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Shroomin Disney Land

Like most of my close friends, weed has been the only thing we've gotten into.

Like most of my close friends, weed has been the only thing we've gotten into. About a month ago however,a friend of mine and I decided to take trip to Disneyland (no pun intended). With only an 1/8 between us, we worried that our experience wasn't going to be as fun as we had hoped. We closed our eyes and gobbled up the goods before we entered the park.

I couldn't help feeling the excitement as we walked down main street. We walk into adventure land, and entered the tiki room which I had never heard about before. One of my friends (who wasn't shrooming, and in fact had no idea that we were) began telling us of this ride. It happened to be a room filled with fake parrots and faces on the walls, that sang songs and moved. Before we entered, we walked around the coral area infront. Next to us, was this plastic figure of some Polynesian god. After a while of stareing at it, I felt as if I had a thousand butterflies in my stomach. I can't explain how I first felt. I began laughing histarically out of no reason, and I felt more hyper than I have ever been. Out of no where, a huge flame burst out of the statue's head, and a voice came from its mouth. I couldn't believe me eyes, and that's when I first felt the effects of the fungi.

Once I got into the room, I felt like a little kid again. When the lights went out my world completely changed. Up in the right hand corner of the ceiling, a parrot started speaking in a Mexican accent. I was in heaven and it was only the beggining. When we finaly got out, we were in no mood to wait in anylines. It turned out that the most fun thing to do was sit down and watch people walk by. Let me tell you, it seems as if there is not one good looking person in the world when your shrooming at disneyland. Tom Sawyer's island looked more like something out of star ship troopers. Every pool of water I saw looked bright green. But by far the high-light of the trip was toon town. The buildings were enough to trip me out if I was normal. I couldn't explain to you every detail, because most everything that happened I have forgotten. All I know, is that I had the best time I have ever had.

If your willing to spend the money, bring a sober friend and go to disneyland. It was definitely a time I will remember all my life, and I can't wait till I do it again.

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