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"Heres a pill....I got you shrooms too..."

First time Hippy-Flipping.

**I wasn't sure what section to post this. I chose this one since the report also contains another substance. Also, sorry it's kinda long, I was high typing this and might have rambled a little in spots. Anyways, hope you enjoy**

A couple weeks ago, my homie (same guy from my first report—basically the guy I’m always doing this shit with) and me where running around trying to grab some E for are usual weekend kickback because are usual source didn't have any on hand at the time. We ended up scoring some Blue Jordans, Gold Rolex’s and a Green Batman (which ended up being pipes, I’d suggest avoiding these). We get to his house and hang out for a bit before eating are pills because it's still kind of early. When we finally get to pass out pills, he looks at me and says "oh yeah, I got us some shrooms too." And hands me 2.-whatever- g’s of mush (I guess the guy didn't have a whole 1/8 so I ended up with the small 'half').


I'd herd mixed things about hippy flipping, so I wasn't exactly ecstatic about it. But I said fuck it, cause I've always wanted to try it, and chewed my Jordan and began munching my mush (interesting note-this bag had the longest, curliest stem I've ever seen. Like one of those long candy rope things, only horrible tasting). I feel my E in like 15 minutes after taking it, so these Jordan’s where kicking my ass 30mins into it. They where a speed/meth based tabs (which I kind of like-some people don't though, whatever)-so I was feeling very uppy and happy. An hour into it though, I was getting a little sadden that I wasn't feeling the shrooms at all (at lest that’s what I was thinking), but I was feeling that one pill hard as fuck (but then again, it could of been the shrooms and I was just tricking myself). My friend was gone though. At one point he told us to turn down the music and told us to stare at the drawings on the wall with him. When I asked what was going on with in it, he was like "just look at it" and then gave me a funny face, laughed and stared at it again telling me "It's just dope. It's..I'm feeling those shrooms". 


Finally about two and a half to three hours into it, I start feeling that feeling in your stomach when you first start feeling your shrooms come on. Mixed with the E, when it first hit, it kind of overwhelmed me and I had to throw up. Steering at half-digested shrooms are insane to look at. And knowing that those exact same half-digested shrooms are what have you feeling retardedly amazing is twice as incredible. When I finally stumbled out of the bathroom and back into the room we usually trip in, I was feeling amazing. Something about the shrooms made my pill extremely strong. I was pretty much stuck wherever I was sitting.


We alternated between the computer room and another friends room (this was never explained me to, but whatever). This was a trip in itself because each room is TOTALLY different. The ‘computer/smoking’ room has blue/yellow walls (with little scenes them left over from kids and covered in tags—it actually has the feel of a circus tent kind of), and are other homie’s room is purple/pink (with Tinker Bell and other Disney princess characters-again, left over from kids, we’re to lazy to paint it). The blue and yellow room would be stretched in and up (tall and skinny) well the purple and pink one was low and wide(short and fat)-each one of the rooms looked like I was looking at it through an oil spot after the rain or some soapy water with the raindowish tint and what looked like bubbles flooding around. I started tripping really hard when we where in the pink/purple room because the people who had it before us painted the ceiling fan blades all different colors of the rainbow-and even on high I could still make out each of the different colors on each single blade. I’m not even sure how long into the trip we where at this point. I kind of just stopped caring about time after the shrooms finally kicked in. We’re both tripping hard, and everyone in the house is rolling. Unfortunately, the person who took the Green Batman began to feel not to great. Complaining about stomach pains and head ache-like I said, pipes. So she decided to tray and lay down.


After she left; me, my friend, my girlfriend, and are other friend are hanging out in the purple/pink room listening to our friends crazy music playlist. He starts to not feel to good either and passes out in the middle of all of us (he was fine, I just mean that he fell asleep well we where still being all loud and using his shit). We TRY looking up things on the internet, and we finally got ourselves to it, we couldn’t think of anything to look up other then stupid things we’ve already watch. Everything still had the oil spot/soapy water look to it and seemed like I was seeing it through waves. It was even crazier because my eyes where shaky from the E. I was having the eye wiggles well everything was going in and out of focus and totally distorting and being ‘stretched/warped’. It was great, because no matter how bad my vision got, I was still hearing everything the same way I do on the pills…amazing.


