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After school.....

Me and my friends were going to our friend Toms house after school one day.

Me and my friends were going to our friend Toms house
after school one day.
We got there and David brought out a baggy that had an
ounce in it. Tom didn't wanna trip and neither did Jim, they
only wanted to get smoked up. Me, David, Chad and Andrew all
took an eigth with some of that Hansen's soda shit. We also
smoked a nice blunt. It was like the weed got me goin first
then the shrooms kicked in and I just like rocketed out of
his backyard, where we were chillin. Jim had a couple bags
of gummy worms that he had bought at lunch that day and he
was like who wants these? And then he just threw them up in
the air. One bag went over Toms neighbours fence and I
decided that I should go get them cuz I was hungry as fuck.
I climbed the fence and got the snacks but then I stopped
because I saw this shadow thing moving around the neighbours
house and I thought that if I was perfectly still, he
wouldn't know I was there. So he moved around and then
disappeared behind the fence so I started moving again but
the wind made me stop because it was almost talking to me.
I just wanted to listen to it for a while and then Tom
was like Dude, are you going to stay over there forever? I
just mumbled something because if I said anything louder, I
thought the whole world might here it. After I waited for
what seemed like an hour or two, I went to climb back over
the fence, but there was a dead poky bush in my way, and
whenever I would go to get past it it would seem to say NO!
You can't go back and then poke me a lot. I went back to the
other end of the fence and climbed over there. They wanted
to go to Rite-Aid to get some stuff to eat and drink I
guess, so I was like why? I had the gummy worms and I was
happy with that, but I went with them anyway. While we were
walking I kept laughing whenever theyd talk and theyd laugh
too. For a second I thought David was a toad because he had
this big grin and his eyes were pulled back because he's
Korean. I said that and he threw a snowball at me. They all
picked up snowball's and I thought, Oh no! There going to
kill me and then they'll laugh at me and take me to some
place to get me away and buried or something. So I stated
running from them, which was really hard because I was
walking in sand and mud, at least thats what it felt like. I
knew in the back of my mind that theyd never hurt me or kill
me or anything, but I just wanted to run and here myself
breathe and my feet hitting the pavement. Andrew had my bike
and he caught up with me to say, Where are you going? and I
said To Rite-Aid to get some eyedrops. He said Why? I
already have some and said well lets go back then and use
them. I remembered that Tom had a dog in his house and why
hadnt that dog given me some of its eyedrops because it had
cataracts. We went back and for the next 4 or 5 hours or so
I just tripped on the stuff at his house, playing the
computer and watching t.v. After I came down I thought Whoa,
that was fun.
So you can trip and take shrooms as long as you have

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