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My best shroom trip

Alright I was staying at my cabin for the weekend with one of my friends we will call her Vicky.

Alright I was staying at my cabin for the weekend with one of my friends we will call her Vicky. Now she doesn't do drugs but a lot of people I know that stay at the lake do. We had been waiting for about 3 hours for these guys to show up with the mushrooms but when we didn't think they were coming we decided to buy a case of beer instead. I had about 10 beer and was feeling some what drunk when some other people I knew came running up yellin the mushroom man is here. By that time I had spent all the money I had on me on beer. So I convinced this guy Chris to buy me a 1/4 and I would pay him back the next day. They were in the guys bathroom dealing them out so I had to stay outside and wait. As soon as I got them there was no thinking about it I downed them all with a beer and just sat on a bench waiting for them to kick in. After about half an hour I saw one of my really good friends Lily who was all so on mushrooms walking around by herself drinking a beer. We talked for a bit and then a lot more people showed (about 15) and they were all on mush. So by this time it had just started to kick in and we were all laughing when this guy Tim started to hit on me. Lily who liked him at the time got really mad threw down the beer bottle and then started to slit her wrists. Everyone was freakin out cause she was tryin to kill herself. And some people got her calm and took her to a hospitle. After that had happened it kind of lowered my trip a bit and I went back to my bench and sat there with vicky when these 2 drunk girls showed up. At first everyone was getting along but the next thing I knew Vicky and this chick were fighting (vicky is pretty butch) and one of them was having a smoke at the time and the red ashes flew every where and that was when it all started for me. It looked like these red glowing bugs flying around my head. i just stood there and forgot all about them fighting. I don't know how long I was standing there looking at this but when I noticed what was going on a lot more people around me. So chirs, Adam, vicky and I went and sat in chris' car to get away from the girl that was fighting vicky. Now only me and chris were on them and Adam and Vicky were drunk. I was having a mellow high when all of a sudden the door flung open and the girl started to punch Vicky in the face. We all got out of the car and there was about 6 people around us and one guy kept saying I was trying to fight this girl and I was nuts for trying to do it. I didn't know what was going on so I started freaking out and pulling on my hair. Chris grabbed me and we left along with Adam and vicky. We hoped in his car and decided to drive some where a little more safe so we went up by the cabins. We were sitting there for a while when we saw this friend of ours Amanda who was also on mush crying her eyes out. I didn't even know how to help her she got in the car and just kept crying and all I could do was stare out the window. I was kind of pissed off since I wasn't really seeing anything but when we got back downtown and out of the car I started to walk on this grass and it looked like sand and then it all looked like the desert. When vicky tried to talk to me it was like I lost my voice I couldn't talk no matter how hard I tried. It was the weirest thing. So we sat there with chris and her trying to get me to talk when we saw these other girls that were on mush too and they were crying so I just left them cause everyone was bring down my trip. Then all of a sudden a truck load of people from the bar pulled up and started talking to me saying they saw this hot blonde girl and wanted to come and talk to me. I was like what the fuck and kept trying to get away from them. One guy was following me around with a video camera and then I looked at him and thought he was Barney the dinasour and kept tellin him to get away from me.I was really tripping hard by this time and I saw one of my friends jump into this bush. I asked him what he was doing and he said he thought it was a spung.So we sat there and laughed for the longest time over this and then sat down on this bench in the middle of like 20 people.. Everyone kept talking to me and it was triping me out even more cause everyones faces looked so destorted. I was having a smoke at the time and this guy told me that was like the tenth one I had and I didn't even realize I was smoking. I went to have another one a noticed I had smoked my whole pack which I had got like an hour before. I got up and started to walk around when I thought I was sinking and fell to the ground when all of a sudden I was fine I started laughing my head off. No one knew what I was laughing about but everything seemed so funny. I look at a smoke butt on the grounded and it looked like it was breathing. Then a couple of us walked down to the beach and I was looking at the water and it looked like red jello so I went and walked like up to my knees in it and it was so cold and one of my friends started saying a shark was coming toward me so I got so scred turned around and there is was. I booked it back on the beach and told myself I was never going swimming again. There never was a shark in case you didn't catch on. By this time it was 4 in the morning we were all starting to come down a bit and me and vicky walked back up to the cabin. I thought these hands were reaching out for me as I walked threw this path surrounded by trees. I got to my cabin and tried to go to sleep but my hands looked so fat and my fingers were like 10 inches long. I looked at my legs and they seemed huge. Now vicky who was tierd cause she wasn't drunk anymore kept tellin me to go to sleep but I couldn't so i got up and started to watch Tv when I thought someone was with me so I started talking away and noticed I was alone. i was laughing so hard again and vicky came out and told me to be quite I thought she was my mom and I was like fine and went into a different room. I was looking at my hair and it was blue with pink in it and I was all mad cause I thought someone put something in it. so I went and woke up vicky and asked her who did it. she told me it was still blonde and I was just trippin so I went and laid down in a different room and talked to my stuff dog which I thought was vicky and then fell asleep.

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