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LSD - First Time.


I've spent the entire day trying to understand whatever the hell it was I experienced last night... Me, and my mates Mick, Matt and Clifford, were all pumped to have our first hit of LSD, and "trip"... This was something me and Mick had been very excited about in the past - So much so, that we'd even bought two tabs before. Dud tabs. Infuriating, but fair enough, you live, you learn.

This time though, it was going to be real-deal. My weed dealer doesn't sell shit, so when I heard he was selling drops of LSD, 20 quid a pop, I was pumped. Immediately, I got ahold of Mick, and let him know my intentions to trip... He was straight-away on board. As was Clifford and Matt. The next day, Mick clocked off work, picked us all up, and we went to the dealer. Purchasing a stick of weed, and 4 sugar-cubes with a drop of LSD on each one, it was time to go to Mick's.

Matt and Cliff popped at about 6pm; me and Mick about 20-past. Due to the anxiety and anticipation Mick had garnered all day at work waiting to trip, he was still pretty anxious, and wanted to wait a little longer to settle down before popping... I, too, was anxious, and unsure of what to expect from this drug, so I opted to wait the extra 20 minutes too.

Our dealer had given us a good indication of what to expect - About an hour to kick in, and DON'T GO WALKING ON IT... Of course, I can't listen and abide by such a restricting rule - And it was an experience I'm rapt I didn't miss.

Fair enough, it took close to an hour to kick in. More like, 40 minutes, I think... I was feeling things sooner, but I was also the only one to have not eaten that day, and due to not wanting to come off as a lying, placebo-affected douche-bag, I kept my mouth shut about this.

I remember being outside, having a smoke, all 4 of us, when we all knew, it was happening... The transition into the drug had begun. We could NOT have felt higher, but at the same time, REALLY relaxed, and opened up... Going inside, we watched the 7PM Project, and with the exception of a really weird wedding, and a crappy Dr. Phil interview, I have no idea what the fuck they were on about... Time for another smoke... And this is when the transcendence was really kicking in... Conversations were odd. Astrophysics, how we were raised, how we felt, just to name a few. Me and Mick were the first to notice it, and say it... LSD IS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT. If you're going to pop acid, and think it's going to be all Awesome hallucinations where you start imagining stuff that isn't really there, think again.

This is not how LSD works... For me, at least, it tore down every last barrier in my mind... Defensiveness, arrogance, my ego, my reluctance to ever talk about private or emotional issues... They were all gone. Non-existent. Everything around me had taken on some sort of new form... The same thing, yet, drastically different. Everything was better, everything far more Awesome... I was excited about everything, and I felt as if the drug was excited to be working inside of me...

Instantly, I respected this drug... It sounds strange, but for anyone who has taken this substance, they will understand -  I felt as if the drug was in control, and the drug was in the driver's seat... My actions and my brain, was simply a form of auto-pilot that the drug allowed me to have, and experience things through it's eyes... I respected it, treated it right, and it was going to reward me. That is exactly how it felt. The whole time, I just couldn't wrap my head around something - ONE drop... One drop had made me euphoric, and made me see everything in new light.

Clifford ended up vomiting, something Mick and Matt are unaware of. He claims it was simply the orange juice we had. Probably true, but I don't know... I suppose Clifford is the only one who truly knows.

Later on in the night, after more Two and a Half Men, and far more tripping balls, it was time for another smoke... Only this time, the lights in the distance, past the back-fence, had caught my attention. Like a moth to a flame, I had to follow. No shoes, no real idea where I was, in a matter of seconds, before anyone ever realised, I was over the fence, and walking. Clifford followed not far behind - The other two were inside... I followed a bike-path, that ended up leading to two tunnels constructed under an over-passing road. I'm a curious man - probably my downfall - but I had to go through. Clifford opted not to. About half-way into the tunnel, there was a very creepy collection of rocks, arranged in a way that just screamed "Kids attempting witchcraft", on the wall, with an arrow pointing to the rocks, was written, "I know you better than you know you slut". For a first-time tripper, this chilled me to the core. Still, I kept going through the tunnel.

Now, allow me to try and explain.

Whilst on acid, this tunnel seemed like a vortex that lead to another world. Whilst dead-set in the middle, just a little further from the voodoo-rocks, I would look back, and not be able to see anything, but a small light... I couldn't even picture Clifford, who was standing right at the entrance. Then looking forward, same thing, except unknown to what was there. I had to persue. I eventually exited the tunnel (which felt like it took forever to walk through, when in reality, it was only about... 20, 30 metres long)... I looked around, and everything was bright. Everything was amazing, and interesting. A whole new, unexplored world. A good 20kms from where I lived, and I had no idea where I was... I wanted to explore: But Clifford wasn't following, the other two were back at the house... Were I a more selfish person, and didn't care about my mates, I'd have kept going... But this isn't the case. I knew they'd panic if I just disappeared, remembering back, my phone was even off at this time, they had no way to contact me, and I didn't want to spoil this magical moment for them. I walked back through the vortex (tunnel), explained the great wide world on the other-side, and in retrospect, I can see how this rant, perfectly complimented the spiel I gave before jumping the fence; about feeling contained, about wanting to explore the rest of what this drop of a holy drug had to offer... But alas. It was time to go back... Only one problem, despite having only walked about 30 metres down the path... We were lost... We walked 30 metres in the other direction AFTER having passed the house. That's right. We were lost in a 60metre straight line, having no idea where we were. At least I didn't. Panic begun to ensue. I switched my phone on, and tried to call Matt; phone off. Tried to call Mick - 4 times - no answer. I felt myself beginning to panic more. But I refused to have a bad trip. Not with how good I was feeling. I forced myself to regain composure, and just kept tracking back and forth, past the few familiar things I remembered. Eventually, we found Mick's signature slanted fence, leading straight into his house... Back into the enclosure.

