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"I DoNt EvEn KnOw!"


ok...so two days earlier my friend and i had gotten 1 pop...mescalin...and were told that taking 1/2 of it each would make us trip really hard...(1st time trying) but it was only about a level 1-mayb 2 and we wanted to TRIP!! so over the weekend my friend was at some party....and around 11 i got a call from her..

"omg i got them!!" we had been lookin everywhere for them n nobody could get any. we were both real excited.

the night before the day we were gonna eat them i was out at a party n slpet about 2 hours...drinking the whole time. So then next day i was pretty tired....but regardless of that i didnt care i just wanted to trip. so about 9 o'clock in the morning i got a ride home n we picked up my friend on the way. we took them right away b/c my parents would b home from work in the afternoon.

we ate them strait..just how they were and washed them down with water....the taste really wasnt that bad. about 20 mins later i knocked over the glass of water i had and that strarted the whole thing off. we started laughing hysterically b/c we thought it was the funniest thing in the world.....water all over my floor. so we're both on the ground trying to clean it up laughing so hard it hurt.once that was over we sat down on my futon n just tryed to stop laughing..and damn we did fast.

i was sitting there n just lookin at my dark blue walls w/gold stars on them and the stars started looking really far apart. it seemed like each star had about 5 feet between them...and that amazed me since each one was only about a foot apart. i kept staring on in amazement and then the paterns on my wall came. Since i painted my room myslef you could kinda see some of the strokes normally....but nowthey were geometric and whatever you saw there was a mirror image right next to it. they were glowing and looked like they were flowing.

after a while we both thought we should go outside since nature is said to be awesome when tripping.....so we went downstairs...and ut oh my little sister was sitting at the kitchen table. seeing her just sitting there doing her homework & her not knowing how we were feeling made us both start laughing real hard...but she didnt look up or anything even though we were right next to her making it funnier b/c it was like we werent really there.

so we went onto my deck and then down the stairs into the backyard. There are about 12 stairs and the stairway seemed to be giving me a vibe like they were their to steal me away from the fakeness of my house i was just in..and i looked back at it in disgust b/c it seemed so aritificial. so down the inviting stairs we went onto the crazyness of my backyard.

once i was about 3 steps away from the last step, i felt like i was in a hhuuggee field...and since there are tons of woods behind my house and some on each side it seemed like i was in the middle of the wilderness. my friend was in front of me and just walking back towards the woods and i was sorta behind her getting a little wierded out. i felt like a lil kid in this amazing play place. all the branches on the tress seemed to be singing with the wind that moved them. we were looking all around at all the plants and trees like we owned them and i sorta felt like i myself was mother nature...or some kind of farie or something....(we're girls so its probably more a girl feeling mayb) but neways we kept walking farther back until we got to the treehouse that leads into the woods where theres a drop....n we stood on the deck and look into the woods and just feel overwhelmed by how much there is going on in there...all the swirling branches and tree trunks....and the swishing leaves...so we decide we'd rather enjoy the view from farther back.

through that huge-feeling field we went and back up those inviting stairs....which now gave me a sorta sad feeling b/c the nature they were offering me scared me....so i went up them feeling a little ashamed...and then i thought about what i was thinking about and giggled....n so did my friend but i dont kno why she did...mayb the same reason.

once at my door we decided we'd go inside and right into the basement to avoid my lil sis. so we go in and walk by her and look at each other and just start laughing hysterically again and go into the basment...and she still didnt even look up. she didnt normally act like this!! when we were down there nothing too exciting was going on....so we went back upstairs and my sister wasnt at the table anymore. we sat down and just looked around a bit.

a little while later after being amazed by the window nad how it was like a window to another world my lil sis came down n told us she was going out....thankgod....and she left in a hurry. when the door slammed behind her we looked at each other and smiled then started laughing because it was like for the whole time we were thinking the same thing.... yea u kno what i mean. we were releaved

now that she was gone we could go sit on the deck without her seeing us through that window to another world. the trees outside were addicting to look at. so out we went and took our seats on a lawnchair. we were facing the woods. nature is the best when tripping. we both agreed that it seemed like tarzan or something might swing through that enchanted forest any minute now- and we really thought he might. my friend was getting mad at these flowers we had growing in the corner of my deck..they made up this big display and the ones at top pissed her off. they seemed to be threatening her. then we decided we felt like some kind of spiritual leaders and that we had the answers to everything. i really think we did...all the ones pertaining to life anyways. u all must agree...it really does seem like everything fits together and makes sense.

i had a one of those little sunmade raising boxes-the ones from way back that im sure verybody knows.. n i was nibbling on some when i realized what i was doing. i felt kid of gross b/c i was feeding this thing....my body..and the whole thing made me feel just wierd. what the fuck was i???
i felt like i was a soul and thats it....my body was just a thing for it 2 exsist in...which really makes sense but i really FELT this. i was so confused. what the hell else is there?

