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Shrooms? Yes Please!

First time trip.

It was a beautiful night and I was feeling great. I had just gotten off of work, so I decided to call one of my friends to see what they had planned for the night. I asked if he had some tree and if he wanted to blaze, to which he replied "No sir, I've got something better".

"What on earth does he have?" I thought to myself. I suspected he had Xanax or that he had made lean or something of the sort. Turns out I was completely wrong. I showed up to his house, went up to his room only to see an 1/8 of shrooms sitting on his desk. Naturally, I was a bit nervous to try them, but I had done some research and read up on the effects and what to expect. I decided to eat a sandwhich to make up my mind (I hadn't eaten all day), and for some reason I felt that I needed to just in case I had to puke after eating the shrooms. I didn't want to be dry heaving for an hour or two.

After I ate my sandwich, we sat on his couch and divied it up. He got the fat ass cap and a fat ass stem, probably half an eigth, while I got the smaller caps and stems. We ate them and played Way of the Samurai sitting on his couch for about 15 minutes and I kept repeating out loud "I feel absolutely nothing". Thirty minutes go by, and still, I feel nothing. We decide to head over to my friends house who had given us the shrooms, so I scrounged up about 10 bucks and bought a quarter of an eighth to eat, and that surely did the trick.

I remember the moment I felt the trip hit me. I was standing outside smoking a cigarette, speaking with my friends about how I was feeling nothing. Then someone said "You'll know you're about to trip when you start feeling tingling in your fingertips." Right after he said this, BOOM. My hands were completely numb. I decided to go sit down and smoke my cigarette and wait for the trip to set in.

I remember sitting in the chair and looking over to my left to see my friend's lawn, which is not kept after. The grass is probably about a foot high, but as I was tripping, the grass seemed to grow taller, and I felt myself shrink down for a split second. I walked into the garage and I noticed my vision started getting kind of clouded and I noticed everything looked like someone turned up the bloom in a video game. Everything was bright and glowing, and I had such an amazing body high. I felt like nothing could bring me down. I spent about 3 minutes watching a light sway in a "breeze" as it's color changed from yellow to pink and seemed to constantly get brighter. I also remember looking at one of my friends and noticing a pink blurry blob on their face which somewhat blended in with their skin. I stared at this blob as it moved around on his face, and suddenly, it detatched from him and burst into a thousand pieces, all of them a different color. It was one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

At one point in the night during the peak of my trip, my friends decided to play some music. It was the cleanest and most crisp sounding music I had ever heard in my life, and I just got so into it. I was lost in the music, just listening to every single note played, feeling every single emotion they were conveying. My friend began to play congas and another friend played a recorder that sounded like an ancient indian flute, which brought on an amazing experience. It was most likely coincidence, but as the drumming got more intense, I swear I heard thunder crash everytime he'd hit a drum. After they finished the song, we walked outside and sure enough, it was pouring rain. Had we just achieved a fucking rain dance?! I was super stoked and it just made my trip that much better. I constantly felt myself connecting with nature and the events happening outside after this.

After we'd all sat in the garage for about 2 or 3 hours, we decided to head back to my buddy's house and chill. As soon as I got in my car, I felt like it was a completely different vehicle. Now, I do NOT advise driving on mushrooms, obviously, but I did it because I'm an idiot. Thankfully, I made it to my destination safely (I'm pretty sure I was driving completely fine) and we walked into my friends garage to smoke a cigarette. The discussion we had in that garage was one I will never forget. I remember speaking about how terrible it is that society looks down on something so beautiful and enlightening. We discussed spiritual matters, buddhism, how it all connected and how my friend and I connected spiritually. The whole night we'd felt a positive connection between us, just having fun, and talking about life. We decided to call up a friend to get a blunt, and we waited. I remember sitting in my chair and feeling it meld into me, like some kind of liquid taking over my body. It didn't freak me out at all, it was actually quite a relaxing feeling.

After the blunt arrived and we'd rolled it, I suddenly felt something holding me back. For some reason, I did NOT want to smoke weed. At all. I would take a hit, and I'd just start coughing horribly which barely happens. But sure enough, everytime my friend would tell me to stop coughing, I would for some reason, which I thought was pretty trippy in and of itself.

