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First trip, a bad one

Almost stupid.

First of all, I'm 19, 6'5 and only 150 pounds (I know I'm skinny..) but I have a relatively high tolerance to drugs because I'm never as high as my friends when we take Ecstasy or Speed or just Marijuana.
I'm writting this experience becuase recently I've had 2 dreams about me being high on shrooms and coming up... eveyrthing being wavy and all. Weird. It's been a month now that I've taken shrooms for the first time and haven't done it again since. But I plan on taking it again sometime because I know A LOT more about it now.
So here it goes..

Alright, it's a Saturday night and I'm alone in my room. it's 10:00pm and I got an eight of shroomies beside me. I got nothing to do. I must say this is my first time. My very first hallucinogenic drug actually. I don't know anything about them I was just like fuck it I'll take half of what's in the bag and see what it does. I'm very curious and although my friends told me not to take it alone I wanted to know what kind of world I'd be in so much  and I couldn't resist. So I'm eating them with pretzels to disguise the taste. Mind you, I'm chewing them about 40 times before swallowing them so that my body would absorb them a lot more. 2g down and it has been about 20mins. I'm impatient for the effects to kick in so I take another gram. Another 15 mins, still nothing so I eat what's left in the bag, roll a joint and smoke it outside. It's 10:45pm and I've eaten 3.5 grams of mush and smoked a joint. I should start to get fuckin high right? Well I'm outside and everything is just so beautiful, the trees seem to move almost magically in the wind. The clouds and moon are so much more pronouced and all. At this point it's 11:00pm and it's been an hour since my first intake, but I'm not feeling anything more than what I've just said. So I go in my room and lie down cause I feel very tired (I just had a 9-hour shift where I work). I don't remember much from now on so it might be a bit sketchy. I remember staring at the walls while I was waiting for my plateau to kick in and the usually white/somewhat orange lights looked yellow and green. My whole room was yellow and green. The walls were wavy and sort of like getting closer and farther away. I've never felt this before so I was amazed and I kept staring at the walls for who knows how long. I think its around 11:45 now and I decided to walk around the house and see how it would feel. As I walked towards my bedroom door, which was closed, it seemed to come at me. I was like wtf? So i open it and I look at my hands I swear my fingers weren't even an inch long. I had very small hands for some reason and kept staring at them to see if it was just an hallucination. But they were that way the whole time I was high.

So I go upstairs and look at myself in the mirror. I didn't turn on  the lights so I don't see myself clearly but I could see that I had extremely dilated pupils. My whole eye seemed black like a cat. I found that funny so I was laughing at myself in the mirror. I decided to go back in my room for some reason. My bro was out and I was kinda scared that he'd come back and see me like this. So I waited until he got back. It's 12:45 now and he's back and he's gone to bed. I light a cigarette. The cigarette was fuckin weird.. it seemed to curl as it got closer to my mouth. My whole body felt strange at this point. I have a water bed so I felt like I was literally floating on water but at the same time I felt VERY heavy so it was strange. I'm in my plateau right now and my whole body looks kinda green and wavy. My arms are kinda curled and all. I'm very worried about self-image cause I'm skinny. I always look at my arms for some reason. So there I was staring at my upper body which looked really fucked. I decide to smoke another joint cause I swear to god, I have not seen 1 hallucination I felt completely there just in touch with everything. I should have thought about going outside but it never came to mind. I'm so lost right now that I smoke the joint in my room. It's around 1:30  and this is when the fun stops. After my joint I feel like I gotta go to the bathroom and so I do. I then look at myself in the mirror and my whole face was red, it was bigger and round and my eyes were completely black. That scared the shit outta me. I freaked out.

 I went in my room and I just lied down in bed and opened the television. Now that fucked me even more. I couldn't understand a word the TV was sayin. I kept telling myself: What happens if my face always stays like this? What do I do if I wake up tomorrow like this? What would my dad say? What if I'm somehow allergic? What if it gets worse? You get the point... so for the next 3  hours that's all I did. Stare at the TV set and hope things would get better. I was tired of the efftects of the mushrooms and I just wanted them to go away. I was emprisoned in my own thoughts. Time seemed to literally fly. I looked at the clock just after i got back in the room: 1:45am. 10 mins later (at least it felt like 10 mins) 2:35am. 10 mins later: 3:20am.

At this point the effects were wearing off and I just wanted to sleep. I don't really rememeber much of it after I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that horrid looking face but all I know is that I was scared and just kept having random questions in my head. I hardly moved for 3 hours cause I felt like shit. My body felt like shit. I felt so fuckin heavy I just coundn't move. I was stuck there in my own thoughts. It was a very bad experience and I know it won't happen again cause I know so much about it know. I had no clue what I was taking back then.
But I will surely take some some other time with friends or alone as a spiritual purpose and will write about it here! Sorry if this story isn't really detailed but I smoked pot everyday back then (I've stopped takin drugs regularly 3 weeks ago) and I had really bad short term memory.
Until then, have fun tripping everyone ;)

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