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2nd altitude trip

ah so it began on a saturday as usual.

ah so it began on a saturday as usual. we all took 20 or so
Psilocybe semilanceata aka liberty caps and headed upward our nearest mountain. we were equiped with music, monkie hats and music. it was a shit day, the clouds were grey miserable, the beautiful mountain plaugued spides and daytimers. but we headed up anyway non regarding reality as the tense cloudy electric atmosphere of the windy air rushed in a shamanic giddience which is a rare treat for liberts. my mindset began to completely dislodge remarkably earlier than any1 elses as usual. but as usual i hadnt eaten junk food b4hand as much.

when we reached the top of the deathhill i was exausted but noncaringly so as i tripped with an energy buzz which was so early i was too embarressed to mention it. my mind began to fall apart into a trippy corridor as we walked up a shingled path with a foresty but fieldy surrounding, with hideous farmer gates ripped from the ground protecting a field resembling hell! i was getting the black effect again, i got this before, when i looked at my black leather coat or someone elses or wires for music or a black gate it wouldnt look as a solid coloured object but more an infinitely dark gap in my vision scape. had this before and freaked out at my computer when engulfed simultaneously by eternally deep headphone and speaker BLACK WIRES!!!!. this time im more experienced and giggled alot at the dark gaps.

we were meant to pick some of the same shrooms whilst we were up here, when we finally escaped civilizations nagging hillside leftovers we felt extremely high up altitude-wise as well as everything else. it was one of the best shroom experiences i had, i didnt let anything interfere and the hill had an insane electric buzz to it, the wind was blowing viceously but i gandered along almost at the cliff edge, it was suprisingly not too intimidating, it seemed more a brilliant idea to thro oneself of it and enjoy the viceous wind, of course i knew this would mean death so i didnt try just thought it would be cool for a while. instead i hoplessely tried to help a slightly more sober friend pick shrooms and an equally tripping dude to pick up on trippy giggle insane vibes. we all put our monkie hats on from protection from the ear burning winds, we didnt relise till later that we all looked remarkably like gnomes.

the effects as usual are hard to describe, i got the usual intense rush of indestructable energy coarsing through my arms to my fingertips, i enjoy this but at the same time felt exausted at more central parts of my body probly my ever stoned lungs.

visuals were the usual glow, didnt want to even close my eyes that much cauze we didnt get a chance to stop that much and when i closed my eyes whilst walking or even pissing the vision scape was so fast and confused i couldnt even try to take it all in. think hugely overgrown grass leaves, thousands of random neon scribbles and the odd tunnel of electricity imploding or exploding then re-inploding as another ghastly inside out tunnel. this is confusing and unintresting as it sounds and i thought it wasnt worth keeping my eyes closed while i tried to walk along cliff edges and steep sloped, rocky paths.

i was completely gone only some reliance on my body and the sight of other constantly walking with me playing music from a bag kept my body in obedient motion while my mind took in the wanders, gazing at the mindblowing cliffs as we stood at the bottom of them, the wind roared gently over them as if a giant breath were accompanying the eery break on the pink floyd song "echo's" felt pretty baron. we decided to take our business over to the shire for a pipe and possibly a joint.

on the way to the shire, two spides lurched out from the cave above they seemed to be gawping and smiling like idotic monkeys, i wasnt bothered and ignored them my friends complained of being blasted with "sobriety cannons" and "reality spears" they could feel bad vibes, but i dont think there were any.

we got to the shire and hit a quickly rushed solid weed through my mysterious shamanic pipe. i think i took just a small draw. weed has unpredicatble effects on me wen shrooms, think its more dependant on the trip but mainly my tripping self just realises he is stoned only with great overwhelming reality and sometimes hints of paranoia at the concept.

we sat on a log on a daytime path which was at completete vetigo we were sheltered by trees here but realised how tripping we were wen daytiming familys walked past with beaming auras of sympathetic reality significance to them. think the other tripping guy felt too intense here they both were bothered by the spides and realised just how melted the were. one kept exclaing that the slant autum spattered ground was breathing, he kept saying to himself how mad everything is. we decided to move along.

walking through the forest we were in a good mood again, the trees grass and autum ground with its collage of endlessly different shaped leaves of all intense liguid golds, brassy shines, thick orange peel appearing all made for excellent eye candy. i really apprecietaed the autum, as this is when we can have shrooms for free and easy to off the mountain side.

we stoped for ages at a tree which seemed like a natural home, with its thick autum leafed ground and its thatch thick enourmous tree's leafy overhang, we rolled a joint here, a very rough quick fire a s little effort as possible joint but it worked well. didnt enjoy smoking it though.

then the spides walked past asking for a smoke we sort of ignored them and they walked on, my friend who had toook the smallest dose said he would like to rip out the guys kidney boil it and feed it to his grandchildren. this bought up many a regurgatation of disgusting images. then we had to freak our tripping friend out with his usual visual fear of the hyper flapping dimented surgeon with a blooded scallpol. this freake dhim but the fungus juice was coarsing his mind along at the usual chronyid hyper speed at this period and he quickly forgot about it. every corner we turned or new part of the hill we were in seemed like a new chapter or a new day.

at one point we cut off the main path and onto a more rural track which was fun, the black effect was back, but we got up to a more field part and there were a small horde of cows, remembering my rather cowardice fear of such beasts, now when is say cow these wild quarry bitches had horns like lucifer were fat as blimps and could gallop with deadly intent.i wasnt going near them on shrooms, my friends marched towards them anyway screaming and scaring them off although this always works im always shit scared of risking a deadly stampede. i turned back and there was a massive rainbow in the sky as the sun broke through the electic windy storminess of the atmosphere, i seen calm, i turned the other direction again as my friends called me toward vicious rains, visible swirling wind and uneasy fat hephers with gore horns. i took to the symbolic omen and folloed the rainbow, my mates walked on. it annoyed me trekking backwards, but finally got down and met the dudes and went home for food and weed and comedown.

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