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Too Much, But I had to find out

5.8g Mostly Caps

I'm a moderate user of shrooms and a long time user of marijuana, I had always taken an 1/8th of shrooms (3.5 - 3.8g) and have always felt amazing, but I never really saw any hallucinations. I did, however, experience very vivid light patterns and everything seemed to be so much more significant.  An 1/8th or just a bit more really is the way to go for a great 5+ hour trip.

I was always skeptical on the dosage of shrooms because i've had varying levels of intensity with an 1/8, so I decided to try a bit more. I wanted to know what was too much, or what was possibly...just right ;). So a friend and I decided to trip together and he did the normal 1/8th while I did 5.8g mostly consisting of caps. I placed them on 2 whopper juniors and gulped them down. Prior to the trip we were talking about how Psilocybin is supposedly good for people with OCD and Anxiety, which my friend has a minor case of. He said it helps him while he's tripping and sometimes the next day he'll feel sort of better, but the symptoms always return.

Our conversation aside, I started feeling the effects rather quick. Within 20 minutes I was already starting to feel it in my face, usually I wouldn't start feeling the first signs of it until after an hour or so but I hadn't eaten anything that day so my stomach was all over it! I think by the time my stomach was done digesting all the shrooms it was like ".....what did I do?". Starting to get visuals after the first 45 minutes I knew I was about to go for a ride. My friend came out of the kitchen saying that he's just starting to feel them, and an hour has passed. I look at him and yell across the room "It's only been an hour??? That can't be good!"

30 minutes after I said that a wave a heat went across my head and across my face, and I just felt it pulsing through my body. And at this point the trip got really challenging because my friend wasn't tripping so bad and he starting complaining about his OCD! And while I'm just getting blasted with the effects I'm trying to re-assure himself that his symptoms are OK to have, basically trying to convince him that he's only human. In reality....I was starting to trip out of my mind and I didn't know how to help him, I just wanted him to start trippin' already!

(Eventually he did start tripping, and he had a blast as always)

I suggested that we pack a bowl because I really needed something to help me focus on something else. I tried to pack a bowl and it took about 15 minutes, unacceptable. After we smoked it I started feeling like I was at one with anything and everything, it brought me back and balanced out my emotions and my thoughts but only momentarily. The shrooms were not done escalating in power and I was still in for more.

Cutting to the chase, 4 hours in. At this point the square table in front of me looked like it was stretching on all corners, nothing was holding it's original shape, and it was very hard to focus on anything. And I mean, anything. At this point it wasn't a matter of me telling myself "It's just the effect of the shrooms". I know what the effects are. It literally took over my body and mind. I couldn't finish sentences, I couldn't remember what I was JUST thinking about, I couldn't move... I was caught in a day dream picturing a red ball bounding everywhere inside my head, I couldn't stop focusing on it and I couldn't stop following it. The only words that came out of my mouth for about 2 hours at this point was "....That's crazy...." I couldn't describe it. I literally couldn't see out of my eyes because I was locked in on my subconscious. At this point I just rode it out, I had givin' in to it's effects and just remembered that it would go away eventually.

It probably took 7 hours from ingestion for my to start coming down... I knew it was starting to wear off because I could recognize things in the room again. I apologized to my friend if I was annoying for a bit of the trip, I explained that I was literally out of my mind and out of control, but I felt accomplished knowing that I did it all for the experience. I had to know what too much was, and I found out. I never want to do that much again, but I will never NOT want to do an 1/8th :)

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