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Tripping with my roommate!

GREAT day.

So I go to college, and I'm not taking any classes over the summer. Just working and relaxing, and there's really not a whole lot to do from day to day. One of my 3 roommates did not go home over the summer, so we've both just been hanging out and working. He got some pretty nice looking shrooms one day about a week ago; nice golden brown caps. We each ate a little over an eighth and went outside to lay down in the sun.

After we had been there for a while, I had my head down and didn't realize how hard I was tripping until I picked it up, at which point the intricate designs on Mexican blanket  I was laying on started dancing. I laughed, which made my roommate snap out of his tripping. He said, "Dude, so much has happened since I last talked to you." I knew exactly what he meant.

We were just laying down talking outside of our townhouse. I was asking myself all the questions about my life that I had previously been unable to answer, and I immediately answered them. I could see my life so clearly, it was very easy to make decisions. I was centered. We decided to go inside to get some ice cream.

Once inside, the visuals really started kicking in. At one point, my roommate's nipples were melting, which was probably the oddest hallucination I've ever seen. I started to try to prepare an ice cream cone for myself, but stopped halfway to crack up. I wasn't sure if I could complete the task. After some convincing I successfully made myself a cone and sat down with it. It just had such a great energy; it totally changed how I felt about the trip.

We decided to turn the AC in the house on, and it took me a while to remember how to do it because I was tripping so hard. Finally I slid the button over to "cool" and immediately the AC turned on. I felt that vibrating sound turn on in every room of the house, and it was an utterly amazing feeling.

I turned on some Talking Heads, and had an immense connection with David Byrne. I completely understood every emotion he was conveying in his music. My roommate and I layed on my bed staring at the lines on the ceiling dancing to the music, just laughing our asses off.

We decided to go for a walk around the student ghetto and other student housing, and we would eventually try to meet up with my sister and next door neighbor, who had been hanging out together (sober) at the pool. As we walked I felt so accepted by society. I thought about how much I love being a college student, and at this point in my life this is where I belong. It was also the first time I had a great sense of direction in my life. I thought about achieving my degree and starting a career, which I never even really paid attention to before. I was just going through the motions.

We walked up to the pool at my sister's apartment complex. We kind of got sidetracked a lot; we picked berries from bushes and squished them between our hands for a while. We were in the middle of doing that when we saw an immensely hot girl walk by from the pool area. My roommate goes, "Hey! Do you want to talk to her?" " I don't know, is that normal?" "Who cares?"

We didn't end up talking to her because we couldn't make up our minds, but we did some somersaults just to be spontaneous and the hot girl just gave us a "what the fuck" look. We laughed at that.

We then remembered we had to visit my sister. We looked all over the pool for her but she wasn't there. We then went back to our townhouse to find her sitting there with our next door neighbor. It felt so good to see them because we had been looking for them. We told them we were on shrooms but I guess they already knew by how we were acting. They gave us some popsicles.

My roommate got a huge burst of energy and started running around outside the fastest I've ever seen him run. I was entertained by it.

We went back inside. I played the guitar, and never have I ever been able to express myself on an instrument so well. We made friends with a fly. We named him Andrew. We let him crawl on us. Soon he actually followed us into the next room. I seriously think we had a connection with the fly.

As I started to come down, I took a shower and listened to music. The water felt so great. It was an excellent shower. After that, I looked in my closet and started throwing away the clothes I never wear. For some reason it took me until I was on shrooms to clean out my closet. It probably never would have gotten done if I hadn't done shrooms.

I just felt sooooo chilled out as I was coming down. Shrooms had cleared out all the garbage that was clouding up my judgement. I was centered. I was happy. I totally bonded with my roommate. I had a new-found sense of direction in my life. I had no bad experiences whatsoever. I love shrooms, man.

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