Back in, I rushed inside the house, explained the experience, and would not settle until Mick and Matt had at least seen the voodoo-rocks... This time, it was different. This time I studied them closer, read the writing more clearly, examined the arrows... They were unnerving. For the most-part, I don't believe in the supernatural, not one bit... But this chilled me to the core. I would not settle until I had at least moved the rocks a bit - Picking up two of them out of the tunnel, and tossing them outside of the tunnel in the sewer to the side, I was at peace again.

We went back, and watched more Two and a Half Men. But Mick made the comment of being over it... Fair enough, they were DVDs, he'd have seen them more than enough times. It was time for intermission, and being roughly 1-2am, it was time to bust open that stick.

The following events, were almost the strangest of the entire experience.

We had two cones each - Mick had one, having had mixed opinions of marijuana. The herb affected Mick in the way I had seen it done so before; sending him pale, making him feel ill, and needing to lay down. Russell Brand Live was put on, and Mick went to his room to lay down for a bit.

Before I go on, let me explain what the herb did to me, after a drop of acid in my system... It was amazing. I respect the herb, pretty-much more than anything else... And after my couple of cones, everything was better, again... Immensely better. This was when my first, closest thing to an hallucination ever, occurred... Mick had a scarf that he found, on the line out the back. It was a multi-coloured scard, that simply changed it's patterns all-through... As I was staring at it, the colors begun to tremble, and form images - I could immediately see Stan, Cartman and Kyle from South Park on the scarf, ridiculously clearly... Facial features and all. This was the best experience. Everything so clear.

Back to where we were: Mick in his room resting after a cone, the rest of us (all three) watching Russell Brand Live. Mick walked out around 7-10 minutes later, and sat on the couch next to me, looking the most refreshed I've ever seen a man before in my life.

"How long was I in there?"
"About 10 minutes."
"Holy fuck, really? It felt like, 15 seconds. And I feel fucking great, energized, pumped..."

He even went as far as praising the bud. "Adding marijuana to it was a great idea!"... Coming from Mick, this was huge... And I tried to wrap my head around the thought of him being so energized, so ridiculously quickly...

We spent until 3am watching Russell Brand Live, pissing ourselves laughing. Then we watched The Mighty Boosh Live, for an hour. Which was fucking shit. Absolutely shithouse. Most boring thing, ever... Maybe I was just coming down from the trip....

After an Awesome pizza which Mick had cooked for us, The Mighty Boosh was turned off, I chopped up the rest of the stick, and rolled it up. Me, Matt and Clifford went out the back and smoked it; Mick opted not to.

We came back inside, put Two and a Half Men on again, and all passed out after what was, the most strangest, and amazing experience I've ever had.

Upon waking up, however, I had what I've decided to call an Acid-Hangover. I'd been hit by a bus, at least so it felt. A look at the clock cleared that up though - Only 4 hours sleep after such an intense experience, would make anybody feel like that. This theory was further confirmed after I had a couple hour nap at home, and awoke, feeling fine.

I still can't explain exactly how this drug worked, or even, describe quite-properly how I felt through it all... Euphoric, is the best-fitting word... For those 8-10 hours, Mick's home was my nirvana. That exact moment, surrounded by my best-mates, was nirvana. My "Happy Place", as Chubs would say.

A few interesting notes.
After having taken LSD, I've never had more motivation to get a job, and start working towards furthering my life. Somehow, I had a realisation last night, that I had been wasting my life. And it was time to shape up. Even if just a small amount, I had to change. A job, anywhere, would, and will suffice. This time in two weeks, I'm certain I'll have a job. Nothing is going to stop me.

Secondly, I have never wanted to re-try a drug other than marijuana after trying it once. This is not the case with LSD... I still have doubts and worries about it though. A bad trip is still possible: But if I just keep myself in the same set, and similar setting as I had last night, I should be okay... And always keep doses small. One or two drops - I think I'll just get one again next time.

Also: Matt got a bit funny. Almost aggressive, at one stage. We were having a smoke, and when I grabbed the zippo out of my hand to light my cigarette, he snatched it right back, "It's my fucking lighter!" he exclaimed. I decide to just let it go. Not out of fear, but because I didn't want to have to wind up in a tiff with my best-mate, especially not at that moment of time. I don't know why he got like this - Maybe it was his history with Zoloft, or the fact he hasn't had Zoloft in two months or so... Whatever the reason, I'll be examining him over the next few trips, see how he is. If it's a constant thing, I will have to take it up with him - I certainly don't need aggression while I'm tripping.

Mick, was seemingly not enjoying himself that much at first, either... But I think I understand that. He had the misinterpretation of it just being hallucinogenic, and that he should've been seeing stuff. After explaining to him that he needed to just flow with the drug, and let the drug take him where it wants to go, he seemed to loosen up, and enjoy himself much, MUCH more.

Clifford, was also, very quiet. But Cliff is always like that. I peg that down to me just being vocal - As always.

This is a moderately detailed analysis of my first trip ever...

Feeling afterwards: Keen to drop again... And get a job. Drugs are expensive, afterall.

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