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First trip. A great one.

Spinning world of wonder, castle in the sky.

Well this might be a little long and don't mind the spelling because  
I'm typing this on my ipod and i really cant be bothered to correct
everything seeing as this is going to take a very long time
On this tiny keypad in the first place.

OK so my story begins when me and my friend were going out to buy some
bud from one of my friends, i talked to him on face book first just
arranging where to meet how much we were going to buy etc....

After all that was done we told my parents we were going downtown to
get some lunch we live in Vancouver Canada which is a fairly busy city
so we knew we wouldn't see anyone we knew while doing the deal anyway.
Once we met up with this guy we walked for a couple blocks to a
quieter neighborhood where there wasn't really anybody around, my
friend opened his bag and our dealer guy slipped in the shrooms and we
handed him the 20 bucks they looked pretty nice and they were dried
out, we were also planning on getting some weed from him but he didn't
have any so we had to call up another dealer so we could meet up with
him and buy the weed. We finally met him in a small street and our
friend who gave us shrooms got the weed. We sat under a tree for about
5 minutes splitting the weed into almost equal piles because he
pitched 5 more dollars then us, in the end though we still ended up
getting more than him because i think he felt bad about ripping us off
the last time.

We went our separate ways and me and my friend hopped on a bus heading
east to his house, we were kind of excited but also nervous for this
night seeing as this was both of our first times. We finally got home
after eating some pizza on commercial drive (which was really good) and
we sat down in his room for a while planing our night strategically,
the good news was his parents were going out to some friends party and
would be out for about 5 hours, which left us a decent amount of time
to do them.

After saying goodbye to his parents we sat in his computer room for a
while just in case his parents forgot something and decided to come
home. After about half an hour had gone by we decided that we were
ready, we got up and headed towards the kitchen, we laid our mushrooms
out into two equal piles on the counter. We grabbed to big glasses of
water to wash the taste out while eating. I find it kind of funny
because i wasn't so much nervous for the effect of the shrooms as much
as i was scared of taste :) i figured after how they smelled, they
cant taste very good. Anyways we decided to man up and and just eat
them so he popped one first just a little stem and the look on his
face wasn't so bad, so i said what the hell and popped a small stem
too, chewed for a minute and swallowed, i was really surprised, for all
the hype of how nasty people say they are i really didn't think they
tasted that bad, just a little bitter on the pallet but other than
that not bad not bad at all.

Because it was our first times we only took about 1.7 each. After
finishing all the mushrooms i rinsed my mouth with a bit of orange
juice just to take away the bitterness. We then went and sat in front
of his giant brand new i mac he had just bought, and i forgot to
mention there was a massive thunder and lighting storm going on
outside and his parents had told us to completely turn of the power of
the computer because it was connected to a non-grounded power par so
if lightning hit the house it would send a massive electrical surge
down the cord and into his computer most likely resulting in him never
being able to use it again. But do you really think we cared we were
the most excited we had ever been in our lives and we weren't going to
let a little lightning stop this night from proceeding. So we turned on
the computer and went on you tube for about 5 minutes or so then got
bored and listened to some nice calm trance, it was the 1999 album
"the northern exposure" by DJ Sasha & John Digweed. We turned on the new
and improved itunes visualizer, we watched it for about 10 minutes and
still didn't feel anything so we did a little research on the internet
to see how long it takes for them to kick in. It said anywhere from 15
to an hour so we decided to go to his backyard in the rain, thunder
and lighting to jump on his trampoline. After about 20 minutes i
started to feel like a weed high and we talked for a bit and said if
this is all that's going to happen this is fucking lame. We went back
inside to listen to more music and visualizer after 5 minutes it hit
me hard, suddenly everything started to go in slow motion while i was
sitting on the couch and when i looked at my hand it started to swirl
in the middle. I was completely focused on the room around me while it
was moving, while he was completely focused on the visualizer. I
decided i wanted a part of it so i looked at it for a moment and i
felt as if i were being pulled in by it it was twirling and spinning
in so many magical ways.

The music was now at almost full volume and i lay on the floor with my
head against the sub woofer, it was the weirdest thing i felt all the
vibrations through my body and it was amazing. When i got up it felt
like i was listening to the music through my skin and all the melodies
were being absorbed by my skin and it was the most unexplainable
feeling. We got up and went into the living room and walked around the
house for a bit after that and when i looked out the window it looked
as if i was in an art gallery looking at a big picture and that
picture was the window.

