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acid tripping at a mile high

first time tripping on acid, way better than i thought

Yesterday I took a great leap in my mind: I took LSD, two tabs. I took one at 2pm and another at 4pm. I went into this quickly. I didn't assess my mind too much because I really never thought I would ever take acid. This was kind of a spontaneous thing. A kid in my dorm was selling acid and my roommate was going to take some. For some reason I felt inclined to take some as well. Which makes no sense, all the conditions were wrong: I'm just starting college being somewhere far from home (I'm from NY going to school in Colorado), not knowing anyone too well, and I'm stressed because of all the work I have to get done. Something told me to take it. I prepped my mind that this is probably going to be much more extremely than my mushroom trip but its all in my head so anything going wrong is probably not really going wrong, just tell yourself "its all okay".

So I dropped my first tab and it took a while. The added energy I got before I really started tripping along with my own anticipation had me feeling as relaxed as I've ever been. I tripped with a few other kids including my roommate and my neighbor down the hall and we decided to go down by boulder creek. We smoked 2 joints and walked on the rocks in the creek. It was beautiful. Intense relaxation and happiness was all I felt. I couldn't stop laughing because of my neighbor down my hall. He made everything funny. He was tripping harder than all of us as he took more but he had an awesome trip, which transcended to all of us. We then headed back to the dorms and after another hour or so I wasn't feeling as I would've expected. I still felt this relaxation and happiness but also this indefinable feeling that I'm guessing is almost every emotion at once but my trip wasn't going further than that.

We went to my dorm to listen to music and jam music too. My roommate plays guitar, my neighbor plays saxaphone and I play drums. I have a kick, snare, and hihat set in the room. It was the best jam we've ever had. Every note we hit of all of our instruments was amazing. I just kept laughing in amazement of how good we sounded I guess. I doubt we really did haha, but it was a sick jam.

I took the next hit and pretty soon after buildings became extreme sharp in contrast and the trees began breathing. I knew I was well on my way. We all took a bike ride to an off campus-housing complex to hang out with some other kids. The bike ride was amazing, feeling every turn so smoothly. It was this perfect motion of the bike, I felt like I could do anything with it. We arrived at the housing complex, which really resembled a jail at the time and it continued to all day. We all became as indecisive as anyone could ever be which kept us feeling like we were in a prison. It wasn't a terrible feeling; it just felt like no one could decide on their own on what to do next. We wandered in and out of this one kids room which was absolutely packed with people which wasn't making me feel so great. So we met up some kids and went to a field with a few big trees in it and smoked a spliff. The tree had some placed branches to sit on which were, to me, shaped like the front of a ship. This is when the visuals came in. if I looked straight, I saw this wave of flashing white lines coming from the ground all the way up through the total view of my eyes. Almost like those deep-sea fish that light up.

We finally sorted out minds out a bit and sat on bench. I was listening to music on my ipod all day and it was like each song matched the actions of everyone around me, but when I sat down on the bench I decided I haven't closed my eyes all day. So I did and well I saw some stuff. The most amazing visuals I've ever seen and the feeling like I had a wall around my whole body separate from the world. Almost complete isolation. It was amazing. A lot of eye patterns, greens, reds, and neon purples. Amazing! I saw a lot of what I thought to be like stupid clips from anything on tv. Really random shit. But it was amazing how fast these visual were coming at me. I had full on extremely vivid dreams, as I was awake. And it felt so comfortable because I felt I had complete control over the trip.

Finally we got on a bus back to campus and went back to the rooms to listen to more music. I had a lot more closed eye and AND open eye visuals. I stared at my merriweather post pavilion vinyl cover for a looooong time, very fucking cool. And also the inside covers of the new rx bandits vinyl was amazing. Its full of crazy mandala designs. So much to look at!

Everyone left my room for a little while and I decided to go on the computer for some reason. This is when I peaked, all the icons on my mac were melted every which way. My background of david longstreth playing guitar was moving a lot, it was like watching a video of him. I put on some studio noise cancelling headphones and watched a lot of trippy videos including "my girls" a lot of times. Then we regrouped to try to go out to a party for some reason. We smoked more listened to more music and play videogames which was awesome.

We were way too indecisive on what to do. So we all split up. I stayed in the room as I felt like I was coming down. I was ready to just chill out for a while which is what I did. I could not sleep until 5am. I tried but it didn't work at all. I felt so achy from walking around all day. I randomly would get that strange "trippy" feeling here or there until I was able to sleep.

Throughout the whole trip I felt like I can really figure someone out within a minute or two. Some people did not appear (personality-wise) the same but instead their true self was smacking me in the face. I could really sort out people into who I would want to get to know more or not. I also kept thinking I had to keep closer with people I already know and love.

All in all, a very good day. I felt like all different kinds of barriers were broken in my head that day. I believe what I get out of psychedelics is what I'm looking for in them. I think that goes for a lot of people and I think it may be why people have bad trips. They may be going into it nervous as hell and confused on what they should be expecting. Yet, I was very nervous so I think a strong factor in my very good trip was the people I was with. I've also realized it doesn't have to be your closest friends, at least for me. You just need right-minded positive people. I laughed the hardest I've ever laughed. I thought deeper than I ever have. I saw way more than what my two eyes can show me. It was a good time

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