Anyway, we smoked the blunt, and all of a sudden, I started hearing music from outside, or so I thought. My friend sat there explaining to me that there was no one outside. I heard music so clearly though. It was some kind of pop-rock song or something. Then I started hearing girls talking and keys jingling and stuff, and so I thought it might be his neighbors. I went outside to check, but there was nothing.

This is when I started having a bad trip. I know how to control this now, but the experience is one I will never forget. It has taught me a lot about myself and about shrooms.

So I'm sitting in the chair, and this music is starting to bother me. I look around thinking there HAS to be a source, and that's when I saw it. I saw a baby laying on a shelf in his garage, sleeping (hopefully) and this completely fucking freaked me out. Thinking about it gives me chills for some reason. I remember turning around to my friend and staring at him as I watched his face turn completely black. His eye sockets looked like they were far back in his head and his cheeks were flushed and purple and it just seemed to be taking him over. That's when I said it. "Bad trip. Fucking BAD TRIP". He constantly told me "Dude, stop saying that, think of good shit. Good vibes man." It wasn't happening though, I was surely not in control of myself. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't control it. I felt bad vibes in the room we were in, so I decided I was going to go in his room and chill and play a game.

For some reason during this bad trip, I felt extremely violent. I was going to cause no harm, but I felt I had so much pent up rage inside of me. I figured the best thing to do was just to sit down, take a breather, and relax. However, I didn't. I constantly reminded myself how much I hated the trip, how much I hated what I saw, and how much I hated what I was hearing. The audial hallucinations were the worst part of my trip.

I felt like I had literally gone insane. My mind was fighting a battle over me, and I couldn't even take part. I constantly reminded myself "This is a fucking drug, it will wear off. Just let it run it's course and try to relax." Looking back, I realized that my bad trip was probably caused by 3 things.

1) While having conversation with my friend in the garage, I brought a lot of shit that had been bothering me lately. Relationship issues, and whatnot.
2) I was in a fucking HOT ass room.
3) Weed sometimes makes me paranoid.

As my bad trip went on, I could feel myself cycling through emotions and feelings. We were watching a movie and I noticed that my emotions were reflecting the music of the movie. Whenever there would be intense music signifying danger, I would feel violent and prepared to fight. If there was happy music, I would tend to calm down and relax. I felt the cycle taking me over. It consisted of me saying "I fucking hate this" constantly in my head, feeling very paranoid and angry, then I would start to think of what my friend thought of me. I would describe to him what I would hear and see and he'd keep telling me to just relax and let it run it's course, but I constantly felt he was judging me and thinking I was crazy. He said the same happens to him sometimes. Then, I'd hear voices, screams...it was the scariest thing in my life because I literally felt I was going insane. I'd constantly hear in my head "YOU'RE FUCKING INSANE, YOU NEED HELP", to which I would reply "No, I'm NOT. I'm on a god damned drug". It was the scariest experience ever, not being able to break free of this cycle.

After a while I decided sleep was probably the best idea. However, I couldn't get to sleep. I was constantly waking up in a panic, having to go pee, having to get water, etc. Also, I was sweating a LOT. I remember lifting my head off of a pillow to feel it being soaking wet.

I saw a lot of things while I was tripping, especially during my bad trip. I felt I had been taken to a completely different place, witnessed something I had never thought I would see. I'm not exactly sure what I saw or how it relates to me at all...but it was a very disturbing, yet enlightening experience for me. HOWEVER, I'm pretty sure it was symbolic for something, and I feel it was my concious telling me I need to set some things straight in my life and apologize to some people.

While my trip for the last hour and a half to two hours was the scariest thing ever, I've learned a lot from it, and I'm still wanting to try shrooms again. Preferably in the day time, without smoking weed, and without bringing up personal issues. Also, the first 5 to 6 hours of my trip were completely amazing. I can't even begin to describe the body high I had or the things I realized. For my next experience, I'm planning to go into the woods during the day WITH a trip sitter, bring some Xanax with me just incase things get too out of hand, and I am not going to be smoking weed while doing shrooms ever again.

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