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My first Trip, the best thing ever!

No problems at all, ate 6/8ths

It was the best thing ever, I had gotten an ounce of Gold caps in NJ for around 350. I rushed home, anxious to try em, and ate 6/8ths. (I'm 280) lbs. I ate em in some mac and cheese, mmmmm,mmm, good! So then I just waited around, did some  housework, waited. An hour passed, and I had no effects, I was like, "well, I gotta give it some time, has to digest." So I started to play some GOW2 on Xbox Live,  and while I'm playing, a boomshot round comes and kills me......only thing is, the bloody chunks flew out of the T.V..................................And I knew the best was yet to come in the following hours. So I popped in space invaders extreme, BEST CHOICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The colors Were swirling everywhere, and everything was swirling, and when I decided to listen to music, it was even better!

Put in Pendulum's "blood sugar" And "Tarantula"

All I can say is that I could remember when I had seen em in NY front stage, It was just like that night.

Am I crazy for doing 6/8th's? Hell YEAH!

Would I do it again? Yes

Do I need to find more? Yes

If you try shrooms, try 2 g's for your first, keep in mind, i'm a big guy *giggity*.

Just do it.

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