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"HippieFlips" Mushroom Chocolate Recipe

Mushroom Chocolate Recipe by:352

Items needed:

(1) Digital Scale
(1) Ice Tray
(1) Foil
(2) GHIRARDELLI (90g) - Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% CACAO
(1) HERSHEY'S (Giant 192g) - Special Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate Bar
(30) GHIRARDELLI - Semi-Sweet Premium baking chips

Step 1: Have a batch of pre grinded Shrooms

Step 2: Turn your burner on low heat then place two Ghirardelli 90gram bars, one Hershey's 192g and thirty Ghirardelli baking chips all slightly broken up into your warm pot.

Step 3: Mix until everything is melted then turn off heat,
Dont let your Chocolate get to Hot! If it starts getting thick later on put it back onto low heat for two to three minutes.

Step 4: Weight out Whatever Gram you feel is good enough! to put into One Chocolate Cube and place it on the scale.

Step 5: Fill up (1) Cube 1/3 of the way with melted Chocolate, Then pour in half of whatever ammount is on the scale.
After well mixed with toothpick ect, mix in the remaining weight then fill up the rest of that cube with chocolate.

Step 6: After all the cubes are filled, place the Ice cube tray into the Freazer.

Step 7: Wait an hour or so and put out the Cubes, wrap them into Foil and store in your freazer. (I place mine at the bottom)

Step 8: Enjoy the long shelf life.

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