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First real trip


My first trip wasn't the first time I ate shrooms. The first time was at a show and I only had about 5  caps. The second time was drinking a dose of shroom tea, which just made me feel euphoric and fuzzy. The third time, however, was the most intense and confusing thing I have ever experienced.
I tripped with only my boyfriend in his house, people were around us who weren;t tripping though. At the start, he could feel it but I couldn't, or didn't think I could at least. He kept waving his hand in the air talking to me about how cool it looked. All I remember is I couldn;t focus on much. We were listening to music on the Xbox and watching visualizations and I kept just laughing at how ridiculous all of it seemed. Me and my boyfriend laughed for days it felt like. Then, we went to his room to lay down.
I'm really sure the order of the next few things because I was in such a daze.
The whole time I was tripping I was staring at his white seling drawing magnificent pictures with my finger that had trails of color coming from it.
As we were laying on his bed, we both felt as if we were one. Everything I saw, he saw and vice versa. At one point, it was like two imaginary holes on the opposite sides of his room has a trail flowing through them. The trail was life and it was moving. We both felt as if we were in the middle of some other planet watching everything in the world happen at once. Colors, energies, personalities and auras were everywhere in the air around us. We could see bubbles that were all different colors in front of us with different people we didn't know living life.
I kept trying to surface to reality since there were sober people in the room trying to tell us what we clearly saw wasn't real. I felt like I was stupid and crazy and pictured myself with my hair all messed up with wild eyes like a crazy hobo you meet downtown that talks about things you know nothing about. When I finally accepted the trip, I felt so relieved and like I was able to show my true colors for the first time in my life.
We ended up having to go outside so I could pee because people were occupying the bathroom. It felt like it took us an hour just to get outside because we both kept getting distracted and forgetting what we were doing. Once we opened the door to go outside, everything looked so clear and precise. I could see the fine lines like the whole Earth was a fine pen drawing.
We went back inside and laid back down in his room. Our friend Gabi showed up and brought me some jewlery she had bought for me. I wanted to show my greatest apperciation the whole time but all I could do was laugh and feel like I was going mad. Annoyed, our friend left.
I carried around the bag with the jewlery in it my whole trip taking it out for a few seconds and putting it back in the bag to carry.
Soon after this, we headed to the living room. We sat on the couch and reached our peak.
I felt every emotion all at one time. I was at peace but scared out of my mind at the same time. I was happy and mournful. I was confused yet I knew exactly what was going on. It was amazing and terrifying all at once.
Then, the bad part set in. I kept breathing hard and sweating and panting telling my boyfriend I was having a bad trip. The only way to describe was like sitting on a oard in the open ocean feeling the waves going up and down. When they went up, I felt better than I ever have in my life. When they went down, all I could do was worry and feel like I was dying.
At one point of sitting on the couch, me and my boyfriend started intensely looking into each other's eyes. Talking about it during and after the trip we discovered we both saw the same thing.
It was like we would look into each other's eyes and there was a black tunnel connecting both our pupils to each other. The longer and harder we stared, the bigger the black tunnel got and our pupils grew with the tunnel. Everytime it felt like mine and his pupils were about to engulf our entire eye, I would pull away frightened. It felt like he was looking deep into my soul and he could see my entire life; all my feelings and emotions and everything I had ever tried to keep to myself was being bared to him through my eyes.
I remember someone asking if we had sex that day and we kept saying "We're fucking right now! Our minds! They're too connected! I just wanna let go! I want rest!"
We thought we were so close we were exhausted from the "sex" we were having by just having a connection that was too intense. He told me he loved me, and has never told me again since that day.
When we were coming down from our trip, we were back laying in his room and just discussing good people and bad people. All our friends that were around us while we were tripping were one or the other. I painted a picture and we just laid there and held each other as we discussed our long day and how intimate it was.
Then, I took the necklace and ring from the bag Gabi brought and both pieces flooded the room with good energy.
Our whole trip had surrounded around those two things. We started rubbing them on our faces and smelling them and staring at them. We loved those two pieces.
It was wonderful and eye-opening and I still think what we saw was real just invisible like oxygen or wind.

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