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Acid trip on Longs Peak


LSA trip on longs peak took a good amount of LSA to the equivelant of about 1 1/2 tabs of
really good blotter then went up on the fourtiner longs peak to try to summit trip summary
30 minutes colors were brightend and started to laugh uncontrolably
60 minutes got to the trail and got a very strong euphoric feeling this lasted for another hour
or so no real visuals yet
then when i got up to the keyhole it was very cold and windy and i wasnt dressed for that weather
so i wasnt able to try to summit. so i decided i would sit down in the keyhole shelter for a
little rest this was right around the peak of the trip i sat down and was talking to the other hikers
and there faces started to melt the whole world just morphed together then after about ten minutes
of sitting in that room i decided to go out and look at the mountains i started having thes awesome klidescopic
rainbow visuals that would form out of the clouds and i was laughing alot and the sound was tripped up this feeling lasted
for the rest of the trip the last mojor hallucenation i had was this i looked up into the sky
and the whole sky turned into a very deep purple and i saw this clown face form out of the
clouds it actually looked kind of evil like an insane clown posse album cover then coming down off the mountain
everything was brighter an so crisp and clear i was still getting klidoscopic visuals looking up in the sky
then when i got back home i drank 3 glasses orange juice and that got me tripping nicely again so then i looked at some cool artwork
and luckily there was a real rainbow and very cool sunset so i just watched that for a while
then i listend to some syd barrett and the grateful dead aoxoma

my source for the LSA i bought these morning glory seeds which were a mix of heavenly blue
and pearly whites this mix is much stronger than doing just one or the other buy the mix
i would reccomend this to anyone looking for an experience in the mountains dont fear falling off the trail just go with it

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