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Who, me?

A misstep in natures wonderful universe.

This was two years ago, so bare with me.

I've always had to try to track down shrooms, but as we know it; eventually they find you.  I got 7 grams from a rather trustworthy source.  One of my good friends and I had planned to trip or roll the summer before I moved out of state.  So about a week before I moved it was the same day school got out.  It was like any other day, except my friend was going to sleep over and we were going to trip on mushrooms.  It wasn't my first time, but it was my friends.  We went to the store near by for some orange juice and my friend decided he just wanted a little more than half an eighth.  I on the other hand took 4.8 grams..  I remember it was mostly just one giant ass stem and a couple smallish sized caps.

We were watching TV and chugging orange juice before we knew it.  So as we were watching TV waiting for them to kick in right at about half an hour my buddy said he felt them and I wasn't sure if he could yet or not but then he started rolling around.  I instantly believed him after about the third time he felt the need to let me know he was tripping.  We were watching one of the Scream movies on comedy central after we had just finished a movie.  Right when mine started to hit about 5 minutes later the movie went to a scary moment, and you know how Scary Movies are with some funny and some semi crazy parts.  The scream mask was elongated and the black eyes looked like they were never ending with a shine from his bloody knife.

I started to get bad feelings, I had never had those types of bad feelings from shrooms ever before(mind you this was my like 3rd trip and my first "bad" one).  So I instantly hop up in a fit of happiness that I am now tripping balls.  I jump over to the window and whisper to my friend, look where we could be right... NOW! I proceed to rip open the curtains of the 3rd story window.  Fortunately it was facing a field with some coniferous trees and a stream cut out through the middle of the field.  I told him,"I hear nature is the best experience on shrooms."  Never before that had I ever been outside while tripping, or at least, I had never experienced this kind of outside.

By the time we stumbled down three flights of stairs and escaped out the side door fire exit it was 1am and we had a plan.  One of our other friends had just snuck out of his house while drunk after coming home from a party.  We were going to walk past the party and to our middle school flagpole.  we walked by this stream that went under the road and I remember stopping by for a minute to listen to it and watch the cat tails sway and bubble.  I could imagine the little ecosystem infront of my eyes where there were probably a number of different animals just looking at this mouth of the pound.  It was a warm summer night, so there was no better time to have to make a treck through the dark neighborhoods to memory lane.  We were graduating so this night was just starting for all we knew.  before we make it two blocks we are both shouting and skipping and running at the same time just excited to be going to meet one of our other friends at such a good time.  We were both in a great mood and we both agreed we had never felt closer to nature.  The first street sign we got to had been probably a half hour after we started tripping and I remember looking up standing not more than 10 feet in front of it looking up a little bit to try to read the streets we were on.  I couldn't see a god damn thing, the top half of my vision was completely rotated 90 degrees, but still some how all the tree trunks and light poles connected with their perpendicular twins.

I couldn't read the name of the streets everything was just rapidly beating and I felt like we were in a hurry even though we were probably walking somewhat normally.  I could tell my friend was getting paranoid so we kept moving and I trusted him, I had no idea where I was at this point.  100 yards back I had 100% recollection of all directions and distances.  I knew for a fact we were on a street that was perfectly straight and I kneeled on one knee to look under all the trees in peoples front yards to see if the road ever ended.  It looked like the road just perfectly kept proceeding at the horizon and it was also curved but I knew it wasn't really curved.  I knew I was tripping, but I still had a few drops of sanity left.

Once we reached our friend we were all jumping up and down happy to be out of our public school system, two of us tripping and one intoxicated on some malt liquor.  Once we got around to the back of the park two of our other friends called to see what was going on so we had them come meet up at this park.  They showed up in what seamed like 4 minutes, but then again I still had no clue what was going on 3 feet in front of me.  My friends were talking but I wasn't paying attention to every 20th word.  They offered us to get in their car but for some reason we didn't feel comfortable with the idea of getting pulled over while tripping because we knew it was a heavily watched area.  So they get out of their car and we go hang out in the sand volleyball court for a bit.  This is the point where I ran out of the last of my insanity.  Once I got my sandals off and put my feet in the cool sand I couldn't stop picking it up and letting it flow through my loose fingers.  I do recall rolling around and doing circles running while horizontal and getting all over in the sand.

At this point there were at least 2 more people than previously mentioned in the park.  It seamed pretty loud with everyone talking .  It was 2am and there were about 7 or 8 of us yelling and having a good time in the park.  This lasted about 30 minutes and I told my other two friends I was losing it and didn't feel comfortable.  By this time they discussed where to go next as I proceeded to lose my mind and soul in the starry sky.  We figured out a place to go and I even as my two other friends were talking I was having the same feelings.  I could tell I had two split egos, but I didn't make a connection with that at the time.  I was thinking maybe we could go back just cause they were having a good time and I felt like I kinda ruined it.  I didn't make a scene or anything, I'm not like that.  But with three people leaving it did kinda kill the mood of the miniature party we had going.

About half hour later we end up running through a lot of backyards and that was actually very fun.   We get to another friends house we hadn't seen all night and he just got done having a party and it was obvious.  He was the only one there but there were now four of us an everyone was extremely tired.  He decides to go to bed but we just wanted to stop by cause we hadn't seen him all night(he originally said he was going to trip with us but backed out a day before).  When we went to go get some weed from a house our friend snuck out of we both waited outside.  We both had calmed down by then and were still tripping watching the cement move like morphing sandpaper.  Earlier before we started the trip we had read something on the shroomery that said not to mention smelling poop while tripping acid.  My friend decided to mention this out of no where while we were both sitting in silence and then we instantly take a couple wiffs and start running away from the house we were waiting outside of.  He eventually comes out after we get a hundred yards away and a garage door opens and he tells us to follow him and bolts ahead.  We proceeded to run through more backyards.  Smoked some weed and then we split and went to bed.  This was still not the end of my trip, but I went a little crazy coming back to reality and I woke up in a bed FULL of sand.  Honest to god, I had to clean my sheets before my parents woke up just because it was so obvious.  I mean, every crevasse of my sheets had sand in them.

Then end.  That was one of my most memorable trips and I left out A LOT!

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