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Nothing But Visuals

It all started around 7:30 one night when I got out of work.

It all started around 7:30 one night when I got out of work. A friend of mine had told me that he might be coming across some mushrooms, I asked that if he did, to put aside an ounce for me, no matter the cost, because i wanted to trip. I had eaten mushrooms a few times before, but I never really got a good trip. This was all about to change.
I picked up my friend, lets call him B, at his house at about 7:45. B was as excited as I was to trip, as our nights had been filled with marijuana and other drugs as of late, but no trips. We drove to the place where I was supposed to pick up the mushrooms, and was a little dissapointed. The ounce didnt look all that impressive. We returned to B's friend's house, and picked out the mushrooms we would eat. I would say we both ate probably a little over an eigth each. I had no idea what was in store for me.
About twenty minutes later neither of us was feeling anything, so we decided to jump start the trip with a healthy session of the ganja. We sat down on the couch, ready to smoke, but before I knew it, I was staring at the ceiling. There was a tapestry hanging above the couch and it began to flutter. I didn't know if the tapestry was actually fluttering, or if my trip was beginning. To further intensify the situation, the pattern on the tapestry began to swirl in a circular motion. It looked as if that pattern was trying to stop itself from moving, but at the same time causing itself to move even faster. I looked down at B, and by this point in time he was handing me a bong. I took it from him, and looked around the room. The whole room was swirling now, and the walls looked as though they were peeling off, from top to bottom. I passed the bong back to B without taking a hit, I was tripping so hard I didnt need any weed.
I decided now would be a good time to get off this couch and experience life on mushrooms (keep in mind, this was my first real mushroom trip). I walked from the bedroom we were smoking in, into the living room. Someone had turned on the christmas lights that were hanging on the walls (in zig-zag patterns, no less) and the were blinking out of control. I began to see the rooms spinning around me, and the lights on the walls breaking from their patterns and choosing their own direction to blink in. I was becoming lost in the surroundings. People were talking to me, but nothing anyone said made any sense, unless I knew that the person saying it, also ate mushrooms.
The night continued on with pretty much the same pattern all night. We began drinking beers and playing a little hacky sack late night, and fell asleep completely satisfied. I was blown away by my first mushroom trip, and plan to trip hard, and often, for a very long time.

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