We then decided we had had enough of the indoors so we went back to
the backyard and bounced on the trampoline for a long time, while
bouncing i saw some pretty fucked up shit, there was a school in the
distance and a huge flock of crows circling the school and it looked
like something out of a horror movie, i suddenly had a feeling that
the school was holding all the evil souls in the world and i could
hear screams and such. But this wasn't so bad because i felt like the
fence of his yard was the only separating the good from the evil

And we were on the good side, thank god. The lightning was crazy at
this point about a flash every 5 seconds and we were staring with
amazement. Suddenly i got this feeling like the good area was quickly
decreasing in size and evil was all around us, and in my hands was the
last little area of good and peace so i said hurry we have to get
inside quickly before something terrible happens so we ran up the
stairs and we stepped on the door Matt but since it was wet it let out
a very odd squeaking noise and we thought it was a girl whispering which
creeped us out even more.

When we finally got inside everything looked completely different, the
sun was just starting to set in the west and i poked my head out the
front door to take a quick peek and what i saw was absolubtley
beautiful the sky was completely dark orange and the distant horizon
was on fire i was astonished i yelled at my friend "come quick come
quick! He ran over and im pretty sure he was as amazed as i was. Also
in the distance i saw a mysterious castle in the sky and i was
freaking out (in a great way) we then decided we had to take a stroll
round the block, he said he needed to lock up so we spend loads of
time looking for his key and seriously couldn't find it anywhere we
started saying were trapped in this prison and we need key to escape!
After a while of mad searching he remembered he put it in the computer
because the key chain was a usb drive. We finally left and started
walking down the street slowly suddenly everything started to breathe
in and out steadily it was crazy and it wasn't going to end soon.
Suddenly we came up to a big street with lots of cars and i got really
sketched out and i made us walk the other way, during our walk we
noticed the trees didn't fit in with the rest of the scenery at all but
we kept walking and then we got to that giant school i was talking
about earlier and again i got really sketched out by that and we
started walking back home on the way back suddenly everything turned
all Alice in wonderland-ish and the road was pink with black stripes
and the sidewalk was moving back and forth beneath my feet.

We came across a large puddle on the ground and looked into it for a
while, but the odd thing was we couldn't find our reflections in it and
we were getting really mad about that and we left and i was struggling
to walk because everything was shifting around. We finally got home
and if you have ever been in a fun house you will know those fucked up
mirrors that make everything look wavy and distorted, well the whole
room was as if i was looking through one of them, it was amazing.

Then my friend started talking to me but his voice wasn't coming from
his mouth it was coming from another room i got scared i thought he
was a demon or something.

We went back to the computer room And turned on some music. Then i
looked at him and i saw four more eyes growing on his face and i just
started laughing uncontrollably and then he did the same and that
lasted for about 10 minutes.

we then decided to go upstairs and chill because it was late and his
parents would be home soon and we didn't want them to come home to us
like this because they would put the pieces together pretty quick. So
we set up the mattress that i was going to sleep on so we could pretend
to be asleep if they did. We turned on the speakers in his room and
chilled out. I was still at the peak of my high and things looking
pretty fucking crazy, and lying in the hammock was a very strange
feeling. The walls looked like they were moving closer and closer and
the only colors i could see were brown green and red. We went
downstairs again to do something, i don't remember what but there was
only one light on in the whole house and that was the bathroom light,
then it happened we had an epiphany and heres what it was: all our
lives we've been raised to think the dark is scary and unknown but
actually its the complete opposite the light is the evil and its
trying to take over.This also made us think about the lightning
outside, and i thought it was a giant war going on between light and

We quickly went back upstairs and the lightning had stopped and we
decided that dark had won the big war. So we looked his window at the
house next door and what i saw was really weird, i saw a room with a
white table with a jar of peanut butter on it and behind it was a
never ending white wall and i was so mad that i didn't know so i got
Devin to me whats going on, he didn't know either so we stared at it a
while and then we focused on a different window with a sink in it, we
were saying it looked like a horror movie just because of the light in
the room then suddenly two hands appeared in the sink and we got so
scared we ran to our beds and hid there for a minute. Then we just
continued to lie and our beds and chill out then suddenly we heard a
noise, my friend said "shit my parents are home!" and quickly
pretended to be asleep but i was so scared because i was still tripping
like crazy at that point.

We heard the door open and his dad came upstairs he walk into our
room and looked around suspiciously he shut the window and closed the
door over gently i then heard him say to my friends mom " don't you
think its a little bit odd they are both fast asleep at 10:30?
Something's up" and i just started freaking out in my mind like shit
shit shit they know that were high.

His parents finally went downstairs and we got up and chilled in his
room for the last remaining minutes of our high.

So there you have it my first ever mushroom trip, and it was an
amazing one to! I'm definitely doing them again.


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