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Toughts merging

The universe comes from and evolves in consciousness.

                            This was not my first magic mushroom experience, I took an 8th of dried cubies with a doughnut and what happened was crazy.

                   Trip started at one of my friend's house, he was'nt takin shrooms and wanted to go to sleep after an hour or two. We were 5 takin an half ounce of shrooms, one of us did'nt go off as much since he splitted his 8ht with another friend. After we took it, i'd say about an hour after, the 3 of us who tripped the most, Hal, Sam and me, Blake started feeling the effects. Our perception started to shift mildly deforming the space around us, waves moving the walls and light glowing bright while sounds became vivid in the midst of the evening. We smoked a joint said goodbye ( really stoned at that point) and went out to go to Hal's place wich is about 15 minutes on foot from my other friend's house. The 3 of us were laughing are asses for all the reasons one could think of and i was riding my bicycle in the night the temperature seemed perfect. I drove in endless zigzags in the street to stay at the same pace as my walking fellows. At some point, approaching the train track about halfway to hal's loft, we passed two people, more like silouhettes in the darkness, walking a black dog. As we passed them, they looked at us quite weirdly (probably disturbed by our attitude) and we came to triangle them and as I realised that fact, I felt really drawn back to the roots, I mean i felt the dominant and dominated pattern we still posses inside ourselves. I felt they were afraid we could do something and It made me feel really dominant, thinking in these terms is really unusual for me. Anyways this was gone the minute we passed them, my mind jumped to the next thing in sight. We sat on a curb, smoking cigarettes and fooling around and Hal started to talk about the insects that lurked around the bushes behind us. I started feeling them crawling on me ( probably just branches) so i said "This is getting really Charles Freck" reffering to the character in a scanner darkly and he agreed so we left, walking towards his place were his girlfriend, Ana was sleeping or maybe not, i don't know.

                    When we got there, the trip really started for me. We were drawing but I was completely dissociated from what I was doing, I would'nt always answer when my friends talked to me because the mindset that threw me in a level 4 trip was building itself. It all started with a nose, wich is "nez"(pronounced ' nay ") I heard my friend repeat that to me eiter because i drew one or he wanted me to draw one. But in my head it became "Néant" wich means Nothingness. I then started thinking about the universe, religious people will say everything was made by God, scientists will refer to the big bang to explain the universe even telling us its size and age but...I tought about cause and effect, everything must have a cause this is just simple logic, so, God himself or the big bang, must have some cause wich comes from another place or whatever. This brought back to my mind the concept of an infinite universe. I felt the connexion with everything and was really really stoned. There is a point in a good mush trip when you dont remember at all that you have taken some, all time is blurred and u don't really have a notion of time or space, that's where i was.  I tought about the cause and effect concept a little more and realized something that appeared to me as ultimate truth, the only thing all living creatures   share is conscience and therefore everything must come from there, everything that lives is councious and is therefore part of that thing we call consience wich lives on its own.
,maintaining the universe of the senses and emotions alive only because conscience exists. This was my rocket off this world, I started moving around the room without physicaly moving i felt as if all my friends said came from my head, that i was creating it with them. Whenever i'd look at one of the 3 cats in the place, id feel like i was in their minds. At that point I was badly hallucinating, the sky out of the window shifted from dark blue to pale purple as if day and night altered all the time.  Eventually we crashed, was a damn great trip i felt really confused in the morning tough :s
:s :s

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