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Good Smoke

My second fairly intense "trip" from cannabis

This is the second time I have experienced effects this intense just from smoking mj. My friend and I were camping and it was our second
night out in the woods, my brother and his freinds were coming up there the next day to hang out for a few more nights before we went back.
We had just finished dinner and it was probably around 7 when we made our gravity bong and filled up a bucket with water.

We smoked next to the fire. I felt it immediately after my first hit. After my friend (I'll call him PB to make it easier) took a hit  we filled the bottle up
a third time with smoke and split it (our intention was to each take two but  the second hit was really harsh plus we felt the first one pretty well
so we just split the third one.)

After throwing the stuff back in the tent we just went back towards the fire to sit down for a while when we got back to our chairs by the fire
everything seemed extremely dangerous. I realized that on the stump between our respective camp chairs was a hammer on one side
and a hatchet on the other. In my mind I knew that I should sit on the side with the hatchet because I thought that would give me a better chance
of winning in the case that a fight to the death broke out between the two of us (at the time I thought this was a real possibility, the paranoia was
strong.) I sat on the side with the hammer though because that is where I was sitting before and I thought he would be angry if  I took his seat.
I was feeling pretty uneasy also because there were a few big knives of mine on the tables. I was also very paranoid about someone coming
down from the road and talking to us. I was pretty sure I would be unable to be coherent if this happened. I forced myself to relax and stared
at the fire for a while.

PB, who is uncomfortable with silence was just sitting there and staring at me like he was trying to think of something to talk about. He would
sit and stare,smoke his cigarettes, and grin at me like a madman. While this was happening my mind was playing with the colors around me.
The fire was a bright red: the same exact color as PB's sweatshirt and the end of his lit cigarette. It was as though he was part of the fire, or at
least the same type of thing as the fire, just because of the colors around. Also the gray from the fire's smoke was very vibrant. gray is usually a
dull color so it was very interesting to see it standing out and commanding more attention than other colors. The gray smoke from his lit
cigarette moved the same way as the smoke from the fire so in this way it seemed as though he was even more associated with the fire (of course
this is just because of the way the wind was blowing at the time)

After a while PB suggested we go play some frisbee and even though I didn't feel like moving around a lot I agreed. We were horrible, a few times
I missed a catch and it would go into the thick woods. The woods were darker than everywhere else and scared me a little. Plus all the small green
plants on the ground where very bright and vibrated slightly so it made me slightly dizzy to look down and find the frisbee. I think I threw up once or
twice and my dog ate it. I tried to make her stop but she wouldn't listen to me. While we were playing frisbee the dog was walking around randomly
but she treated me like I was someone that she didn't know, someone she had to be wary of. Time was very distorted. The dog would be in one
spot walking toward another and then she would be in that first spot again. Also, when cars would drive by on the road it would take 10-20 min.
for them to pass it seemed like, although it should have been 20 seconds.

We were tired after a while and we went back to the fire where PB tried, and failed, to start up conversation again. (we were both having trouble
remembering how to talk.) I was feeling more comfortable with my surroundings after frisbee and at about 1.5 hours in we started a game of
chess. It was a very good game and I really enjoyed it. We played 3 matches and I think I won one of them. Our last game was played after dark by
just the light of the fire. We just went back to sitting and watching the fire again. By about 1am we weren't really feeling it anymore and an hour or so
later we went to bed.

The next time we smoked a lot I put all of the weapons and potential weapons in a bin beforehand so I wouldn't see them for the night.

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