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Winamp Trip

Pretty fucking nice trip.

Pretty fucking nice trip. I sat down flipped on Winamp, opened some trance and use the Visualiztion for winamp, "JustinsNewPoop". After that i grabbed my bag, ground about 2 grams up, threw em in some OJ and downed it. Took about 10 minutes and my brain got trapped in an earthquake. I couldn't walk well, then I decided to look over at the screen for a second. My brain exploded. The screen was going crazy cause the song switched to Sickness by Disturbed and almost right then the "oo ah ah ah ahhh" came on. I don't really remember what happened, but my friend kept asking me if I was ok. I decided to get on AIM and start chatting with some friends. Let me tell you, it's fucking hard to type. I wrote this down when I was tripping: "ok, i havew to writethis hti diown., it's worse than thoughts ever. fucking ahit ducd,. i;d 1:23 and im fucking GOING IN SAINF. jason is being a fun jew. i ant habr too much fon. i thinkkkkk char lotes mate at me. maybe, i need to hot enters. ok, i just habr an insane spell./jason wont lisrten, my legs they ceep moving.. " After that I sat at the comp staring at the screen and watched the pixels dance for me. I think I went outside to the futon and hit the sack. Lame I know, but hey, it was my first time!

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