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First Time Shroomer

Let me tell you about my first mushroom trip!

Let me tell you about my first mushroom trip! I had only smoked weed before, alcohol, and the usual legal drugs. Weed was the thing that blew apart my reality. I found it so unimaginably different from real life, and that since I couldnt describe it, I wondered if and what possibilities lied in mushrooms and other psychedelics (reading alot about drugs on the internet helped me alot).

I didnt consume alot, I'm not really sure how much (a cap and some stems). I think it was over a gram. Then I broke up the mushrooms in a cup, then filled it with hot water and drank. Half an hour passed, and nothing. So I smoked a bit of weed :) I listened to some Shpongle for a bit (great as always) and then began to read.

I laid in my bed reading. A full hour passed since I drank the shrooms. The words on the page started 'swimming' in tiny circles. That didnt strike me as odd. This was something I could make myself visualize sober (slightly shift the focus of your eyes, like you would to give yourself a fake third eye in the mirror). But this was something I couldn't control... the words swam unless I concentrated hard to keep them still. At that point I gave up reading :)

The mirror at the head of my bed caught my eye. Or, I caught my eye. My face shifted slightly. It didnt quite morph, but my features and character became very pronounced. When I made an expression, it was exaggerated highly in the mirror. My image seemed like another entity. If I looked away, it looked like my image was still looking at me. I made an evil face with my eyes wide open, and that got distorted so hideously that I had to look away! My eyes went black and my teeth turned dirty yellow and sharp. I was scared but didnt panic; I thought it was fascinating! I decided to turn my trip into something more happy. I began looking at my old lamp from childhood, and the patterns on it started floating around like lillypads on water. I loved it, and studied it for a couple minutes. The paintings on my wall moved in and out, like they were breathing.

But the minor hallicunations lost my interest quickly. I could now substaintially *feel* the mushrooms, something I had never felt before, or even imagined could exist. Like marijuana, the mushroom had its own character, its own unique personality and intelligence. It was the mushroom consciousness, and it didnt take any bullshit from anyone! I felt like I could see through anyone or any idea, past the superficialities and penetrate through to the character and meaning. It was like a new level of empathy.

Then my cousin came in, and she didnt know I was either high or on shrooms. I dont like people influencing my private trips. :) But she wanted to watch a movie and smoke some weed from the vaporizer, so we did. I didnt smoke alot, but watched part of a movie on evolution, which was very stirring with the shrooms. I could mentally hear a large booming chant, an ancient AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, as if in a giant cathedral. It felt like this was the history of the mushroom crushing my consciousness. It felt humbling, but at the same time, great because *I* was a part of this reality now. I had broken free of the ignorance of psychedelic sobriety! :)

My cousin had picked Pee Wee`s Big Adventure to watch. And that was both a mistake and a crazy trip. You`d think that movie is a kids movie. But the insanity of it all on shrooms was something I wouldn`t want to experience again.

First of all, I look vaguely like Pee Wee. Or at least, I must, because I couldnt see Pee Wees face, but my own face. And it was morphing and shifting my face with characteristics of Pee Wees. I felt like I was watching my subconscious, that Pee Wee was a metaphor for how my brain worked. The adventures Pee Wee had, and how he dealt with them, was analogous to how my own life worked. It was both hilarious and disturbing! :) I kept wanting and suggesting to change the movie, but I stuck it out.

While watching the movie, it looked as if each character had an outline around him, so that the character was real, pasted on top of the movie. Facial lines and contortions were blown out of proportion, allowing for a better understanding of the acting. Imagine watching Lord of the Rings on this stuff... woah!!! That would be a crazy trip!

That sums up the highlights of the experience, but there was quite alot more that happened, and its very hard to describe it. I will be taking a much larger portion of mushrooms next week with friends, and I cant wait. The first experience was jaw-dropping, from the enlightenment of both the positive and negative experiences I had.

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