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4th Time Opening Pandora's Box

1/8 of some huge, potent cubensis at the beach

It was August 13, 2009 when I went on my fourth psychedelic journey with magic mushrooms. For this experience my friends and I decided that we would trip at the beautiful state beach of  Gaviota. I ingested my eighth of shrooms by 11AM and this psychedelic realm was a completely different experience than my previous journeys. Where do I even begin? My shrooming journey did not have a beginning or an end. Things were just kind of happening that words cannot even describe. During the beginning, flashing bright colors popped out of no where every time I opened my eyes. And in this particular journey time operated in a way completely different then my previous journeys. As I waded in the ocean I could feel the rush of energy at my feet. And when the clouds covered the sun I ventured into some dark spots of my mind. Throughout this journey I experienced intense mood swings and just flowed with it in order to prevent a bad trip from occurring. From intense happiness to intense sorrow to intense sadness to intense humbleness and vice versa. I was experiencing every human emotion simultaneously during certain points. At some points I asked myself if this is what dying feels like. I questioned every aspect of human civilization and in my mind I understood the meaning behind human actions and how it related to basic survival techniques. I learned that we judge other people because we want to be around people that will not harm us. I learned that we acknowledge each other's existence by the things we do and how we live our lives. I was in tuned with the earth around me and my senses were highly heightened. I experienced superb hearing, touch, and sight. It was as if I was super sober and I perceived everything in full clarity. My brain was overheating due to the fact that my mind was taking in so much information at one time. I also noticed that I had superior balance as I was standing. All my previous shrooming journeys were co- existing and connecting with the journey I was experiencing that day. There was a feeling that the world was going to end and a military helicopter flew over my head and it felt like the apocalypse. Compared to my shrooming trip in Yosemite last year, I could not tell you which one was more intense. It was as if intensity levels did not even exist. Unlike my three previous journeys, this one is the hardest to describe. I learned that there is not one word you can put to magic mushrooms. The best analogy I could use to describe my experience is "like a blind man who had been given sight". The beach journey was just a complete mind fuck. I could not explain what my mind was experiencing but I was in awe due to the power of magic shrooms.....

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