After talking a bit and being mezmerized by everything there was to look at we went inside because it was summer and getting hot. we went into the basement again. theres lots of wood down there- on the bottom half of the walls and then the pool table...the couches had small stipes n the pillows on them have a leafy velvet design. the pillows were sort of glowing and shifting colors..and the grain in the wood was flowing- really cool. i was sitting on one of the couches and she was standing at the pool table staring. i looked at my arms n they looked sick. they looked like they were malnorished....and so did my whole body. thinking about my body annoyed me..it seemed so- not me...

now i had to go to the bathroom....n i went in there n closed the door....turned on the light. i looked in the mirror n woah i looked evilish. i looked like i had all these little devilish secrets. kida funny but still..i was not lookin like me. i forgot i had to pee so i went back out n told my friend to come look in the mirror. she though she looked freaky too and i went out..she followed a soon after.we went back upstairs and just walked around my kitched a bit. this is when we started getting real goofy. something about the sunlight made us feel energetic. my friend tried to tell me something-it came out as asheeshamurrraaa........u get the pic.....n we both started cracking up. i fell to the floor laughing and so did she. then i sed i kno!! its like sshhrraa shaaashffllaamel...etc....

we went on for a while speaking in this totally jibberish language that made total sense. i really dont know how but it did. i understood everythnig coming out of her mouth. when trying to speak in english it just didnt work out too well and our words mushed together into jibberish by the end of the sentence. I stood up and looked at the wall behind the kitchen table.....the middle was leanig in towards me......like water was trying to burst through from the dining room. woah. i sed do u see that...she did too...i think i did more than her i dont kno but i was amazed..i walked toward it n it moved back...n then out and in out n in. that was awesome. we kept saying to each other..."i dont kno! i mean i REALLY dont kno!" n things like that...i dont kno what we didnt kno but we sure didnt kno it....we must have sed those words every 2 minutes throughout the whole time we were trippin

n then this is were it got really freaky.

the phone rang a like 5 mins later...looked at the caller id and saw my friends last name-it was her mom....what the hell do we do now!?!? the phone seemed like sucha wierd thing...what the hell is that thing?!?! adding to our scaredness was the fact that her mom is a really suspicious person. thru our confused words i guess we decided for some dumb reason that she would answer it...and she did. she sed hello? in a really scared/confused voice...

then i saw her throw the phone down on the counter....she looked at it and jumped towards it in a wierd way and hit the off button. she looked at me with wide eyes like omg what do we do!?!? i looked at her the same way. we decided she should call her back n b like sorry or something like that. she did and then her mom asked her what she was doing and y did she call her boss and told him she wasnt going to work tonite. we had forgotten that she did that...or that we had told some1 else to tell him that. i guess her boss had called her house and talked to her mom. so i sat their scared outta my mind for what was realy no reason but we were both still trippin and it seemd like sucha huge thing.

after hanging up with her mom this girl called 2 see what we were up to. and of course....my words were comming out completely confused..and duh they didnt make any sense to her. she knew we were trippin so it was a little better but i gave the phone to my friend. they talked n when they hung up both of us were so freaked out by the whole thing w/her mom.

we went up to my room and as we layed there feeling like the world was about to end. we talked about how much going back to school was going to suck since we hated everybody but each other.....every1 else had fake personalities and were just mindless stupid idiots. a little later we looked back on what we were saying and decided there was no way we could keep thinking that way....and tryed changing out minds. its worked a bit n then she went home....we werent trippin nemore but still a lil bothered by the whole thing with her mom.

so basically.....it was 100% awesome...until her mom called. that was just about the scariest thing that ever happened. the situation we were in when looking at it from a sober point of view seems fine...but when tripping.....it just involves too much stratisizing. the rest of the night was good....for me at least....my grandmother took me and payed for a whole lotta cloths at the mall...but for my friend- she had to play sick all night. sucks...but i guess what u get from my lil-bit-too-long story is dont get yurself in a situation where u gotta actually think to get yurself outta it. o yea- at the mall i saw that friend who i talked to n the phone...and she was like r u okay now?? thought that was kinda funny :-)
HaPpY TrIpPiN'!

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