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Led Zeppelin Saved My Life

Good times Bad times

So last winter I bought an awesome quarter off a really nice guy on my local mountain and saved them for the perfect time. Like all dealers, he claimed his were the best and that we should be carefuly with them. Id fried a couple of times before so I wasnt too worried about it. My friend lives on a dairy so I figured his house would be epic.  The three of us each ate our 2.3g and the minute we were done people start showing up at his house.  Saturday night with nowhere to go I guess.  I didnt want to be around them once we started to fry so two of us went out back to trip out on the cows for a while. Horrible idea. Being out there with all kinds of weird noises coming from the milkers and nothing to keep me occupied sent me for a horrible ride. I sat on a bail of hay for 20 minutes stuck in my head with horrible thoughts, it felt like about an hour. I couldnt even walk, but I couldnt pull myself out of it either. I tried to change the scenery a few times thinking it would work but the lack of noise forced me back into my head each time which was the last place I wanted to be. Then I get a phone call from the 3rd guy saying he kicked everyone out and to come back in. That 200 yard walk down the hay lane alongside the cows felt like miles. We walk into a pitch black house with Led Zeppelin blasting on the surround sound. We walk toward the flicker of light and saw he had put on The Song Remains The Same DVD. For the next couple of hours we all took the wildest ride of our lives. If you have an extra 5 bucks and dig classic rock go on Amazon and buy this movie, I promise you wont regret it. It is full of hallucinations and altered distorted footage and is definately created to trip on. Listening to those songs all night long felt like we were on an emotional roller coaster.  Wherever the song went we were along for the ride. If youve listened to the Zeppelin you know theres lots of ups and downs in their long songs. After each song we all laughed so hard that it felt like we had just ran a mental marathon. Then the next song would start and the excitement was undescribeable. The flicker from the screen made the dark room look amazing. We all peaked together and during Dazed and Confused when it really picks up at the end my friends physical expression completly broke loose. After the slow and dreary build up that had us at a low, the fast paced up music threw him into the center of the room for the most insane dance experience that ive ever witnessed. As he was literally dancing this song like a mad man, me and the other guy looked at eachother and completly felt his dance and the music inside of us..It was really something else. We fried for the rest of the film then went outside and put on some mellow tunes in the background and ate sliced fruit until we could all come down gently. The juice from the fruit and sitting alone on a dairy away from society at 2am was the most amazingly peaceful moment of my life. School, work, pressure, society all the things in life im not a fan of were gone and I was left with two amazing friends, sliced fruit and the core of life. The ultimate baseline feeling of being an insignificant particle on this magical planet, yet knowing how significant the night would eventually be in my life was an incredible feeling. After starting off being locked into a bad trip then instantly switching to the most emotionally and mentally intense hours of my life, it was all worth it. I never wanted that night to end. The next day I bought that magical movie and cant wait to watch it again.

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