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First trip ever; 2 hits of LSD

A wonderful first experience

My friend Paco was really excited when he told me that he had come across a bunch of Lucy and said he really wanted me to come and trip with him.  After much research and consideration, I decided I'd go for it (having recently had my mind blown open by my first encounter with E).  Only $8/hit, I figured I'd just do one but Paco strongly recommended I try two and he knows me well enough for me to trust him when he says I'll want two.  I'm VERY glad I did.  In retrospect, I think one would have been a waste and left me feeling like I wanted more.  When I got to his pad, there were a few other people there; most of them acquaintances I've hung out with many times over the years and a few new faces.  Certainly this was a slightly more alien and social environment than I'd recommend trying a hallucinogen for the first time, but I scoped out the vibe for a little bit before I made my decision and it felt good so I took 'em!  Everyone else was already on their trip; Paco was on 4 hits and I was amazed that he was able to keep his shit together.  Yet another reason I felt I could handle 2.

Waiting for the come up went quickly; there was lots to be distracted with between anime, music with Milkdrop visuals on the big screen, a guitar and a plethora of people to mingle with.  Also we were smoking some cannabis so that helped me mellow out and not worry as much about coming up.  After 40 minutes or so, I felt a body high coming in that was different from weed.  I felt extremely energized; shaky, almost like my bones were going to jump out of my skin.  As we came up on the one hour mark, it really started to creep up on me.  As we watched the Milkdrop visualizations to the music, I noticed that the walls were glowing noticably (just reflecting light from the LCD TV, but they seemed to have their own vibrancy as if they weren't reflecting but answering back with their own colors).  I exchanged comments with Kay, Paco's cousin who was also on 2 hits and she was having similar experiences.  The uncontrollable laughter came out in spats here and there, with all of us howling like hyenas before someone regained the composure to think of the neighbors above us.  The visualizations were so intricate and amazing.  These intense and vibrant colors overflowed the borders of the screen like smoke, undulating like liquid flames past the black frame of the TV and spilling onto the wall in all directions, churning and organizing into grand geometric patters that moved like gears in a massive machine.  It was like I was allowed to open the face of this world and see the clockwork inside.  As the fabric of the universe rippled and ticked and tocked on the walls, someone suggested we try swimming.

Walking barefoot on the grass felt strange; not particularly pleasant at the moment.  It was interesting watching the patterns of the light on the bottom of the pool.  It also became obvious to me that Paco was tripping on a totally different level than I was; though he kept his shit together very well, his behavior and comments made me curious to see where else I could go on these little squares of paper.  After swimming we went inside and, despite someone's warning, went into the bathroom.  It was my impression (and consistently is on LSD) that I was one ugly mo-fo.  I found my form and appearance horribly unattractive yet I was really high and at peace with everything so I was not bothered by this at all, but it was an interesting observation.  Being on just 2 hits, I had to really focus (or NOT focus, rather) to experience things beyond enhanced color.  But enough focus and I was able to see many interesting things... For one I was able to see the blind spot in my field of vision (or at least I could see where my brain wrapped the image from my eye around it).  Absurd as it sounds, I was certain of it.  I watched my hair growing outward, stray hairs grew thicker into twigs which started sprouting leaves.  A proud set of antlers was forming as my beard became massively elongated.  I had the impression that I was a woodland demon and that the forest was my home.  Then I blinked and it was all gone and again I was just some ugly dude standing in a bathroom staring at the mirror.

I rejoined the rest of the group and we watched cartoons and listened to music for a while more until everyone was about ready to crash.  Feeling pretty sober (8 hours after taking my hits), I felt comfortable driving home where I crashed for a few hours.

All in all, I had a great first experience and that has led to a few other wonderful experiences with LSD from that same batch including doses up to 4 hits.  Since then I've been greatly interested in what there is to learn about myself through these psychedelics and I am thankful to have had such an awesome time on my first trip.  It was pretty mild and uneventful but just a great time.

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