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First time/Root Beer

It was the day of my best friend's high school open house, and I had just spent the day with my bitchy girlfriend going to people's open houses all damn day; a bunch of people I couldn't have cared less about.

It was the day of my best friend's high school open house, and I had just spent the day with my bitchy girlfriend going to people's open houses all damn day; a bunch of people I couldn't have cared less about. I emancipated myself from her and went to a party (because she doesn't party at all-not even in fucking amsterdam) with my friends tony and nick. There, i started talking with my friend norman at about 11:30 and he was looking for a place to shroom. I said, "I can give you a place to shroom if you can get me some shrooms." So we went into the backyard of this party and found the guy who had the shrooms. I bought enough for three people so Nick and Tony would have the option to trip. I talked to Tony and he was down, but Nick prided himself on not doing any drugs but weed, so he said he would chill with us and smoke weed. So far, we had 5 people about to do mushrooms and hang out in my bedroom.

So we all left, Me, Tony, Nick, Joe, Norman, and Andy headed to my neighborhood. We stopped and got some orange juice and we all dropped (except for nick), and Joe and Andy were on 2 hits of LSD too. We were split up for a few minutes because we were in two different cars, so Tony and I waited, and then we all met at the baseball field across from my townhouse complex. I started to feel something, and see stuff as well. Nick asked us how it was and decided he wanted to trip too, so he bought some of Joe's. He ate them right as Andy started puking. The sound was hillarious to everyone. "Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Huhhhhhhh!" This worried Nick a bit, but he was cool. Then, we headed for this park that was a few blocks away.

This park has a big field, a playground, and a big hill. At the top of the hill, there is a fence covered with vines with houses behind, a sidewalk headed towards a culdisack. Everyone but me and Norman went to the playground, we went and layed on the hill and looked up at the sky. It was a full moon so it was very light outside. On one side of the sky, clouds bubbled pink, purple and blue, and the other side was a beautiful pink haze with a neon white moon in the center. The field below looked like the northern lights were happening right on it. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. All sorts of thoughts went through my head, contradicting my prior knowledge. Then, the rest of the guys came over, and we walked up to the top of the hill. We all let up cigarettes when Joe said, "Dude, i'm gonna roll down this hill!" When he did it, it was the funniest shit, and we all laughed until out stomachs were hurting. I went to pee on the vines and noticed the vines writhing around and trying to grab at me. I was just in awe of how cool this experience was so far.
We then walked down to the playground and started playing on the equipment. I sat on this big yellow swing that I called "the old man swing" which was quite funny at the time. Norman was mumbling something really fast and then started jumping from the sand to the spongy shit going, "fake sand, real sand, fake sand, real sand, fake sand....." It was the funniest shit. I looked at my watch and the hands were glowing and spinning around and around. I started thinking, "time really doesn't exist." Then we decided to my house, because it was getting a little chilly. While walking back, we were laughing the whole time. "Are we legally considered a gang," Andy said. I said, "this is the most fun i've ever had with $15." Everyone agreed. When we got to my townhouse, the walls were lit up all orange and green. I looked in the back shades and saw someone with a pony tail. "Who the fuck is that?" I had no idea, and I started looking around to see if this was my house. It was, so I put in the key and walked into the living room. It was Josh, this fucking dude that was staying with us at the time, chilling with his girlfriend. "Whassup," he said. I aknowledged him somehow and then we all went downstairs to my room.

The visuals I was having were great. I had all of these crazy posters to look at. Jim Morrison's hair was all purple and blue and looked to be waving. Hendrix was beaming with light and the Space Odyssey poster was just fucking crazy. All that was on was a blacklight and the CD "Meddle" by pink floyd, which I really payed no attention to. Andy passed the fuck out, because he had been tripping for like 2 days or something. We started smoking BC out of a glass bong (once tony figured out his lighter DIDN'T explode in his face) and we were all smoking cigarettes. We plopped in the movie "Friday," and it started with Ice Cube at some table talking to the camera, which boggled my mind. "Why the fuck is he doing this? what the hell's he talking about?" I couldn't understand a fucking word he was saying. Then, in the movie, everybody's faces started distorting and looking monster-ish, and all we heard was, "bluhbluhbluhbluh! Bloop bleep bibba bobba boo?" We were freaked out and turned it off. I haven't seen Friday since. After chilling and laughing a while, I took a couple sips of root beer, and had to pee. I went into the pitch black laundry room and went, and then I walked back out into the room. I just stood there and everyone was laughing. All of a sudden, I felt sick and went to puke. (I know someone else who had painful vomiting from drinking root beer on shrooms) The heaves were so strong and painfull, and all I could see was space invader aliens shooting into my eyes. It really sucked. I walked back out to my room and everyone was gone. It turned out they had all walked outside. I went out there and layed on a parking curb, staring at the clouds that flowed like mercury as the sun rose. I started puking again, and this kinda killed the mood.

We all headed back inside and tried to sleep. While I tripped, I found that I really didn't connect with my girlfriend at all. The rest of the summer, I chose to hang out with Nick and Tony rather than her because we had a special bond now. I eventually broke up with her, and have tripped many times since, on shrooms and LSD, and with the way I think now, I could never date a girl like that again: a rich, fake liberal, judgemental athiest. I'm quite happy about the changes mushrooms have made on my life. They might not be the best for everyone, but it can change you.


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