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The Night I killed 2,000 People

not literally

3 years ago

It was a friday night. It was summer. It was in Arizona. It was Hott. Their was nothing to do.

 So me and a buddy decided to do some shrooms and enjoy the night, ha how ironic?! I would consider myself a semi-experienced tripper, Well not really. Only Mescaline and Shrooms and some other strange tropical plants that induce altered states. Well after calling a few friends I found a really nice price, except I didn't  know the guy which I never really like but I gave him a call, He said he would do 10$ a gram.

 It was the best price we could find so we accepted and soon met him at the local mall, as I stepped into this strangers cheap car I already had my mind set on jumping out, but he was cool and insisted that the shrooms were reallllly!! really good. I didnt think anything of it b.c shit everyone says that.

We got the mushies and decided lets eat them on pizza. Hell idk why we did but we went into local pizza place ordered a pizza, and slipped our shrooms onto each slice, I ingested 2.6g and my friend 1.5,! My friend had tried  shrooms b4 from this guy and said they were too strong and he wouldnt do more then 1.5, ha bad mistake for me. We paid our fees and got out asap. We then decided that to enjoy our trip we would have to go to a nice park, so with our sober friend driving we began the 5min ride, I wasn't feeling much, just full, my friend began to feel them pretty quickly, When we got to the park we got out and walked to this secluded ramada with water fountain and bench and fantastic few.

The shrooms had kicked in, The sky was morphing and we were just enjoying the grass and the awesome visuals, morphing clouds, crazy view of phoenix lit up at night, It was amazing and I was feeling A , We enjoyed this for quite some time, having a blast doing nothing, Then we heard the howl of a few coyotees probably 30ft away, remind u that it was really dark and those things just linger around, we couldn't see them " Coyotees don't really bother humans they just go after small dogs and really are harmless, but on shrooms they seem like lions, well we screamed at them just to scare them off then suddenly we heard a mass howling that encircled us from all directions, It was if they were telling us that no, We have you surrounded, we know your intoxicated, easy kill! I thought ohh Shit!! It always seems like other animals can sense when someone is under the influence of hallucinogens, my theory is that plants have these chemicals to deter animals from consuming them because they will become vulnerable to other predators, a great defense in a cruel dog eat dog world. as humans though we do not have many predators, so the use of these drugs becomes recreational. Back to the story, So i can handle 3 coyotees but not the entire Sonora deserts population so we left the park and were cruising around in my friends car, we were listening to good music and the coyotee thing didn't really effect us trip wise.

We were having a good time then we decided to go back to my house.
So We pull up to my house and we just sit outside too messed up to move, we were really comfortable, after a while we went inside, straight to my room trying as hard as possible to not wake my parents, We get inside my room and its ALIVE!!, My wood floors are gooey, my walls are breathing, the lights are attacking me, it was overwhelming to say the least, We instantly grab seats and begin to chilll out, it was fun just sitting their, My sober friend insisted on music and I had to deny it until i was ready, This is where everything fell apart. I was getting phone calls from a neighbor asking to get him shrooms, I had my friend telling me to put music on, it was just a mind battle on shrooms, I finally agreed to the music, I got up and placed the needle on the record, it was way too loud and annoying to keep on, I turned it off right away, Then almost randomly I began to have an anxiety attack to the max, it felt as if I couldn't breather, my skin looked pale, and I had to remind myself to breathe, I instantly started to panic and my friends just watched, I was running around my room sweating like no other and turning literally insane, My mind was bending and snapping and i couldnt fix it, i became positive that I had eaten poisonous mold on the shrooms and i was going to die right their, My friends had to leave they said , which kind of scared me, it was like being thrown in an insane asylum and having the door locked. I layed down on my bed only to my horror it felt as if I was lifted out of my body and I was peering down on myself, I was dead, I died taking shrooms, not from the chemicals in them but heart failure, I died like michael jackson did, I saw myself laying in a casket family peering over me, this was very disturbing, It was like seeing into the future or something! well as they were leaving they made a little too much noise and awaken my mom, Now this is wear my story gets complicated, crazy, and ruff to describe,

In all respects being confronted by your mother on shrooms is the last thing you would want to happen. Well I get a knock on my door, I panickked then opened it, I was screwed already, My pupils most of been the size of my eyes b/c instantly it was WHAT ARE YOU doing who just left, I said nothing and it was blah lbal , then what were we doing, I couldn't think of what to say, I said sleeping, WOW! I know she then calmed me out and began to curse at me saying i was smoking pot, which isn't a big deal except for my probation, I finally crumbled knowing that it wouldnt get better unless I could win her over to help me ride this out, I admit to ingesting shrooms, Of course she was like WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I began to get bitched out like never before, my mom seemed as if she was the devil , she was calling me a fucking retard, a liar, a piece of shit, everything, In the midst of screams my moms head was shrinking and expanding as words would come out of her mouth, I smiled a few times causing more and more anger to be released, it was if the happier I was the madder she was. I was telling her that I didnt feel good and to fuck off and it was making it worse for her to be doing this now, I went in my room, she comes in with a glass of water and begins asking me questions, just stupid ones like why did you do these, as each question came at me I couldn't lie b.c I didnt have the brain power to make one! 

she asks me who I did them with then she tells me that if anything happens to my friends im going to be charged with manslaughter, this started the killing a million people thing, I remembered my friend who took the shrooms drove home after leaving my house, I thought to myself oohh shit he had no way to make it home if he was tripping like me, I was sure that he crashed and that the cops would be at my door step in know time flat, I was peeking out my window, running around my house freaking out, I thought I had ruined my life, I had caused the death of someone and now I was in deep shit. I thought even if I don't get caught I am emotionally fucked for life, I won't return the normal self that I love and it was all because of one seemingly dumb decision,  well I told me mom he was driving and she panicked , making shit worse, then I got a phone call!! I answered it and it was a normal customer asking for pot but I couldnt tell who on shrooms, he asked for some weed " the voice that came out of my phone should of been recognizable but it wasn't , It sounded just like it would if it was a police officer, ....you Got anything man, Ohh come on you sure about that.. I was forsure it was the cops setting me up for a murder, I told him no and thrrew the phone, it hit the ground and exploded, I was confused, they really are trying to set me up, I kept tweaking out checking the windows, at this point I was near suicidal, charging around the house, morphing into the walls, I even complitated running off my balcony hoping to snap my neck, but I pulled through and erased any thought of harm away, as I was pacing the floor I kicked a rather large rubber thing which looked like a blue lizard darting across the floor in a freaky kinda of animalistic way. my mom panics and asks if we have anything inside the house that we had to get rid of, I confessed to it all, bong, scales, baggies, empty bottles of cough syrup! this shocked my mom, I was sure cops were coming, as time progressed I was simply dead in my head, DEAD!

To this day I am not sure WTF kind of shrooms they were, they might of been just really potent or tinted with a bit of acid, the trip was long, from 8pm-5am Not a normal time range. But it was forsure strictly a hallucinogenic trrip!!

The shrooms wore off and fell asleep, My mom said that we would have to forget about what happened and I agreed.
The End

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