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First time mild trip.

Alone at home with shrooms.

I just harvested and dried my first successful harvest and I wanted to try it for the first time. 

I have been wanting to try mushrooms for 1.5 years now and finally the time was here. I read that you should never do mushrooms alone for the first time, but it so happened that when my first harvest was done there would be no one around for two months that could keep me company, and I remembered a saying: "You can't, but if you really want to you can" so I did.

I had 2.2g dried B+ that was the first flush from my cake, I dried them because I wanted to eat half and save half.
I ate only light breakfast that day, so I turned of the phone, and put 1.2g amount of shrooms on a slice of bread with peanut butter and jelly at 21:00, ate that and and started playing sims.

I looked at the clock and it was one hour later, I felt nothing, so I went up, and munched another 0.2g and went on playing sims.

Half an hour later, still nothing, so I went up and thought thats it, and took another 0.5g, and went on playing sims.

While I am playing I feel that my legs and hands are getting weird, as if I was sitting on them and they fell asleep, I look at the watch and about half an hour has passed, and I started thinking that the light on the wall looks awful more pink then usual, but after having thought about that I figured that it probably always looked like that.

So I got up to go to the bathroom and felt that my whole body felt bit weird, but nothing more then that, in the bathroom I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes and that pupils were so big, and I thought that I probably am tripping a little bit, that made me laugh, so I stood in front of a mirror and laughed first because I realized that i am tripping for the first time, and then that I am laughing about it.

But I went back to the room looked around, and I felt as usual, so i ate the rest, and went back to sims.

After a while I look at the led on the speakers of my computer, and that led is lighting like a big circle of light, as light do if your eyes are not in focus, but I saw everything around me very clear and sharp including other leds, except for that single led, and it was something I experienced for the first time, which made me laugh, while I laughed i noticed that it is not only my arms and legs that feel weird now but also my face, so I started laughing about that and making different faces, because it felt that I could manipulate my face in ways I never could before, so I sat there for about five minutes laughed and made funny faces, and it took me several attempts to stop laughing, because every time I did stop laughing I noticed that my mouth is starting to smile again more and more, and then I started laughing again because my mouth was smiling.

Then I got up to make some tea, and when I got up, I cant' explain it in another way then, it was like having orgasm in the whole body from top of the head to toes and when I moved that feeling got more intense in some parts of the body, so I danced my way to fill the pot and put it on, and made some other gestures like moving shoulders, lifting up a leg, lift my arm e.t.c. 

Then I realized how another person would freak out to see me like that acting like a 5 year old child, and that made me laugh and I was happy that I tripped alone so I could act out, because I am always constrained around other people and always mind what I do even if I am drunk like hell, I never loose control around other people, and I felt good that there was no one around.

Water was boiled, I made tea, and went back to sims when I realized how people that know that I am growing shrooms would react when they found out I ate everything, but that realization came not as words but as an image of me eating all the mushrooms that I am growing, and I starting laughing thinking of different people I know thinking of me eating every mushroom as soon as they grow up.

So I kept playing sims laughing now and then when I remembered that some person will see me eating my mushrooms as soon as they are done and not share with them. But I always thought I would do mushrooms with friends and it was funny that just ate it all myself, but then a thought hit me that I never had, sharing my shrooms with my brother, and I felt a bit bad that I just ate it all alone without sharing with him, so I decided that I will invite him to eat shrooms next time.

Also while playing sims I realized that they can wash their hands and brush their teeth in the kitchen, there is no use of a sink in the bathroom, so I removed it, and felt good that I did improve the world, and thought that no one should have a sink in their bathroom in real life either, and everyone should just wash their hands and brush their teeth in the kitchen.

And then something happened in the game that had happened many times before, but this time I started laughing, and thinking dam those shrooms work if I am laughing at this, and then my character in the game laughed, and I started laughing even harder because I realized that people that created sims were also on shrooms since the character is laughing at the same thing as I am laughing at which is not funny at all without mushrooms. 

While my sim slept I closed my eyes as well and I can only describe it as I felt a shape (like a wine glass), so I sat down to meditate. While meditating I felt that my hands feel like rubber and it feels like my elbows are falling making my arms stretch longer and longer, and pressure between my eyes, i feel pressure between my eyes when I meditate without mushrooms sometimes, but it was intense and I felt that the shape I felt was getting sucked up between my eyes.

So I sat in meditation and after a while I felt total calm, like I was sitting in a void, the only way I felt myself was that I my elbows were still falling stretching my arms longer and longer, but I felt pretty fast that i am getting nothing by sitting in void so I sat down to play sims again.

I played sims for couple of hours and went to bed. 

It might sound like the evening was pretty eventful, but every experience was only 5-10 minutes long except meditation that I sat in for about 20 minutes, so overall the whole trip was rather mild and I was feeling as usual most of the time except few sparks I described above.

Next morning my head felt sharper then usual, I felt focused right out of bead and wanted to share with everybody how awesome shrooms are and that everybody should try them.

I will definitely do shrooms again.

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