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2C-E, the first encounter with psychedelics

..An unknown dose, probably in excess of 20mg

EDIT: My friend just told me I also had (unknown amounts of) JWH(-018 methinks) that night.. Apparently, the 2C-E dose WAS really high, in excess of 35mg. Sorry for the late clarifications. ^^ Maybe this further explains the very shamanistic experiences that I haven't quite got recreated with 2C-E later on.

This might turn a bit of a rambling and long post, so bear with me. :)

I decided to write down my thoughts and feelings of the first ever stronger psychedelic encounter I've had, before new ones appear, just so to give a different kind of an angle to psychoactive substances. I am quite sure I might think differently of this later on, but here goes.

The Setting & Start:

That day I arrived to a psytrance festival, held in a forest. Having a good deal of alcohol and ganja under me, I was searching for any digestible drugs that wouldn't come with a price tag or heavy addiction. So I was given a half liter bottle of water with 2C-E in it. I am not sure of the exact dosage; I think someone, more experienced, had taken one trip off the bottle, so that it had a little over half of the water left. I drank most of the rest. Looking at information and other trip reports of 2C-E, I could guess the dosage was around ~30mg.

The Fist Outworld Contact:

At about 30 minutes, I got slight stomach ache. I felt a bit like puking, although not excessively. I had felt sicker standing in the smoking box of my favorite bar, so this wasn't anything too harsh to deal with. Around same time I started getting the first visual disordions. At beginning, they were very subtle. In the corner of my eye, thinking that I saw something odd, or a friend, or something that shouldn't be there, but nothing major. These visual disordions slowly evolved, at around one and a half hours from consumption I had a "full screen" weaves going through. Ground would raise to small bumps, people would tilt to the side and so on. From this own I didn't much speak; Although I felt I had really awesomely much to say (perhaps partly due to cannabis too), I just couldn't find words or spell them out right. If I concentrated, I could go for "Yeah, I feel fine and.. and..".. And I just wouldn't want to speak anymore. The sounds and sensory system were still rather fine. I would also see odd wave of lights going on.. And colors were brighter, and somehow deeper.

Socially Obnoxious & First Sound Disordions:

Time started to be really hard to follow by now. I think it had been around 2 to 2 and a half hours from consumption. There was this tent, in where many friends had gathered together. I occasionally went inside, but I'd soon get "bad vibes" from some of the people inside. The guy who sat next to me suddenly seemed really rude, even that he didn't do anything. Felt somehow intrusting. When ever he spoke, or even breath, I'd hear the sound as if it was right next to my ear; Just couldn't take it, it'd make my head spin. And the tent was dark, many scary things flying in top of it. I'd see bats and ravens in the shadows, which made me a bit jumpy. So I kept going in and out. Eventually I decided the outworld was better, and set on to adventure.

The First Encounter with Alien Lifeform:

I went to walk to a forest now. It had been around 3 hours from consumption. I was starting to feel really weird. Sound would be fully disordered. I'd hear the melodies in the air slower. The trance beat slower. As you know, I was in a psytrance festival, and it had 24/7 non-stop trance playing on the background. A perfect setting.. Anyway - In the forest. I didn't get far, since somehow, the world just struck me with it's beauty; I would see butterflies flying in the air, with weird fractals in their wings. I'd see dead flowers come back to life, and otherwise common hallucinogens. I just sat in the forest, staring at the trees and their colors. I increasingly much realized things I could have been more courtesous about. Many small ways of how I could take my environment and friends better to my judgement. I left to forest, and went to water drinking place; I somehow cut a bit of my skin, not much, it didn't even bleed (I think) - But instantly I felt like I had cut a major vein, and blood just poured all over me. I thought my hand was full of blood and as I watched it, it seemed to melt away, leaving mere skeleton there. I think I should have been panicked, but instead, I just thought "Mh.. Oh my.. *smiling*". I went to lay down a moment in my private tent, but it didn't last long, since the tent was just swirling and turning into fractals and spirals, it made me dizzy. A quick visit to the big tent of friends, back out, to another forest stroll..

