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shroom virgin


Picture..... cottage, lake, moon, trees, and good people up for a good time.
I didn't know what to expect when it was handed to me, but I went for it anyway. It was dry and wrinkled and it tasted like !#x**!
After a little while, I felt a rush of happiness and burst out with laughter. Good friends laughed along with me. I was the only rookie in the group. The shroom virgin.
Later the music sounded better, it was like I could actually UNDERSTAND the music that was playing. I felt like and realized the type of music that was playing was made for this sort of experience. Also, my candy tasted super great! Then I lost some physical functioning abilities. I couldn't move from my spot and I couldn't take the wrapper off my next candy. I started to get paranoid. Luckily there was a cool and experienced person there who didn't leave my side. She guided me through it, and to better thoughts. It was like she knew exactly what to say.
Anyway, to make a long story short (because it had seemed like time had no existence)......... My green eyes turned black, I saw pictures come to life that had been drawn in the sand, I cringed from the boogie man, I said some truthful and honest words, I sang the best notes I have ever sung, crystal clear. Later, the small group of us sat on the dock and laughed together under the stars. We were untouchable by anyone else.
Oh, one bad thing to mention. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. I saw my mother's face, and that really freaked me.
Eventually I slowly came down. I felt it. The trip was over. I was so disappointed that it was done.
The next day I felt great. No hangover, nothing.
Just the pure appreciation of life and the beauty that exists within it.

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