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The official Mr. good Vibes combo weed + E

not to mention a trippy movie and gettin sum head on X

Hows life to all viewers of this document. Now where I live is the hands down weed capital of California. This county is known as humboldt. If u live in california and have not heard of us check this link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwOq0UmuS6o thats my stomping ground. We humbly welcome all stoners, tokers, trippers, and smokers. Now for the story. It started out as a normal day in one of humboldts most stoner schools; smokin dubies and takin bong rips. Unfortunately I was broke which was always a liability on my part. So after tokin a bowl up with my bro I off campus and avoiding the local patrol on campus I ran into an unlikely fella. He was actually sort of a hick guy with a slightly gangster attitude. I proceeded into my next class which was P.E.. After chillin with him he offered me a proposition. He said l have to get him 30 bucks for 2 dank E-pills known as yellow transformers. I said to myself where am I going to get 30 bucks? Then I resorted to something I vowed never to do again... I had to break into the locker room. Luckily there was a sub teaching class, So I politely asked him for the bathroom key. He gave it to me, and there was where my searching began. I quickly began to search through people front pockets, pants, and jackets. I was finding much just books, trash, sack lunches and just dumbass shit. but then I seen one locker ajar in the corner of the room, which looked liked it had a backpack strap hanging through the opening. I checked it out and scored some foreign exchange students wallet and 24 dolla dolla bills. Felt like a dick doing it but I wanted that X

. So after calmly mobbin out of the locker room I presented the cash to my friend. He was nice enough to lower the price to 24 (which is reasonable 30 bucks for 2 pills is kinda pricey). So he pulled the X out of the most unlikely thing ever. He unscrewed his axe deoderant and pulled out the tiniest bag I've ever seen with 2 yellow E-pills. We parted ways right after that after hittin this blunt this dude was tokin in the bathroom. (haha crazy shit goes down at my school). Anyways I get back to my apartment and go over to my friends place just a building over. I show him the X and after a bong rip he tells me I should be careful and "its a totally different high man". So after we cashed the bowl I left. Thought I'd do a little skateboarding after that (ha hella stoned) so I go around hit some stuff on my skateboard just fuckin around (can't skate worth shit when I'm blazed). And finally night came and that meant movies.

So course I picked out that trippiest movie which at the time was one called Push. So then after malboro I called my girlfriend up. She was a little pissed that I didn't call her until about 8 but I worked around that and convinced her to go. So I got my flyest shit on and mobbed out on my board. I got there first and right as I tossed my stog (cigarette) she mobbed up in this sexy little pair of shorts and this halter top that got some testosterone movin .After just finishing a stog she pulled out a joint and suggest we get high before the movie. Theres were the perfect time emerges to tell her about the X. Shes so excited and I'm so glad I had the X cuz I knew I would probly get head that night. So after tokin the joint in parkin lot we decide to pop the X. Even though I wanted to trip hard on 2, gettin head is like an ectasy pill in itself. So I pay for the tickets and we get some icees. after we take our seats 3 rows from the front. It takes about 10 mins for the previews to start playin and I'm still blastin Pink Floyd. The previews are about another 15 mins and about another 10 into the movie me and her begin are trip. it starts out like I'm feelin like I'm on hella cocaine. and when I was watchin the movie it felt like I was watchin it from really high up and I had no idea how loud I was being. I felt hella chill though like nothing could go wrong while watching this movie. my girlfriend was staring intensely at the movie. Then heres the trippy part I tell my girl I'm goin to the bathroom and mob out. I go into the bathroom I had so much energy and was so happy. I rolled around on the ground and did somersaults and looked in the mirror. almost all pupil. then this is the best part pf the night. my girl decided to come and visit me in the mens bathroom. I still remember her words "I'm gonna suck ur cock off baby". Instantly she thrust herself towards me and we start making out. I remember felling so much euphoria as I lifted her up and put her against the sink. My natural though was to whip my dick out and screw her either against the stall wall or the sink. But we were still in a public bathroom and someone would surely complain. so I carry her into the stall and she unziped my pants like an animal. I already had a massive boner the feeling next are indescribible they were so good. As she tried to deepthroat me I felt like it was all I needed in the whole world and we were in their for about 20 minutes. I finally came in her mouth soooo much I didn't even warn her either haha. she spit a lot of it out but still swallowed about a mouthful (I'm not sure I was PHUCKED UP, and we didn't even realize like 2 guys came in their while she wuz suckin). After that we finished the movie and I decided to buy us some candy. As I make my selection which was a box of sour patches the dude says "whats wrong with your eyes man" I just said nothin and payed for the exorbitantly priced candy. After that we decide to see whats goin on downtown. haha hell yeah was all I could think. So as we make our way down there my girlfriend says she wants me to skate. I didn't even think about skating the whole time and didn't even remember taking it from the theater. (still editing)  I

Ectasy gave me the best day of my life and I'll never forget it. I recommend it if u know ur getting head or there's a good chance
happy trippin to all!

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