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Fun IN the dark!

This is the first time I am ever on shrooms!

This is the first time I am ever on shrooms!

The Night started off nicely my friend came over with his bounty of grown shrooms we both have been waiting to enjoy! We went to pick up a pizza and went to the avondale to get munchies and more importantly orange juice. We than came back to my place and I couldn't resist there was no breaking the ice I threw 2 mushrooms they were about 6 inches tall and I whirled them in the blender then added orange juice and let it blend for a while then we drank it. After about 20 minutes we were feeling high and stuff so I decided to make some more juice this time with 4 equally big mushrooms and we drank it down (both time we had equal proportions) that was alot of orange juice so we just looked at some trippy winamp plugins it was fun and stuff and I started to get some really really bad stomache cramps! so I went to chill on the couch and I swear I saw alien heads floating in my ceiling!! then I couldn't stop walking around my house and touching things like my rabbit she felt AMAZING!! (shes a angora rabbit) then I went into the kitchen and chopped up 3 more equally big mushrooms and mixed them with maple syrup and put a little on a bun (I dont know why I did this) it tasted really really awful and the bun was chewy making my have to put up with it until I could mange to swallow it down, but I didn't and spit it in the garbage (waste of shrooms *cry*) so I took the remaining shrooms on a spoon and ate them like this with my buddy! after about an hour the trip was intense I thought a table was wet and I was drying it with massive ammounts of paper towels that was a big mess if you can imagine it.. me and my buddy decided to go into the bathroom with no window and sit in the dark then I flick the light switch on and off quickly and after like 3 seconds its like your in tune with the darkness you see a print of what you saw.

That kept us busy for 2 hours!

The rest of the night was like a marijuana high just relaxing and in tuine with yourself very very nice high I loved it my buddy and I were chill talking for a hour or so then we went off into our own little worlds I decided to write this and he did... whatever.. he liked the sound of the phone off the hook and the woman telling him to hang it up. I'll let him write his own report when he is ready. that about all I have to say my friend came with 32 grams and we split it equally my first shroom trip was amazing! I cant wait for my next!

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