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They told me I was crazy for dropping that much acid

holy shit were they right.

I don't know why it took me so long to sit down and write this. this trip happend about 4 months ago.

During spring break my freshman year at SOU, my friend jeremiah was trying to convince me to buy an ounce of shrooms so that we could sell them and make money and or trip balls. it gave me the idea to instead buy a quarter vial of some pretty strong liquid. It was a heavy qv ended up being about 30 hits. the plan was to sell as much as I could, and then we would split whatever was left at 11:30 that night. Because it was towards the end of spring break, nobody had any money and I only ended up selling 5 hits.

Jeremiah is not as experienced as me and he opted to take only five drops of this potent stuff. Me being the crazy motherfucker that I am dropped the rest of the vial, 20 hits of one hitter quitter. (the 5 hits I sold went to experienced trippers, all took only one hit each and fryed harder than they every had, my other buddy thomas normally eats a half ounce of shrooms when he trips, and this one hit was more intense than that.) To complete the experience i washed the vial with 151 and drank that as well.

Immediately after i drove back to jeremiah's and as soon as we walked into his bedroom my world began to melt away.

Jeremiah's girlfriend was mad that he had taken acid, so we convinced her that I had dosed him. Then I actually began to believe that I had and I became very depressed. But I soon got over it when we started listening to music with the lights off and a strobe light on. That shit was crazy, all at once I was seeing aliens dance, his tye-dye curtain became a giant worm monster trying to eat me, and impish demons were eating my flesh. all while listening to Brotha Lynch Hung. During the song "nigger welcome to your own death" I began to have a bad fry, thinking that I was dying and whatnot. But jeremiah reassured me that everything is fine. I than began to enjoy feeling my flesh being ripped apart as aliens danced to gangsta rap.

for the rest of the night I was unable to do anything but watch my hallucinations. At one point I had to pee, And jeremiah basically had to do everything for me except grab my dick and aim.

when the sun started to come up around 5:30 am (around 6 1/2 hours into the trip) I began to have the most intense spiritual experience of my life. i realized that everything in the universe is connected and that there is an all. I figured out the secret to life, and I texted it to my acid dealer, (a really good friend, he is now my room mate) but because I had been rather annoyingly texting him all night long telling him what was happening he turned his phone off and never received the texts. I know that that is because we just aren't meant to posses that knowledge yet.

around 9 am ( i'm still higher than I have ever been) Rob, (acid dealer) asked If I would buy him ciggarettes, so me and jeremiah left the house to meet him. I had never tripped during the day before and it was so beautiful. I watched flowers grow out of the sidewalk and trees appeared to have infinite wisdom. buying the ciggarettes was extremely difficult, the cashier definitly knew i was high. after I bought ciggs, rob went home and me and jeremiah went on a walk through the neighborhood. around 10 am (11 hours in) jeremiah quit being high, but My trip was still running strong. I announced to jeremiah that I wished it was snowing because that would just look so cool. instantly it began to snow on the spot, (which is incredibly weird because it was april and it only snows maybe once a year in like january here in oregon.) it wasn't even cold outside. jeremiah being sober at this point was incredibly weirded out. I was conviced that I was the master of the universe and I was. I was able to control all of my visuals with 100 percent control for the rest of the trip. After it had been snowing for ten minutes I was bored of it because it was making us wet, I told the sky to quit dropping snow and immediately it did.

shortly afterwards we went back to jeremiah's. His parents knew something was up, (they are down with weed and shrooms but acid is a no-no) We tried to convince them that I ate a half ounce of shrooms and was still high and they said ok. I'm pretty sure they knew we took acid though, we just never got in trouble.  after that awkward talk jeremiah wanted to sleep (it was about 1230 now 13 hours in) I was still high as a kite. I layed on his bed in his room for three hours wondering if the drug would ever wear off. (I was still seeing the same visuals of aliens dancing and demons, although they were no longer eating my flesh) about 3 pm Rob called me to see if I wanted to hang of course I said yes, and It took me an hour to make the ten minute walk to his apartment.

at 4 pm when I arrived (acid showing no signs of stopping yet) I told him about my trip. hours later at around 11:30 pm(24 hours in) I decided I had come down enough that I could talk to my very straightedge mother. so I went home and tried to sleep in my bed as I had to get up at 5 30 for work. I was still too high to sleep. And I was still high when I went to work, Luckily my boss is a crazy acid head that went to woodstock and shit, so he put me to work in the back of the restaurant. I went the whole day still tripping balls but I wasn't high anymore just getting visuals. to this day my visuals have not receded from that point.

I have an extreme case of hppd. My constant state of sober visuals are comparable to when I souldived on 11 hits of acid and 9 grams of cubensis. I enjoy it and hate it at the same time.

on one hand Everything looks super amazing, but on the other I can't remember what things look like when your sober.

This was the most important experience of my life so far, but I would reccomend not taking such a high dose. I am extremely experienced when it come to tripping, eaten mushies hundreds of times and acid like 30 times. don't take too much I could have made myself crazy. i'm incredibly lucky to have kept my sanity and my logical thinking mind.

so today I came upon some more money, and I'm upping the doseage. lawl.

Jeremiah wants to eat 10-15 hits, and i'm going to eat the rest of a half vial. probably like 35 hits. and the wash.

I totally thought I was done with acid, but writing this trip report just made me want to do it so badly. lawl.

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