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First time experiencing Salvia

On the border

I've been wanting to try Salvia for quite some time, but never got around to getting some. I had to go downtown for some groceries and walked by a smoke-shop that had a salvia sign in the window, so I thought "Why not?".

I picked up a gram of the lowest extract they had (5x) and a pipe. My Girlfriend (who I'll call T) was at her moms for the week, and when I told her I got some, she asked me to wait until she got home because she wanted to try it as well.

It was a long week, I was very anxious to finally experience Salvia. During the week I had done lots of research about it, and watched countless YouTube videos of idiots using it with buddies around that would mess with them, and had horrible experiences.

The time finally came for T and I to delve into the world of Salvia. We shut ourselves in our room and T wanted me to go first, so I did. I didn't want a crazy experience my first time. I wanted to get to know Salvia slowly. I wasn't sure how much to use at first, so I only used a small amount and held the smoke as long as possible. I didn't feel too much at first, just a sort of cool wave that rushed up my body from behind, and it felt like something was enveloping my head and sort of twirling half of my head in a different direction, but I didn't get any visuals or anything.

I handed the pipe over to T, who did about the same amount. She said her face felt "different" and warm. She described it as feeling really strange, and she kept thinking she was seeing something move in the corner of her eye.

T was coherent enough for me to be comfortable, so I decided to smoke a little more.  I took one toke, held it in, and before I exhaled I could see two bright orange lines in my field of vision that looked like they were going to converge, like an X, but they stopped before they met. After my second toke, I felt really strange. I was a little scared at first, and thought something was wrong, until I realized it was the Salvia. It seemed as if I was looking down from a slightly higher angle than I should have been. I looked around the room, and everything had a slightly yellow tinge and looked slanted as if it were on a hill or something. Everything but one area of the room which was in the shape of how one would draw a water drop, or maybe an eye - It was round at the bottom, but came to a point at the top. I could feel a pulsing pressure on my arms, which I thought was the border between the clear water drop shaped area, and the rest of the room. I could hear a ringing of sorts that got louder as the border pulsed and pushed on my arms. T asked me if I was seeing anything, and I nodded my head, then she asked what I was seeing, and all I could manage to do was shake my head. I felt as if I was slipping backwards away from the clear part of the room into where ever the rest of the room was heading, so I looked backwards and planted my hands on the bed. I had a strange feeling of deja-vu and felt like I was a kid again, experiencing the world for the first time. I looked at my arms where the border had been pushing on me, and T asked me "Why are you looking at your arms?". All that came out of my mouth was a mumble, and I continued to look down at the bed until I started to come around. I was trying to explain to T what had happened, but it was hard to string full sentences and thoughts together for about a minute or two. When I was coherent enough, T decided to try a little more.

She took a total of three more hits. On the third hit she looked spaced out, so I took the pipe and lighter from her, so she didn't burn herself. She didn't seem to really notice I took it from her because she held her hand like she was still holding the items for a couple seconds. She kept looking up into a corner of the room, and she all of a sudden looked scared, and sort of backed away quickly. I told her it was alright and just the Salvia. She laughed a bit and said yeah, but her smile went away almost instantly. She sat with her knees in her arms for a couple seconds, then let go of them and they seemed as if they had been knocked over. She started telling me that there was this immense pressure coming from the corner of the room, and she told me she felt as if everything was peeling away and landing on top of her. After she told me this, she started to have a laughing fit. She pretty much laughed until she fully came to.

I felt pretty good afterwards. I felt a calmness in me, but was a little drained. It was exactly the plateau I wanted to achieve my first time. Just get a taste of what Salvia has to offer, and not dive right in my first time. T and I both enjoyed the experience and will be doing it again.

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