My body high was extremely crazy. It felt like both substances where fighting over which one was going to control my body (either that or it was because I’d never done this before, it was an extremely crazy feeling). The over stimulation was incredible, I’m use to it when rolling, but having it happen well tripping is totally insane, at some points I really thought I was going to fall over when I was walking. I still have no fucking idea what time it is at this point. I remember looking at the computer clock (cause I turn my phone off on mush) at lest a dozen times through out the night, but I have no idea what it said, or if I just don’t remember it. Out of nowhere I got the sudden urge to play video games (just got Resident Evil 5 a week or two before and just started playing it) REALLY bad. But I knew there was no way in hell that I could possibly do it. The feeling was so bad that I could feel my hands making the thumb movements and shit you’d make using an Xbox controller. I was starting to peak out on the pill but the shrooms still where only giving me a body fry and mild mind fucks, not to many visuals as I was expecting, but the physical high and retard feeling from the E was making up for it.


My girlfriend said she was crashing because she wasn’t really felling it anymore and was getting a stomach ache from whatever she was eating when we started rolling. Before she went to lie down, she gave me the last Rolex, which I decided to split with my friend.I don’t normally like to split pills, but since the dude I was with was the one who originally gave my girlfriend the pill, and he’s basically my best friend, and I was already totally gone, I halfed it and we took it with two Emergen-C’s each. As we take it, he tells me that these Rolex’s are c2-b based and that we should be having an interesting time. We end up facing out and tripping out in the blue/yellow room for the next two hours or so. He sat at the computer playing with lights and looking up random shit on the internet. I sat on the couch looking at the wall/window/turntables/him and just enjoyed how amazing all this shit I’ve seen a million times was at that moment. We started passing the bong back and forth for most of the time we where in there. We stopped at one point to smoke a cigarette, and it was funny because both of us went to ‘hit’ are smokes like twice before they where even lit.


That’s one thing I was really loving—I just generally love the stupid feeling you get when your rolling; and the amazement and joy I was feeling from the shrooms over feeling stupid from the E made me appreciate these substances even more. We started talking about how great drugs make us feel and how we can’t understand how people DON’T do them.


At some point in this conversation, my friend’s girlfriend had woken back up and came back into the room and joined are conversation. I can’t speak for my friend, but I personally think this throw his mood off a little, because he’s the type that doesn’t like to be fucked up around people who aren’t fucked up (because, like I said, they ‘throw off his mood”). At one point we start talking about legalization and he gets mad about it. And starts yelling about how he’s tired of people like me and him and his girlfriend and others like us who bitch about legalization but never ‘do anything’. I started asking him about NORML and shit and he starts going even crazier telling us that, ‘that’s the point, everyone just gose out and joins other groups, they don’t start there own. There’s not enough organizations out there”. Me and his girlfriend, in between telling him to calm down, are telling him he’s crazy because there are millions of groups out there like that and new ones popping up all the time. At this point I’m not really fucking sure what the fuck is going on anymore, and he’s just yelling and getting mad, which starts getting me a little heated and I start thinking about how much I want to punch him in his mouth to shut him up. After awhile I started feeling bad about it because I knew that he was totally fucked up and had no idea what he was trying to talk about (because his girlfriend had to remind him like three times) and I was totally lost myself-which isn’t really helping because I can’t keep myself from arguing.