A Loosely Shamanistic Experience, Ego Death & The Highest Poinf:

Back to the forest, this time, I walked further.. I just kept walking. I saw sort of a tunnel in between the trees. So I just walked through it, and it seemed like world would start to change. IT felt really like a place of my own, and none else's. I didn't encounter anyone in the forest, which is odd, considering the festival had around 5 000 people. Occasionally I stopped to watch flowers blooming, or butterflies flying; I didn't really care of anything I felt but seeing the world. Sound and sensory system was really strongly mixed to the visual. The fractals would go deeper with the  trance beat. When ever I looked towards the way the music came from, everything would start to live. Trees and flowers grew. When ever I looked away from the music, I'd see just darkness. Grass and trees would become copies of each other. I'd see eyeballs in between the rows of trees - Two eyeballs per each gap. It was all very symmetrical. In many ways, I became more natural with my own thoughts and believes (a feeling that still persists). I spent really long time in the forest, sitting and watching. Eventually, I walked on - And bumbed to a police car, they wanted me to breath for the alcohol measurement thing, but I couldn't breath. Tried, and smiled, and said "I did breath" - Anyway, somehow their conclusion was that I was merely drunk so they left me be. During it I actually bit my tongue, I was thinking.. "Need to bite my tongue to keep sane..", without going to do it, but I did it anyway - Instantly it felt like my whole mouth was filled with blood, and I'd drown. It didn't really bother, though, I could just look past it.

I continued on. At this point, I think I reached the absolute fullest effect, I guess this is around 4th to 5th hour. Everyone would seem like in a motion blur. Hypnoglow got a new meaning, too. I really felt one with everything and everyone. I could feel that many things that used to matter, didn't matter now, a range of things in fields of politics, science, society etc.

Smooth Down, Tired:

The drug started to wear off. For next 3-4 hours I could still see visual disordions, and hear sound a bit differently, but was slowly going away. I had an awesome walk to a turnip mustard field, sun was JUST RISING, and it felt so AMAZING to witness it! All the white flowers in the pitch started to live, and sun rays literally danced in the horisont over the golden field. It was very emotional and pretty. The sound was still slow, and it went on it's own ways, but it was starting to go down. At some point I farted, hard, and I thought I had shit my pants. This was again one of those experiences that felt me feel more natural with myself and less interested of opinions of others. I tried to sleep, but couldn't yet. I walked around and occasionally laid down on the bed. Eventually, after lots of walking around and seeing the fractals and hearing the sound disordions going down, I finally was able to lay down for good, and fell asleep. I slept next 24 hours or so, only occasionally waking up to eat a bit.

Quick Conclusion, Final Thoughts:

As a first heavy psychedelic experience it was a very nice one. It wasn't hard on psyche at all. I did had few fears, that will this ever stop, bu they quickly went away when I went walking and saw the surrounding nature. I think the setting was really perfect.

One question of interest is, how much did the rather large dose of alcohol and cannabis have to? They say cannabis usually enchances this kind of experiences greatly. Alcohol as a sedative would work against the mildly stimulating effect of 2C-E, perhaps making the experience a lot easier to handle. To not overthink it.

A list of different sound, visual & sensory system effects I got:

Fractals, all kind of fractals. Especially much spirals.
Hypnoglow & Motion blur.
Sound and sensory system strongly affected visuals.
Melting of objects.
Sound extremely slowing down, sounding more repeative than it was.
A somesort of an ego death, a point wherein I didn't really care or feel myself, not in a bad way at least.

Only negative I got, was mild nause, but that passed quite soon. I could really say, this seems like the perfect drug for a trip not lasting overly long and not including strong hallucinations.

EDIT, forgot to add - I also felt like my pulse was racing every now and then, when it really only was a slight bit higher, had it measured by friend at some point during the first 2 hours. So nothing wrong in feeling like your heart could ram it's way through your chest :)

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