. By the time we got there about an hour had passed and to be honest I thought I was already feeling it. I felt really high even though I had not smoked any weed. This was surprising me, but I thought it was a good thing. I thought for sure I was going to be tripping soon. After taking a few walks to and from the car with my cousin to get things we had forgotten I smoked some weed. This weed did me in. I took a much bigger hit than I wanted and it really made me feel as though I was going to start tripping. I had that baloon head feel as if my body was trailing behind my head. It was very hard to walk back from one of these trips and I could not wait to lay down. This was just the weed though, I suppose somehow I had gotten really high with a light LSD buzz and it mimicked a trip. When I got back I asked my girlfriend if she was feeling anything, she said nothing. I told her she would have to take another hit if she didn't feel anything in an hour or so. We changed our location and sat on top of a big hill. She took another hit and my other friend came to meet up with us. We were all just talking, joking around about tripping. I thought the trip was going to hit me any second, but sadly it didn't. I think that there may have been a small amount of LSD on the hit I took, but enough to send me over. My friends and cousin left and I decided I would have to take another hit as well. My girl and I were just chilling on the hill and kissing each other, saying how excited we were. It began to get cold though and she's always freezing so we decided to say "fuck it" and leave the outdoors to go inside her house. It was a little bit of a drive but her parents were to be out for a little bit so we figured it was worth the risk, plus we would get to have sex then! I called the same friend who had been there before and asked him for a ride, we're close and we've tripped many times so he had no problem helping us out. As we were driving home I started to feel it, the second hit was kicking in and I was finally going to be tripping. We were eating Burger King waiting for her parents to leave and I found it hard to eat the good. I could tell my girlfriend was starting to feel it too, I know when she sounds messed up. My friend dropped us off and we went upstairs and to our surprise her brother was home.

Her Brother is the tripper's nightmare. Not only is he a ex-con, but he is a skitzo who is an alcoholic/druggie. He has gotten a girl pregnant and he has been a mess the past few months. I have never seen him this bad though and this as we are coming up on acid. I prayed we were not on mushrooms, I feel it would have been a disaster. I'm sitting on her bed, feeling giggly and he just keeps talking to me. He's going on and on about how he has no money and how he hates this girl, meanwhile I just want him to leave. My girlfriend leaves the room and I have to talk to him alone for a little bit, trying to hide the fact that I feel extremely out of it. My girl returns and he asks us to go on a double date with him. The thought crossed my mind of my girl and me watching a movie and just bugging out, being sucked into the screen and transported to another dimension! Alas I had to tell him we were tripping. He was cool with it, but jealous. He wanted hits, but I had to tell him I didn't have any. He then started to do lines of coke in front of us. So much so that his nose was bleeding. My girl and I are on the bed trying as hard as we can to hold in our laughter. Eventually he left and I have never felt so relieved in my life. We could finally start our trip now and what better way to start than spongebob.

I have never laughed this hard in my life. This was by no means my hardest trip, but I was laughing to the point where I would be in pain. Spongebob really is a wacked out show, all the creators must be smoking weed all the time. We would both laugh at certain parts and just be amazed at how cool Spongebob was to us. We watched this for about 45 minutes, but God did it seem like forever. I had forgotten trip time in my year absence. I had felt like the park which was only an hour ago was so far away. We then turned her black light on and marveled at the way it turned the room alive. My shirt looked as if it was going to bounce off of my body and fly out in the room. Her tye dye sheets seemed to be swirling around and around. At this point she has to go pee but her Uncle has come home. I assure her that it is fine, but she is scared, rightfully so. I must have told her 20 times, but we kept getting sidetracked. I would watch her door come alive and breath out into the room. This is when I knew she was definitely tripping harder than me as she had much more breathing visuals than me. I was okay with it though, I knew this was going to be an awesome time for her. Up until now she had not heard the difference in music so I decided it was time for us to go on a walk. We needed to anyways because her Mom would soon be home and surely we did not want to deal with that encounter! I could have held a convo, but my eyes of course looked like a cartoon's!

This was my favorite part of the trip because it seemed so dreamy. We were walking outside on a nice walk with both of our headphones on. We kept talking inbetween the songs so I didn't get to dive as deep into them as usual, but it was great. I was listening to Guthrie Goven's "Erotic Cakes" which is beyond awesome. I forgot how pretty music sounded on LSD. One song in particular almost made me feel as though I was going to leave the earth right than and there. I kept thinking about life and how people view drugs. "Is this so wrong" I asked myself? Where was the harm in what we were doing? Surely we would never have gotten in a car. Surely we would never have tried to break the law. We were beyond content just walking down the street marveling at how unreal the world looked. I didn't have any real visuals on this trip, but perception was still there. I felt as thought the world itself had come to a halt and only my girlfriend and I existed. She loved the music, she was plaing the Beatles and Reggae, she finally understood what I meant by "trippy". The highlight was probably "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis. Her iPod had died so we plugged both of our headphones into a splitter into mine. During this song I got emotional. I had been battling for the past year with a lot of issues, mainly my ex girlfriend. It was not so much that I wanted her, it was that I was afraid to let go. During this song it felt like something clicked, as if something had given me permission. If I could do this with my girl once in awhile what else would I need? She handled it well, she loved it and she was totally content just listening to music. I was the one drawn to talk to her. We held hands and I felt such a connection at our fingertips. I also played "Badfish" by Sublime which is another song her and I share. Once again it just felt right.

We walked back to her house and hung out with her sister. We played "Blood Sugar Sex and Magic" and after a while we booted out her sister and lived our own Sex and Magic. Sex on acid is intense, it was my first time having sex tripping and it was great. I felt one with her, and every thrust felt close to that of an orgasm. Weed makes sex better, Acid multiplies this tenfold. I kissed her and while having sex I had sexual imagery all in my head, we finally reached climax together and just layed there for a bit, taking it in. It was beautiful, the dopamine high combined with the acid felt incredible. After that I knew the trip would be dying down now. We watched That 70's show and Iron Chef the remainder of the night. We kept remarking on how fake commercials are and how the world as a whole seems to be going the wrong way. We finally fell asleep after taking some Xanax and all I could hear in my head was my girlfriend laughing, laughing, laughing. This trip was not a heavy one, I was not tripping balls. It was however my first trip with someone I love deeply and even if the chemicals I ingested were not incredibly strong, the ones that are always there were brought out right in front of my eyes. I cannot wait to trip with my girlfriend again, she agrees that we need more music next time!

So much laughter, so much love. Thank you Lucy, I cannot wait to hangout with you and Stephanie once again = )

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