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my trip threw the floor all the way to hell

the worst trip of my life

ok so i went for a pick and got about 15 - 20 blue meanies and it was a long train ride to my friends place so i had about 5 or so on the train.
i finely got to the station and my mate picked me up and i was starting to feel them kick in.
we where siting in his kitchen and polished of the other 15 and had a few cones .
about 5 minutes later they where really hitting me and all of a sudden the floor disappeared and i started falling down and i could see his kitchen getting smaller above me then i was surrounded by spinning fire and strapped to a chair still falling and all these fiery demons started ripping me to shreds and i was screaming my head off wanting to die.
it felt like it was going on for hours and hours then i snapped out of it and i was back in the kitchen and my mate was looking at me and said are you alright you passed out for a few seconds there.
it was messed up so i went and lay on the couch for awhile then got him to drop me at the station where i then ventured home.

after that i said i would never take mushies again.
but i did

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