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"MAGIC" Ants on a Log

An interesting take on a classic kids snack

I think this is a great way to chow down on your shrooms without having to taste it.  I've used this method many times, it mask the taste while also being a health snack.  This classic snack is great when you're definitely on a budget and you want a quick/simple way to eat your shroomie friends.  I DO NOT take credit for creating this recipe...actually I have no idea who created it...I really don't know if anyone does.  But I digress.  Without forth a do...

"MAGIC" Ants on a Log


1.  Bunch of celery sticks
2.  Peanut (chucky or plain, your choice)
3.  Raisins
4.  Chopped up shroomies (amount depends on YOU)
5.  Knife for spreading

STEP 1 - Wash each celery stick.  If you want you can use the knife to peel the stingy parts of the celery.

STEP 2 - Place the chopped shroomies into the fold of the celery sticks.

STEP 3 - Spread some peanut butter over the shrooms into the fold of the celery stick.

STEP 4 - Place the raisin on top of the peanut butter.

STEP 5 - Consume and ENJOY!!

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