Finally in the middle of this madness, I decide to leave for a minute because my head feels like it’s spinning around (I had to explain later that I wasn’t mad-well just a little-but I had to leave because I was going to scream for peace and quite to get my head straight). I walk out to the backyard and it’s beautiful outside. It was around 5AM, the sun was barely coming up at, but it was a beautiful horizon. A nice orange/blue/pink/red was the first thing I see when I open the door. Not only am I awestruck by the beauty, but the sky is actually breathing (like, I could actually feel it’s ‘breath’, there was no wind), and the nice quite desert surrounding seems to be alive with active (like a city or something), but totally peaceful and quit at the same time (if that makes sense). Walking out into that scene really help me get myself together quick. I sat down on the front porch/steps thing and started smoking a cigarette. My friends dog came up to me and put his head in my lap so I start petting him. His summer coat or whatever was coming in and the other one was shedding, so ever time I’d pet him big clumps of hair would build up. I feel like an idiot thinking about it now, but at that time I was like: “I’ma see if I can get a bald spot to form”. I must have pet that dog for 30-45 minutes. By the time I was done petting him, I could definitely feel that Rolex and the first three steps to the porch where completely covered with hair (I went from having very little visuals and only a little body fry-to seeing the little piles of hair that had built up dancing around on the porch steps). I almost forgot why I had gone outside at that point and was thinking about how I didn’t want to go back in.


When I finally remembered the ‘argument’, I decided it was time to go back in cause I didn’t want my friend to think I was mad at him or anything (which I was never really was, just wanted him to stop talking for a minute). Walking back into the house was like a total different world. It was nice and cool outside and really cloudy—but inside it was like a refrigerator and really dim. For a second I felt like I just stepped onto a space ship from Aliens or something, only the halls where stretching longer then shrinking shorter (I think my eyes where having some type of circus mirror effect that night cause everything seemed to do this at one point). I was totally believing this Rolex was 2c-b based, because everything was stretching and distorting out of shape to the point where I actually reached out for the door knob at one point, but was still like 5 feet away from the door. When I got into the room I just sat on a crate of records and looked at the carpet (which looked like vanilla ice cream with big swarms of red ants eating way at it) well trying to get a conversation going, only to have them laugh at me because I was saying stupid shit and trying to describe what I was seeing. I think someone showed up at the house, or a kid woke up or something because both of them left the room for a few.


At this point my body high was completely indescribable. Normally on E, I have to sit on comfortable chairs or something with support otherwise I keep moving and trying to get comfortable, but at this point I totally didn’t care that I was sitting on an uncomfortable milk crate. I felt like I was just hovering there in the air. I got up for a second and put a song on I thought would fit the moment and for some reason sat back down on the milk crate instead of the chair and started looking around the room. It was like I could see all the little brush marks in the paint on the wall, and not only that, but they where moving into different patterns, and then back, and then distorting again. I looked at each wall for like five minutes until I got to the wall with the closet door. This door was in-fuckin-crediable. The wood patterns of the doors where breathing in and out and moving. At first it was just random patterns, but eventually all the lines started forming things like sea horses and star fish and then things like clown faces that would have moving mouths that didn’t say anything, but for some reason made me feel completely okay and relaxed. In the middle of this my friend walked back into the room and stood there steering at me for a minute. I just pointed to the closet and said “your door…” He cracked a smile and said something like “I’m not feeling the shrooms anymore” or something like (which I found funny because earlier he was the one tripping hard and I was the one like ‘so what?’). He sat down at the computer and started playing with some lights which would catch and reflect off the door every now and then and would totally change whatever was going on in it to something else.


I sat there for like another hour before my friend snapped me out of it with the offer of a bong hit. After we smoked, I didn’t want to put the bong down. It just felt so good in my hands for some reason. I’d hold it in one spot for a minute or two, and then move my hand to a different spot and it would be so nice and cool feeling. The rest of our night/morning was spent in this weird daze. Mostly just sat there smoking and listening to music, with random blurps of conversation here and there. I finally decided to go lay down in the bed with my girlfriend, since both my friend and his lady were up. I fell on to the bed and curled up next to my girlfriend before realizing I felt way to hot to be lying with her comfortably. So I ended up passing out, on the outside of the covers.


All and all it was a pretty interesting night. I don’t want to sound like I’m encouraging drug use, but this is something that someone with experience in psychedelics should give a try. I’m sure if I hadn’t done both these substances un-countable times before this, I might not have been able to handle it at some points. Some times things got a little too complicated for me to fallow, and the body stimulation I felt at some points was enough to make me shake and fidget a bit. Other then that, I had fun. I was a little disappointed that it took the shrooms so long to kick it, but it seemed like they made up for the extra wait by lasting a little longer then normal(at lest that’s what they felt like).



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