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Time Warp

Great Experience

This is the story of my first experience with shrooms.  I have always been curious and interested in psychadelics and have been anxious to try them for about a year.  It was a very intense experience that is almost impossible to put into words but I will try the best that I can.

So when one of my friends said he could get shrooms for us  I jumped at the chance.  We bought an ounce of mushrooms from one of our friends and decided to eat them when one of my other friends parents were out of town for a week .  There were seven of us in all with an eighth friend coming when he got off work.  We got to the house around 2 p.m. and immediately started to feast.  We all had a personal eighth and ate them with peanut butter and crackers.  We ate the shrooms and crackers,  drank a sunny D, smoked a couple of bowls and chilled for a while. 

We decided to play video games until we were tripping.  It was my turn to play the video game, we were playing MLB 09 the show, just as I was about to start playing, the eighth friend had arrived and eaten his share of shrooms. He wanted to play me in a quick game, by this time I had began to trip, we played for about an hour.  I am very familiar with baseball as I have played for nearly 15 years, I could not figure out the controller, I also did not know what I was doing I was just so confused.  I noticed the colors continuously changing in the background, I kept forgetting whether I was batting or fielding and just began to press buttons.  I began to grow uncomfortable from being so confused.  My friend was also tripping and we both decided at the same time that we could not handle any more baseball and just gave up. 

After playing video games I began to wander around to see what all my other friends were doing.  Two of my friends were attempting to play beer pong, 4 began watching Cash Cab on TV.  I decided to go outside with the host of the “party” and sit on the edge of the pool with him and talk.  I was beginning to trip hard at this point, as I sat down and looked in the pool.  The pool was completely amazing to look at, it is only about 7-8 feet deep but it looked like a bottomless pit.  After a little while I went back inside and watched TV with my other friends.

I sat down at a table and pulled 4 quarters from my pocket and began to look at one.  It was a state quarter and everything on the quarter began to move and morph.  I then passed out the remaining quarters to the 3 others with me.  We started spinning them around and were having a blast.  I began to watch Cash Cab and the colors were changing, the light on the inside of the cab was too much for very intense and eye catching.  The people in the cab began to change shape and their faces became scary so I stopped watching.  One friend began to play with a burning candle, molding it and shaping it, I began to play with the melted wax.  When I looked at the walls it looked like they were moving and had a breathing effect, the TV began to wobble from side to side and change sizes.  I had lost all sense of time by this point and kept checking my phone every couple of minutes and was very surprised to find that only a few minutes had passed each time.  My best friend’s phone alarm went off out of nowhere and everybody looked at him, he looked at us and said that he just wanted to make sure time was real so he set his alarm 5 minutes ago.  We went on the deck to eat some popcicles, they were the kind that are in the plastic tube that you push up.  I could not feel the popcicle in my hands at some times but then the feeling would come back, the texture of the popcicle was amazing, it was very cold and refreshing.

By this time I had to go to the bathroom, I went to the nearest bathroom, this was a wild experience.  I felt very uncomfortable locking myself into the small room, and just focused getting out of there as fast as possible.  While i was pissing, I looked around at the walls and the door, the wood grain in the door began to run down the door like wet paint and the wallpaper seemed to be moving down towards the floor.  After I exited the bathroom I checked my cell phone to see that I had 3 missed calls and a text from my mom who said I needed to answer.  I started to become scared because I was convinced that she knew something was up.  When I attempted to reply to the text I could not seem to focus.  When I looked at the phone in my hands, my hands morphed into the phone and I could see the buttons on my hands.  After a while I replied to the text and everything was fine.  My two friends who were playing beer pong had given up on that.  All of us but one began to wander around, a couple smoked some more weed, one just stayed on the couch and watched shark week.  I walked upstairs where I found my best friend and the host of the party walking around, I decided to join them.   When I sat down on a couch upstairs and just could not help but touch the leather it felt like it was moving underneath my fingers.  I then noticed a glass table with a marble base, there was a ball made of marble that I was staring  at.  I was thinking that it was a planet, and the swirls began moving around the ball.  My friend distracted me from that by telling me that he found something cool.  He took me into the master bedroom and said lay down on this bed.  I belly flopped on the bed with my eyes closed, as soon as I hit the bed, I felt like it was a water bed when it wasn’t.  I laid on the bed in complete comfort and the kid who was watching shark week came in and laid on the bed too.  I felt like I was falling into the bed and the bed was swallowing me which was very cool.  I began to stare at the floral pattern on the bed and it began to move and change shapes and I thought it was the coolest thing. I looked at the fake plants his mother had above her bed and it looked like the flowers were decaying and then coming back to life and again repetitively. We started to talk about the meaning of life and what it was all about and about money and how stupid it was.  Before we knew it there were 8 kids in the room all over the place and we sat in there for about an hour while we started to come down.  I eventually moved to the floor where I collected about ten pillows to lay on.

By the time we all got up and decided to go back downstairs it was about 7:30 or 8:00.  I was pretty much sober, but I could still make things move if I really focused and tried.  We were all tired and decided to go downstairs.  We watched TV and talked about the whole day and how it felt like we just got back from somewhere.  I left out some things just so it would not be so long of a story.  I would definitely recommend shrooms to almost anyone.  Just make sure not to psyche yourself out and be in a comfortable environment

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