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4 grams

1st time

for a long time growing up i always heard of what shrooms do too you but i would never know exactly until i actualy took the plundge myself. Me and my friends spent a considerable amount of time trying to get a hold of some shrooms and eventtualy we were able. a very good friend of mine picked up an ounce of shrooms to sell and take with us. But everyone was flakeing and being difficult on when we could get the money for it or when and where to take them. thus the reason only four of us tripped together

. In the weeks before getting the mushrooms i was inbetween taking a half eigth or a whole one. it seemed everyone i talked to who  have done shrooms had a drastticly different oppinion on how much you should take the people who swore by only taking a half eight said a full one would be wayy to intense to handell and the people who said to take the full eight would say a half isnt really worth it and the full one was alot better.

I belive in myself to be a pretty mentaly strong individual with great composure. Along with the fact that my body had been able to take other drugs in the past pretty easily i decided i would take the full eight of mushrooms. i spent alot of time on the internet reading about shrooms and the experiance and took time to prepare myself. the day of the trip when i woke up, i felt that i was ready.

i got to my friends house around 12:00 and we waited for our other trip buddies to arrive. one of my friends had brought an extra 30 dollers to buy some weed witch was a pleasant supprise. and there we were in the backyard withch was very big and had alot of pretty plants and a swimming pool. so we packed some bongloads and got stoned before we began to eat them. as we were eating them my friend who got them was telling us that there was actualy about 4 grams each in out bags. i actualy felt more comfrabable taking the higher dose and being on the same level as everyone else than taking less.

then it was about 1:30 and the weed and the shrooms were inside of us. then we decided to hang in the garage just for the begining of out trip and to move outside when it got more intense. then about half an hour later i felt the shrooms pumping through me and a couple minutes later my friend who got the shrooms began to freak out. it was suprising because he was the one with the most experience with them. despite my friend feeling bad i felt great. i had one of the best body highs ii have ever experienced.

since my frriend felt bad we walked back out in the back at about  2:30. the effects began to intensify music sounded awsome and so serean. i began swishing my feat around the pool when i started seeing a lot of pattenrs and distortian. i felt so euphoric like nothing else in the world mattered. my friend who was having a bad trip threw up a little bit and started to trip good. we then smoke a bowl at about 3:30 or 4:00. afteer that i lost totall perception of time.

then we were all just laying on the grass laughing uncontrolably when i started getting more vissuals. i looked over at a tree and it looked like we were all in a huge tree house thousands of feet in the sky but i turned my head and we were on the ground again. everything was really colorfull and great. after that we went inside  the house for a reason i dont know and the whole house was moving when i was in it with the craziest patterns and colors i never thought was imaginable. i was sitting on the stairs by myself unaware everyone went back outside. i was tripping hard and it was soo great.

i went back outside and everything was in a cartoonish vision. i sat back down on the grass and kept yawning with turned into laughter again and again. but another one of my trip buddies was freaking out and having a horible trip. it was so bad he called his mom to pick him up. thats when i started having the craziest thoughts about life and everything in general. whenever i would turn my head and look to nature i would feel a totaly different emotinon but all of them were soo beautiful.

i was feeling a little nausious througout the whole thing but it got worse and i thought i had to throw up. i rolled in the grass making the gurgle noises but nothing came out luckily. after  that my stomach wasnt botheing me anymore and i was just tripping balls agian. i started having uneasy feeling that my parents would find out i was taking mushrooms because of my friend. i then realized i was by myself for a lot of this trip in the backyard. i didnt know were everybody was. i just hung in the backyard untill my other 2 trrip partners came back.

before i knew it i was by myself again just to think to myselff more. i fellt a wierd sensation that was death relatied but i couldnt exactly put my finger on it. i knew i wasnt dead at the moment but had a feeling that something was gunna take my life but i didnt care at all. i was just okay with it and kept having a good trip. whenever i looket at my skin it was getting old and rinkly but getting as smoth as a newborn babys at the same time. the gras and all the trees were shrinking and growing simaltaniously also.

i started to come down a little so i met with everyone in the garage. i just remember coming back to reality in there. i was thinking about the power of the drug i just took. it made an 18 year old man cry to his mom for help. it was then about 7:00 and all i saw were subtle paterns going around for about another hour untill it was all gone. i recomend taking the full eight of shrooms now. it left me with an experience so great yet so unexplainable. going into it i thought it would be more of a visual trip witch it still was but it was more mental and emotional.

at the end of the day it was an awsome experiance witch is still coming back to me

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