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Great Nature Trip

wonderful time tripping in the woods.... and the supermarket


(and, i recommend you read this whole thing, even though its long, its pretty goddamn funny)

So, my brother (20 Years old) , his friend (21) and I (18)went up to a house we own in Vermont. we had some work to do around the house, as well as some boomahs to do along the way. we bought these chocolate bars with apparently an eighth in each one. we all took one and a  half. we ate them, and then i rolled a joint for the trip and my brothers friend, B, rolled a blunt. after about 10 minutes of twisting, we walked from our house to the mountain nearby. as we were walking, i began to feel that "loose" feeling. we made it to a spot where there were woods in between two trails we looked down and saw there was a giant canyon (at least it seemed giant) with a river in the middle. we stood at the top and admired the sight for a little while. just to let you know, this was about a little over an hour after we ate them.

We saw how steep the path was down to the river. it was surely not made for humans to walk on. but we decided that we should go. so we started walking slowly and sideways down the decline. B lost his footing and fell and slid into a tree and it was lodged in his midsection. we just laughed about it, since we were in a great mood, with no parents or cops to worry about. i remember looking at B and thinking that he was merged with the tree, and stuck there. but he got up and i chuckled at the thought of such a thing. we made it down the path and now we were on somewhat flat ground. we called the river the "River of Zion", since it was just an utterly amazing scene. we walked a little and i put in one earphone. i then noticed how hard i was tripping. the rocks and trees were moving and pulsing to the beat of the song, which was Franklin's Tower by the Grateful Dead. the Dead is a good band to listen to while tripping, since they have such an upbeat and happy tone. it wasn't that bright in the woods, since the trees heavily covered us. but whenever id look up, id see sunshine on the green leaves. every time i did, i would get hit with a wave of brightness and cheer. nothing could ruin my day

we sparked the joint once we found a spot with good energy, which was a huge mossy rock that we could all sit on. we smoked it and before i knew it, it was done. i had a small high going, but not too much. it helped a lot with my visuals though. after that, each thing i looked at seemed like it had a face, and when my brother stood up, it seemed as though he was 10 feet tall. his beard starting twirling around, and it amused me. we hiked back up to the top, and it seemed much easier than when i was more sober. we made our way back to the house, loving the high green grass. we probably looked pretty damn stupid, since we were running around in the grass like it was a romance movie. when we got to the house, i was peaking. we sat outside in the sand (we had a sandbox sort of thing since we took up the bricks and dug it out. we were redoing the brick walkway) i looked at our wooden house, and the wood was coming in and out at me quite a lot, and looked like it was breathing in and out. my house warped at the top until it covered me, then it went back to normal. i took sand in my hand and let it crinkle and fall out slowly while i held my hand to my ear. the sound of the sand moving amused me more than anything. i loved the sand. we walked around the house, looking at nature, and this inchworm we found hanging. i let some bugs and stuff crawl on me, it was a ton of fun. then we spotted these kids that sold us the bars walking down the street toward us. i didnt want to see them, and neither did my brother or B.

we started talking to them. mostly my brother and B, though. they asked if we ate the bars, and my brother said that he and B ate a half, and i didnt have anything. i thought this was funny as fuck, considering i was staring at the ground peaking like hell. they left after a while, and i was coming down. my brother said he was feeling OK, just a little stoned. he wasnt really tripping so we decided to drive to the super market, which is an easy drive about a mile away. we went there and immediately i thought of how funny we must look. B was all wet because he refreshed himself by getting water in his hands from the river and rubbing his face and head. he looked like a crackhead, his eyes were huge and red, and he was wet and he had old-school headphones around his neck. He and I were still tripping, but not as hard. my brother said he was fine. as we were walking around, we spotted this guy who must have been at most 4' 11". he looked like a little mouse, and i pulled B aside and told him to check him out. he and I went into the next aisle where he was, and immediately B turned aroudn and started walking away with the biggest smile on his face. we made a little farther away and he burst out laughing. a few people looked at us a little funny.  we got everything we needed and made our way to the registers. we found my brother macking it on this girl that worked there. we found this hilarious, just because it's completely his personality. and we were just waiting in line, with a ton of people behind us and in front of us. all of a sudden, B just swirls around to my bro and I, and says rather loudly "yo im gettin' HIT son". after this we all laughed because everyone must've been wondering what the fuck was wrong with us. we got out of the store and into the car. we stayed in the dormant car for about ten minutes discussing how safe we feel in the car. then on the ride home, we dubbed B the nickname Hitson, simply because he yelled out HITSON louder than any other words in the sentence from before.  we got home, and smoked the blunt as we came down. we were in a great mood for the rest of the night, and were loving the stories we all told about our trips. we noticed how different our trips were, but we also noticed how we all saw some of the same things, and thought some of the same things.  I cant wait to find some more mushies.


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