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This was the fourth time that I had tripped on shrooms.

This was the fourth time that I had tripped on shrooms. The first three went very well, and I had eaten them in the previous seasons (First Winter, then Spring, then early Summer). Naturally, when Fall came around, just before college started, we decided to do shrooms together one last time. There were 7 of us eating, and 2 sober people who only smoked some weed that would drive us around if necessary and I guess just to make sure we didn't do anything stupid. We lived in a "quaint" waterfront village, so we decided to eat them downtown where all the action was on that Friday night.

After about 15 minutes S's reaction came first. He decided that we should all go to the beach because, as he said, he felt that something strange was going to happen. So, we piled into the two cars and headed for the beach. After the 15 minute car ride I got out and started to feel the first effects of uncontrollable laughter and I started smiling so hard that my face hurt. As everyone made their way towards the water, Dan and I decided to play on the swings for a little bit and smoke a cigarette before joining the rest of the group. Going up and down and up and down and swinging back and forth felt insane to me, as every time I went forward I thought I was going to fly off.

As I made my way to the water I gazed up and saw a sky full of thousands of stars, each one brighter than the next. I lied down on my back and put my hands up in the air. I actually felt like I was flying. I didn't know where I was going, only that it was definitely a magical journey. I started singing the lyrics to "I am the Walrus" when someone, I forgot who, jumped right next to me. He started to explain to me how he was tripping his balls off. I went into uncontrollable laughter, my face was hurting so hard. He had some strange necklace with a shark's tooth on it, so I asked to borrow it. I put it on and walked to the water.

If you've never done this, I suggest you do. I stood right where the water touched the sand and looked out. It felt as if I was on top of the world, literally. I actually felt like I was going to walk on this extremely calm, nonmoving body of water. Just as everything in God's earth and my mind was being unified, someone had come up behind me and began to babble on about his interpretation of the meaning of life or something crazy like that. I didn't really want to hear it. So I left him with one of the sober kids.

It is a lot of fun to trip with friends, but I wanted to go on a journey. I got my buddy A, who was also tripping, and we decided to leave the beach and head to 7-11. We knew where it was and how to get there, but I guess we didn't realize it at the time that it was about 6 miles away. Nevertheless, we proceeded. The road on the way back was basically engulfed in trees. We had this feeling like some sort of strange animal was following us (Predator?) so we started to jog along this road.

We saw lights coming. Realizing we were in the middle of the street, we ran to the side. I lit up a cigarette in an attempt to look normal. Luckily, the car kept going, and so did we. Our conversations were insane, I dont even remember what we talked about. It felt like days, but it must have been no longer than 20 minutes of walking when we came across a field of grass. I ran to it like a 5 year old, and I lay down in the field. I looked up at how the trees interacted with the stars. I closed my eyes as my friend talked about some situation he was in. I was totally picturing myself in his shoes, talking to who he was talking to, when I heard a car beeping at me. I jumped up to find out we were lying down in the middle of the street. I began to panic and started to run until someone grabbed me. It was Dan, he threw us into the car and his girlfriend who was sober started to drive.

They told us we were gone for 2 hours and they drove all around for us, to find us in the middle of the street rollign around like animals. When asked what the hell we were doing we remembered that we just wanted Slurpies. So she did the greatest thing in the world, she drove to sevs. We all went in and I went to the drink section. I started yelling at them across the store "Guys look at all the colorfull choices" when I realized where I was. Everyone in the store looked at me. I went over to them, told them what I wanted and waited outside.

I saw someone pull up whom I haven't seen in about 3 years. He asked me how I was and all I could muster up is "I'm alive man, you are too, we'll make it." He started laughing and told me to be safe. We decided to go downtown again where the rest of the crew were. S was barefoot in the parking lot, and the plan was to dose up again, this time at our old middle school football field. I was tired and exhausted, so I asked to go home. They drove me home, and it was about 4 hours after I had eaten them.

The only bizarre thing that happened in my house was when I got inside. My dog came up to me. I thought it was the strangest thing in the world, to have an animal in the house. I argued with myself that killing this creature would not be a good idea, so I went to bed. Amazing. I never tripped after that.

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