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First time acid trip, amazing!

Lets get started!

I finally managed to get my mitts on a couple hits of lsd from an old high school friend, and was amazingly pumped. The timing was perfect. My parents had gone out to a friends house and needless to say they were going to be there for 2 nights, and my house was completely free. I got my best buddy (henceforth referred to as Spenny) to come out with me to get the stuff, and as soon as we got back we slapped that paper in our gums and let the games begin.

Now, the first stage was all anticipation. I have read numerous trip reports good and bad, but I just knew we would both have super positive experiences. We first decided to get something tasty and refreshing. Iced tea would do the trick, so we made ourselves up a glass each and headed outside to sit on the patio. My backyard is pretty rad, although its a tad small. We have lots off greenery hanging everywhere and plenty of colourful roses and tulips and whatnot around, so it was quite a nice setting for this event. Spenny and I sat across from eachother start having a conversation the subject of which i cannot recall, but we waited and waited. And waited long, we did not. About half an hour in I was starting to feel HIGH. I have done mush a good number of times and salvia twice, but this was definitely the most prominent body feeling I've experienced so far. I felt light as air, and had a very cool picture in my head of my nervous system floating alone in the air, with nothing around but blank space. Very fun! I decided to open my eyes (because things started to move and blurr around in my eyelids at this point), the sun is amazing.
The colour of it was like nothing I'd seen before. The plants were so green, and all the flowers were extremely prominent and glowy. I looked at the patio cement (which consists of small riverstone pepples in a cement mixture), and it began to contort. Contractions somewhere, expantions elsewhere, it seemed somehow alive. I soon got the idea in my head that a horde of bugs was causing this, but then I remembered, "Oooh yeah, I have a head full of acid!" Teehee. We didn't stay out there long, but notable visuals were the flower petals started to look very disjointed from the stem, and float around.... looking up I saw the branches of trees beginning to fractalize and the suns rays were just gorgeous.

As soon as we were inside, we knew what we had to do. We flicked the lights off, and let some sunlight trickle into the room. I turned my laptop on (which will provide the biggest visual I've had to date) and went to my trippy picture folder and set it to fullscreen slideshow and let it roll from there. After a wee bit of discussion with Spenny, he said we should listen to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, which I'm sure many of you reading this will already know the full amazingness of this album after listening to it on acid. I figured that this could be a good time to start looking for more closed eye visuals, so I shut my laptop and lay down on the couch. Spenny had a slightly smaller couch, as it was my house, but from the way we were seated we had pretty much the same perspecive of the room as eachother. We lie down, I hit play, and we close our eyes.

A chuckle. Faint as can be, I know its the album beginning. I hear Spenny giggle from it, and then another chuckle and Spenny gives a good laugh, which gets me goin. Soon enough, we are both cackling for what seems like forever, and then it hits. Possibly the most amazing musical moment I have ever had, the song launches into its full and delivers me into such an amazing mindset, staring at my gray spotted ceiling twist and contort like a sandstorm in the Sahara, or a picture of clouds that looks like a timelapse shot of overhead clouds over a full week. We have an old sketch of a very old ski hill on our wall, and I watched that vortex and gain depth for quite a ways. The  woman who does that huge piece in The Great Gig in the Sky shocked my ears. We both lose track of the time, and before I know it, Eclipse is playing and its almost over. I feel sad that it would be ending, but at the same time I was glad I had taken that musical journey. The peak of that song felt somewhat short of what ascending to heaven must feel like.

Spenny and I sit for a while after contemplating the beauty that was just threaded through our ears. We have a good long chat and laugh about how we were cackling like hyenas at the beginning, and what one another thought of the album. Both opinions were pretty spectacular. We decided to turn on some Dubstep and turn up the bass. I turned my laptop back on and Spenny laid back to enjoy some closed eye. I stopped on one picture I really like in particular, depicting a fairly heavenly but definitely drug inspired place, which as I noticed on acid had many amazing pathways leading off into the clouds and beyond, and a dark razorwired and gated place labeled by a wooden sign, "Drug-Free Zone". I figured this was an appropriate picture to look at and was amazed at how it stretched  and grew, twisted and kaleidoscoped, colourized and fractalized. I eventually figured I had conquered the meaning of the picture, and filing it away in my mind I closed the picture album.

Okay, this is the biggy. Ready for it? .... .  .   .    .     .      .       .        .         .          ?  Okay I guess you are now. By this point in time (of which I had no clue, because I was having a hard time reading the clock on my laptop because the numbers kept disappearing) it was getting a little darker, and the room was quite shadowed. The brightness of my laptop was skewing my periferal vision of the rest of the room. My background is a shot from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where Banderas is driving and looking over (beyond johnnys left shoulder) wearing sunglasses and grinning, with Depp right up in front, grinning a huge acid grin in your face with his cigarette sticking out of his mouth. I was just sitting there staring at the screen, when it began creeping closer. Now, this was to be expected, but it still freaked me out a little bit. I thought to myself, "I have complete control, I'm letting it do this, I'm letting it get closer!" and let it get closer I did. It slowly made its way over to me, blocking out all periferals and view of Spennny, the TV right in frontof me, and any sort of light at all except for the laptop screen. Eventually, its like I'm standing dead centre point blank in front of a huge cineplex movie screen, or the goddamn Imax! It was all I could see, wherever I looked up and down, right and left (although i didnt really turn my head that much, I dont thhink) I sat in front of this screen staring at it for a good few minutes, and Spenny said my face was in complete and utter fucking awe... Which I was haha. Blown away I shut the laptop again and we turn on the TV. Fry's face come on the screen just as Bender says something harsh and hilarious and we both grin. Futurama! Fuckin eh!

After all that, time kind of slid away and eventually my brother showed up (who is cool with lsd and whatnot) to see how we were doing. We were pretty straight when he got there, but the general mind buzz was still prevalent. We made a tea out of Kratom leaves which was supposed to settle us down and let us sleep better, but I think it just tasted bad. We go and smoke a bigbowl of weed and some of the visuals pop back. At this point Im pretty tired but continue to stay up and look at the graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns which was really cool. Eventually my brother leaves, Spenny and I smoke some more weed and decide to hit the hay.

All in all, it was fucking amazing. Probably one of the best things ive decided to do in my life, and definitely improved who I am, as did mushrooms :D I hope you all enjoyed this report, because I sure enjoyed collecting the data to write it. Writing it werent so bad either. Have a good one, Ill probably be writing more soon.


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