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Want to avoid a bad trip?

Okay, so I have done shrooms 6 times as of the writing of this. The first time, a friend and I split a little more than an eigth, we were out in the forest, we had a sitter, and it was amazing. Everything felt amazing, the colors were alive and I just wanted to experience nature in a whole new way. My mind was opened up and life was absolutely beautiful.

The second through 5th times, I did less than an eighth by myself, sat in my room and listened to music and watched movies and stuff. It was enjoyable, the walls started to move a little bit. I didn't have the profound experience I did the first time, but I wasn't trying to find a profound experience either.

So that brings me to the 6th time. I had more than a quarter of an ounce of shrooms, so I went to my friends house at about noon, we ate the shrooms, drink some OJ and I layed down. Suddenly I got very euphoric. My body became really tingly, and I started getting that feeling you get when you plummet downward on a rollercoaster, except it wouldn't stop. That was fairly natural for me. After a while though, I started to feel like I couldn't breath and I started getting claustrophobic. So I went outside (and it was like 100 degrees at the time, but I couldn't feel it) and sat on my car. For about 2 hours in the middle of a 6 hour trip, the whole world felt like it was crashing down on me. Every problem that I had in my life was magnified 1000 times and just all felt like they were smothering me. I couldn't stop pacing, I started hyperventiliating because I was straight up panicking. I remembered that this is probably the only time in my whole life that I just wanted to die. I literally wanted to be dead and not have to deal with it anymore. Unfortunetly, that scared the shit out of me because I'm not religious and the idea that when we die we just stop and end and exist no more fucked with my head on a major level. My friend, who was also tripping hard, layed me down on his couch and played some music, but he put on some heavy metal and it made me feel scared because the bad feelings were coming like waves and I wanted to feel happy again. Lucky, my friends girlfriend was sober and had done her fair share of drugs, so she sat me down, gave me some fruit to eat and I stopped panicking. We watched Wall - E and I had no fucking clue what was going on, but I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Life felt like it was going by in frames. One second I was starting to watch WallE, then the movie was halfway over, then it was all the way over, then I was staring at the wall.

I remember having this incredibly profound sense that all the ideas and conceptions I had, all the ways I have categorized things, were breaking down. I thought about my parents, then I thought "well, what ARE parents, really, in relationship to me?" Suddenly, the idea of "the parents", "the friends", "home" all became moot. They were just things, but they had no meaning. This scared me. At the time, i had gone into the doctor because I had some symptoms of diabetes, which turned out to be negative, but at the time I started to think about if I had diabetes how that was going to effect my life, and I thought that my teeth were going to rot out of my head, I was going to go blind and deaf (I have bad teeth and eyes...my ears are fine though. Weird). It was a very scary experience for a lot of it.

Also, everything looked like cardboard cutouts. It was very intense.


First, I don't think it's a good idea when eating a lot of shrooms to be in an enclosed area like a house or something. It starts to feel very very claustrophobic and unharmonious. Nature is great because there is always harmony in nature, but if you're in a small cluttered house, be prepared to not feel great. Secondly, really think about how you feel about life and any problems you might have before you go and eat a lot of shrooms because that shit will pop right up and will just seem like the most terrible shit in the world.

If you, like me, start to feel yourself panicking, I suggest eating fruit. Everything tastes like God on shrooms, so it will release endorphins and make you feel euphoric. Sit in a comfy chair, listen to some relaxing music and eat some fruit.


Another idea that was put forth and verified by myself is having a system, a tradition of some sort that you do as you are entering the psychadelic state. What helped a lot for me if 1) Having some sort of personal goal to accomplish with the trip. Some problem I wanted to sort out, or some issue I wanted to think about in a more objective state, 2) if you're tripping with other people, have a group goal of some sort, and 3) I like this a lot: On the suggestion of a friend, I wrapped myself up in a blanket , sat cross legged with my eyes closed, held hands in a circle with the other people tripping with me and just did some deep breathing. I felt the trip start and just relaxed, and then when I felt like I was ready, I open my eyes, climbed out of my cacoon and it was ON! I think that feeling of warmth, security, some sort of human physical contact really gets the trip off to a good start.

Hope this is helpful.

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