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First trip goes from bad to great

2.5g=one crazy night

Me and three other friends have been wanting to do shrroms for a while now, and when we finally got our hands on them it was just a matter of picking the right time and right place.  After deciding to go to one of my friends house while his mom was at work the plan was in motion.  I went over to my friend's house at about 10, and his mom left at about 10:30, then my other 2 friends showed up at about 10:45 along with a girl that just wanted to smoke some weed and another kid that was just gonna watch.  At about 11:00 we all ate our shrooms.  I thought there wasn't much of a taste and the texture was that of cardboard, however one of my friends had a really hard time eating them.  We washed it all down with some orange juice and ate some ginger cause we heard it was supposed to settle your stomach.  We then proceeded to smoke a bowl out of the bong on the porch.  After the girl that wanted to smoke was satisfied with her high we went down stairs to play rockband.  

By this time it was 11:20 and as soon the song started I could feel the shrooms starting to kick in.  The sound of the guitar buttons sounded cool, and my friend playing the drums looked crazy.  We played the trees by rush about 2 times and both times couldn't finish cause we all started laughing uncontrollable.   I then gave up on rockband and deciding to watch the dark side of the rainbow (Pink floyd's dark side of the moon synced with wizard of the oz) and was tripping real hard.  Everything looked like legos and then went smooth again.  The piece of crap CRT monitor was really grainy and added to the effect.  The music surrounded me and I remember just thinking crazy ass thoughts when dorothy was running around in the storm.  Then the witch came and I turned off the monitor but broke the power button.  Everyone was watching and was now yelling that the computer was broke.  So I went and got a screw driver and pried the button out and continued to watch and when they arrived in the land of oz and the song money came on I began to trip real hard.  i became part of the movie and felt like no one else was with me.  Then out sober friend had to leave and when he left i tripped real hard on the sight of him leaving and felt abandoned and started to panic.  The entire time I was watching the dark side of the rainbow i was drinking a gallon of orange juice and in about 20 minutes i had drank most of it.  When i started to panic I could feel the orange juice becoming unsettled and went upstairs to the bathroom and puked.  However I didn't quite make it in time and got a lot on the seat, the floor, and a rug he had in the bathroom.  I started to trip real hard again and used my friend's nice towels to wipe up the puke and after i had cleaned his bathroom and about broke everything in there cause i was tripping so hard i decided it was a good idea to steal his puke covered towels and dispose of them later, so i ran out the front door to my car and threw them in the backseat.  Then i went back and made sure everything was cleaned up, however i started to panic again at the sight of his now empty bathroom with no towels or rug so i decided to hide the towels in someone's yard behind a power transformer.  I then came in and went out on the porch where all my other friends were now.  I told them what had happened and my friend that lived there freaked out and we went and got the towels from the transformer and put them back in my car.  Then we went inside and i wiped up the floor agian with a wet towel.  We then decided to wash the towels instead of just throwing them away.  The entire time I had been tripping seeing real crazy shit on the floor and walls and when i went outside it was misting and it felt crazy on my face.  Then we began to wash the towels and made  mess with the soap and looked at his front door and there was grass everywhere from when we went outside.  So the towels were in the wash the floor and toilet was cleaned up and we began to relax on the front door step.  It was so quiet in the small town and it felt great out with just a gentle mist. 

What had felt like an eternity cleaning everything up it was only about 1:00 and the girl that had been just smoking had left, so we sat on the porch and talked about just about everything imanginable.  we felt everything on the porch and yard and looked at all the neat houses and lights around his house.  Two of my friends went back inside while me and another friend layed on the hood of his car looking at the sky and talking more than about 20 minutes later our other friends came back out and i decided to go on a walk with my other friend.  We walked down to a park and around the block.  I remember the sound of the gravel under my shoes sounded so cool and the lights and mist looking amazing.  when we were approaching my friends house again a car came and we began to run through yards and came in the back door at my friends house, but in an effort to keep the grass out of the house we crawled on the floor with our feet up and went to the shower and washed our feet off.  The water felt cool however it soon got hot and i got out of the shower and watched tv.  we watched tv for a while and relaxed.  my trip was going great now tripping on everything on the tv and in the other rooms of his house.  I remember being very indesicive and feeling like i was on crack cause i couldn't stay focused on one thought before i started thinking about another.  one of my friends went downstairs and layed on a pool table with his hands and feet the the pockets and became one with the table.  we then all watched tv for about an hour until it was about 2:30 and one friend wanted to go on a car ride however everyone else wanted to chill and continue to trip.  After about another half hour we went and smoked one more bowl cause we were coming down.  Then we put the towels back in the bathroom they had cleaned up real nice and i felt relieved and we vacuumed the grass up.  then we went downstairs and watched more tv until about 4:30 and then i knew i wasn't tripping anymore and i decided to go home and sleep instead of sleeping on my friends couch. 

Overall it was one crazy expeirence and nothing i read on this website could prepare me for the actually feeling.  It was a feeling that almost can't be described only certain aspects but when it all happens at once it is overwhelming and can't be explained.  I remember having thoughts about the universe and life and wanting to explore and sit for an eternity at the same time.  It just is crazy how it overloads the senses and mind. However many of the events that happened to other people came up and some of the advice i read helped keep me calm.  My trip was one hell of a roller coaster going from great to bad and back to great again.  I definately want to try them again and next time not drink as much god damn juice. 

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